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A series of quick reads about your standard unofficial official black ops warrior, under orders from the CIA, of the "we will disavow" variety. Quick and easy reads, with good, entertaining action and a wide variety of settings and situations. From hostage rescue to espionage to protection detail... a little something for everyone.

The best: "Paradise", about an accidental encounter with wannabe domestic terrorists, in an out-of-the-way motel on rainy night. The least: "The Goddess of the Deep", about training and someone else getting married... not really a story, so much as vignette.

Quinn is presented as very talented and casually lethal. Think Lee Child's Jack Reacher or Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan, but working for the CIA. Written well enough to make it easy to believe his skills.

The main flaw, as I see it, is the fixation on women. Or "a" woman, in each story. Almost like it's a character tic. Every story has a woman who is super hot, sexy in an athletic way, and definitely interested in doing a triple gainer into bed with him. Every story.

I'd have no problem with his borderline pervy way of looking at and describing and hitting on women, if it didn't come across as the equivalent of an obsessive-compulsive having to check the gas and the locks, twice, before leaving home. "Killed the bad guys? Check. Completed the mission? Check. Had sex with the hot babe? Check." Yes, sometimes the sex is implied as occurring after the story ends, but still.

Well... okay, there were three stories I had a specific problem with, regarding the women. "Paradise" where he SPECIFICALLY self-identifies as the young woman's sort-of chaperone. But that doesn't stop him from perving over her body and ultimately ending with implied sexual relations, though thankfully he doesn't have sex with her in the story. Or even get physical.

The second was "Baltic Dance", where he must rescue a woman who has been captured and will soon be tortured and executed. She even implies the various things they were going to do to her, before Quinn rescues her. I guess Quinn doesn't know much about psychology (unlikely), since he seems unaware of the tendency for people to become overly-thankful to those who rescue them from great danger, especially if the danger were long-lasting. Sure, she ends up coming on to him... too bad he is too weak to say no.

The third was Roseblood. In this, the issue was his (as in all of them) fixation on analyzing the woman's physical form. His job (unusually, as it would seem outside his wheelhouse) is protection detail. This ex-patriot Russian dancer is given performances in America and there's reason to believe she will be assassinated. She has bodyguards and Quinn's job, at her show, is to hide in the rafters with a sniper rifle and watch for danger. And the first page or two is spent with him basically studying her and the stage she is on, through his sniper scope. I mean... creepy much? This wwas the most troublesome one, because Mr. UberGuy is not doing his job. If a killer were lining up a shot, Quinn would have no chance of finding him, because he's busy watching the only person who is definitely not a threat. And when he does look around, he goes back to her. Because he needs to talk about her sexiness and her body. I mean...

Aside from the weird, B-Spy-movie-of-the-60s approach to women, the only other problem I had is that Quinn is SO good, SO perfect, SO deadly that when it comes to actual conflict, he eliminates it almost without effort. As a result, after a couple of stories, I stopped having any doubts about his ability to get through anything, without doing more than breaking out a light sweat. This is not good, for thrillers.

Fast-paced, well-written action sequences, but a tad too, um, "old fashioned" in the character's approach to, and the author's treatment of, women, for my tastes.
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James_Patrick_Joyce | 1 muu arvostelu | Oct 24, 2020 |
Michael Quinn has quickly become one of my favorite literary characters, and Mr. Olson one of my go to authors! These short stories are action packed, have interesting characters, and exciting plots. I look forward to my next Michael Quinn adventure!
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bearlyr | 1 muu arvostelu | Aug 5, 2019 |
An intriguing tale of rescue starring the daring Michael Quinn! Kevin Scott Olson is a master of suspense, and always good for an entertaining read! Am starting my next Michael Quinn adventure with great anticipation!
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bearlyr | Jul 29, 2019 |
Not my first Michael Quinn story, certainly not my last! I love these short stories, and am looking forward to more! This story has it all; history, action, even a little romance. This is a great, albeit quick, read!
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bearlyr | 1 muu arvostelu | Jan 7, 2019 |
This is my first introduction to Mr. Olson's work. Yet, this short story did whelp my appetite to read more from Mr. Olson; particularly book one in the Michael Quinn series. Mr. Olson shows that it does not matter the "size" of the book that counts but the "quality" of the story.

