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Neil Peart (1952–2020)

Teoksen Ghost rider : taipaleita toipumisen tiellä tekijä

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Neil Peart is an international bestselling and award-nominated author, and for thirty years, the Iyricist and Hall of Fame drummer for the legendary band Rush

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Ghost rider : taipaleita toipumisen tiellä (2002) 571 kappaletta, 20 arvostelua
The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa (1996) 239 kappaletta, 4 arvostelua
Traveling Music: The Soundtrack to My Life and Times (2004) 185 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
Far and Away: A Prize Every Time (2011) 85 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Far and Wide: Bring That Horizon to Me! (2016) 56 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Far and Near: On Days Like These (2014) 55 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
RUSH's Clockwork Angels: The Graphic Novel (2015) 25 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Drumbeats (Expanded Edition) (2010) — Tekijä — 12 kappaletta
Drumbeats (2020) — Tekijä — 11 kappaletta
Neil Peart: Anatomy of a Drum Solo (DVD) (2005) 4 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Neil Peart - A Work in Progress (2002) 3 kappaletta
Rush Deluxe Anthology 3 kappaletta

Associated Works

South Sea Tales (1909) — Tekijä — 568 kappaletta, 10 arvostelua
Clockwork Angels (2012) 346 kappaletta, 23 arvostelua
Shock Rock II (1994) — Avustaja — 46 kappaletta
Feedback (2004) — Musician — 22 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Landscapes (2006) — Johdanto, eräät painokset15 kappaletta
Tesseracts Sixteen: Parnassus Unbound (2012) — Avustaja — 7 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu

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Recently, my husband and I have been listening to some of our favorite Rush songs. He then began watching YouTube videos of Neil Peart’s amazing drum performances. As you might guess, the rabbit hole of the internet led to the discovery of interviews with Neil about the books he has written. As a complete book nerd, I set off to research his nonfiction works. Thanks to an incredible Audible sale, I purchased all of Neil’s nonfiction books.

I decided to start with The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa. If my research is accurate, I believe this is the first book he wrote. Neil joined a group through African villages for one month on his bicycle. The group consisted of a total of five people: Neil, the tour leader (male), another man, and two women. The ride itself was physically and mentally challenging, and Neil shares the struggles of bike repairs, long rides up steep hills and treacherous terrain, and searches for food and drink. He documented the beautiful scenery with photographs and insights gained through journaling.

Neil didn’t hold anything back with this book. I appreciate how he described all aspects of the journey, from the special moments he experienced learning the African culture to the horrible illnesses he suffered and frustrations with his group members. He was a great storyteller and a transparent person. Neil demonstrated his humanness, which helped me relate to him.

It might seem small to some people, but it warmed my heart that one of the books Neil took on his travels included Dear Theo, Vincent van Gogh’s letters to his brother. I was fascinated to read how portions of the book correlated to events occurring on this trip. Vincent appeared to give Neil someone to relate to as he journeyed physically and mentally on this adventure.

Watching the YouTube interviews with Neil, I immediately liked him. He was not only talented at playing the drums; he was also intelligent, enjoyed reading, and was curious and adventurous. Playing drums and being a member of Rush was a career he seemed to genuinely love, while also having other interests. A lot of the books I read about celebrities primarily focus on their specific careers. I loved that The Masked Rider rarely mentioned his profession. This book is about Neil’s experience cycling in West Africa; it’s not about his celebrity or playing drums. This is Neil Peart, an adventurous cyclist. I’m so glad I went along for the ride.

On my blog, I included an interview with Neil that I think is great. I learned a lot about him, and it sold me on wanting to read his books.

I will definitely read more of Neil’s books. I’m excited to learn about his other adventures. Not only that, but I also have Geddy Lee’s book, My Effin’ Life, which I plan to read soon.

The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa is only available as an audiobook from Audible. Narration by Brian Sutherland was great. I would have loved it if Neil could have narrated, but Brian had a voice that reminded me of Neil, so the listening experience was perfect.

I have photos, videos, and additional information that I'm unable to include here. It can all be found on my blog, in the link below.
A Book And A Dog
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NatalieRiley | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jun 29, 2024 |
This is hard to review because of the pain that is documented. I appreciated the rawness, honesty, and courage to share that pain and the anger at the world that comes with it. I can understand how that would be cathartic for some people going through a similar tragic experience. However, the book needed a more exacting editor to clip out some of the repetition between letters to different friends. It was also difficult to read the harsh judgements passed on the bystanders of this travelogue. One would expect some empathy for others when they are asking to have their own grieving to be accepted. There is some resolution to this harsh judgement at the end of the book but I wish there had been more thoughtful insight shared from the experience. On the other hand maybe this is as much as was comfortable to be shared.… (lisätietoja)
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Neil_Luvs_Books | 19 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jun 1, 2024 |
About a hundred pages in. So far very good.
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Barlycorn | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Feb 11, 2024 |
How does a band work up a setlist for their next tour when the guitarist doesn’t want to use the same guitar two songs in a row, the drummer doesn’t want the same tempo twice in a row, and the vocalist/bassist doesn’t want to spend too much time behind the keyboards? Apparently, when you have 17 studio albums across 30 years to choose from, you can still come up with a 3 hour show that satisfies all the members’ wishes and makes the fans happy, too. These kind of behind-the-scenes tidbits kept me interested throughout this story of Neil Peart’s motorcycle journey during Rush’s R30 tour in 2004. He traveled almost exclusively by motorcycle between each show, taking the smallest and remotest possible roads, hitting as many US national parks as possible, and taking notes on his experiences and observations along the way.

Unfortunately, he did not keep very detailed notes during his North American journey, as he was apparently too exhausted after traveling all day and performing that night to note much more than his various aches and pains, the traffic, mileage, meals, and how well he felt he performed behind the drums. He does sprinkle the narrative with his observations during the show, recollections of past tours and events, and crazy fan behavior. The European journey was far more interesting, with more detailed descriptions of the scenery and people he encountered.

I think it helped that this was on audio, although Brian Sutherland’s reading was fairly uninspired, because the relatively dull North American section required no reading effort from me. I don’t think I’d recommend this book for non-Rush fans, or non-motorcycle fans. Truthfully, this was a 3 star read, but I added an extra star because Rush.

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Doodlebug34 | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 1, 2024 |



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