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1) John O'Connell 1972- is the author of I Told You I Was Ill: Adventures in Hypochondria.

2) John O'Connell 1917- is the author of Railroad Album.

3) John O'Connell (1810-1858) was the third son of Irish statesman Daniel O'Connell, and the author of The Select Speeches Of Daniel O'Connell, M.P..

5) John O'Connell , author of Mastering Your Organization's Processes: A Plain Guide to BPM, works in the sofware industry in England.

6) John O'Connell, author of HMAS Moresby, 1925-1946, is an Australian naval historian.

7) John O'Connell , 1965- The Hunger File

8) John O'Connell, 1930- Doctor John

9) John O'Connell - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Audio Guide