From the beginning to the end, there was lots of action. There is the main character, Michael. There are some rough edges about Michael. Yet, he also shows that he has a soft side as well. He can be a lady's man but he has manners. Yet, if you mess with him; you better watch out. Again, for a short story, this story does pack a "big" punch. However, I did wish the story was a bit longer as it would have given me more time to connect to the characters better.
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Cherylk | 1 muu arvostelu | Oct 13, 2018 |
While not quite 'amazing', this book is a solid bit of genre fiction in the international spy-thriller vein. In this book an international art thief is selling a fabled painting, one which is supposed to bewitch any man who sees it, much the way the Mona Lisa seems to, only more powerfully. Cheesy? Yup. Cheap cliche? Sure. But then again, so is a private contractor in a tux navigating the moneyed world of Italian villas and sexy nearly-dressed women that is the Italian drug-distribution scene. There are no huge gaps in the story, the characters are consistent, if a bit stock-predictable, and the story is well paced. The chapters are annoyingly short, very Patterson/Koontz-esque, but a bit better than the absurdly short, fragmented chapters in classic Koontz novels. Don't expect great literature, but otherwise this is a fun read, and you might pick up a few words of Russian and Italian along the way, always a plus.
I won my copy of this book through a Goodreads giveaway.
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JBarringer | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Dec 30, 2017 |
This took me too long to read and it was only a short prequel. I understood it well enough but I felt it doesn't exactly give you the drive to read the next book.
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RinHanase | 1 muu arvostelu | Mar 11, 2017 |
This took me too long to read and it was only a short prequel. I understood it well enough but I felt it doesn't exactly give you the drive to read the next book.
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RinHanase | 1 muu arvostelu | Mar 11, 2017 |
Michael Quinn is a CIA special operative, which gives him some independence from the organisation. He is tasked with finding and securing a painting that had been assumed lost, but is not the target of Russian and Italian criminals. In addition, he must stop a criminal drug network from expanding in the US. For two-thirds of the book, Quinn handles his tasks with consummate ease and minimal conflict. It is only when he makes his final play for the painting that the action heats up to thriller level. In conclusion, after struggling through the first two thirds, the final third was a more pleasant read. I would like to give it 3 out of 5 stars.
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Bruce_McNair | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 21, 2016 |
I loved this book, just like I loved the other two Michael Quinn books 'Roseblood' and 'Night Of The Bonfire'.

Michael rescuing the soldier Devereaux was awesome. And of course I love that Michael blew some stuff up to distract the guards to get them out of the prison.

I like that the story had so much action within its 35 pages. And it didn't feel rushed at all, it felt completely natural.

Also loved when Michael broke Devereaux out and they rode off on the motorcycle. I can't wait to read the next Michael Quinn short story.
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Laina_Spaulding | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 16, 2016 |
**I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.**

I'm really loving Kevin Scott Olson's Michael Quinn series. I love cop books, movies, and tv shows and this series gives me all of the same things I love from say, Numb3rs, for example.

Michael Quinn is an amazing character. Yes, he's a normal guy, but he's also a smart guy. Michael gets himself into dangerous situations when he does his job, but he always finds a way to make it through, relatively unscathed.

I like that Kevin Scott Olson doesn't make Michael into a perfect character, because I don't like that type of thing. Olson makes Michael flawed and deeply imperfect, but also shows that Michael is a good guy who's just trying to do his job with the least amount of collateral damage possible.

I really hope to read Olson's next book Breakout, soon, as I can't wait to see what Michael gets up to next. I'm also curious to see if Michael will still be with Sienna.
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Laina_Spaulding | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 16, 2016 |
**I received a copy of this book from Goodreads in exchange for an honest review** I loved this short story. I like that Michael was able to protect Anna and able to help the two NYPD police officers. I can't wait to read more by Kevin Olson
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Laina_Spaulding | Apr 16, 2016 |
Although I received this book free through the author's web page, I found it to be a very good and fast read. Even though this is a short story, it is action packed. It reminds me of a compacted Rambo or Die Hard movie. It has it all, suspense, thrills, explosions, etc., all pact into 35 pages. I look forward to reading more stories in the Michael Quinn series, by this author, Kevin Scott Olson. I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting a quick, but exciting read. Bring on the next one!
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finallycj | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Oct 11, 2015 |
This is a short story, only 35 pages... but it packs a punch! Plenty of action, likable characters, believable plot, and danger make this story quite interesting! I look forward to reading more stories by Mr. Olson, and more Michael Quinn stories as well.
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bearlyr | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Sep 18, 2015 |
This is one of those books that when looking at it you don't know if it is going to do justice with so few of pages to tell the story of an action adventure. And normally it is with similar type of books that you approach them with wariness but I must say this book has surpassed my high expectations for it.

First of all the one thing that slightly confused me and that was the format of the story itself. It started off pretty strong then seemed to jump back into the past before leaping forth again into the future. Whether I interpreted this correctly or not I cannot say since in many books that do this a date is presented or a bit of a timeline description.

Otherwise the characters that were presented in this book were beautifully done whether they were secondary or primary. You had a real touch for them and could see them quite vividly with strong personalities. I love well made-out characters like this - ones that are almost flesh and bone.

And the best part of this book that won't let you put it down was the fact this wasn't another "big shot" hero who was going to take down the enemy singlehandedly with only his mighty strength to destroy all who stand in his way. Instead Quinn proves to be a very intelligent hero who knows when he needs help in situations but when the backup is lacking he knows how to use his wits to get him through with a bit of luck.

This is one character I wouldn't mind reading about again and I can't wait to see what the first book would hold in store. Is Gabriella going to show up again? What will Quinn be facing? So much anticipation....

**Received this book as part of the Giveaway at for free in exchange for a review**
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flamingrosedrakon | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Sep 13, 2015 |