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This one sounded so good when reading the description, but it didn’t deliver on its promises. After 73 pages I just couldn’t read anymore after it became obvious what I would have to endure in order to finish.

Leslie Westcott loses the love of her life in a climbing accident two weeks before her wedding. Over the ensuing years, she meets and becomes engaged to several other men, planning each wedding which includes buying a new dress. For one reason or another, she breaks off each relationship, and ends up with several unworn wedding dresses. Eventually she decides to offer them at a fundraising auction. I’m assuming the auction takes place at the end of the novel since I didn’t get that far.

After reading about her second Mr. Almost Right, I realized the rest of the 344-page novel would consist of Leslie becoming engaged and then breaking off the relationship time after time. The novel might have been more readable but author Mary Oldham flips back in time to give away the outcomes and personalities of various suitors. Therefore we know ahead of time why Leslie decides not to marry each man. For that reason there was no tension or uncertainty for this reader. And as another reviewer mentioned, for a smart businesswoman she was clueless about men. At page 73 it was already tedious, so I’ve given myself permission to stop reading and mark this one DNF (Did Not Finish).
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PhyllisReads | Aug 22, 2022 |
This was a really great and unusual find. A Horse for Her was such an old-fashioned kind of book, but it was a pleasure to read. I loved Oldham's approach of showing quite plainly the hard work and expenses involved in horse care, and I loved without measure reading about a heroine with more on her mind than just horses. (Or boys.) Having her in the process of pursuing a career as a librarian was icing on the cake for me. I don't know if I've ever read another book where the heroine turned down a shot of a career in horses for a career in an entirely different field (still keeping involved with horses as a pleasure activity, mind).

Very much recommended.
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noneofthis | Aug 8, 2010 |




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