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Walter Dean Myers was born on August 12, 1937 in Martinsberg, West Virginia. When he was three years old, his mother died and his father sent him to live with Herbert and Florence Dean in Harlem, New York. He began writing stories while in his teens. He dropped out of high school and enlisted in näytä lisää the Army at the age of 17. After completing his army service, he took a construction job and continued to write. He entered and won a 1969 contest sponsored by the Council on Interracial Books for Children, which led to the publication of his first book, Where Does the Day Go? During his lifetime, he wrote more than 100 fiction and nonfiction books for children and young adults. His works include Fallen Angels, Bad Boy, Darius and Twig, Scorpions, Lockdown, Sunrise Over Fallujah, Invasion, Juba!, and On a Clear Day. He also collaborated with his son Christopher, an artist, on a number of picture books for young readers including We Are America: A Tribute from the Heart and Harlem, which received a Caldecott Honor Award, as well as the teen novel Autobiography of My Dead Brother. He was the winner of the first-ever Michael L. Printz Award for Monster, the first recipient of the Coretta Scott King-Virginia Hamilton Award for Lifetime Achievement, and a recipient of the Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime achievement in writing for young adults. He also won the Coretta Scott King Award for African American authors five times. He died on July 1, 2014, following a brief illness, at the age of 76. (Bowker Author Biography) näytä vähemmän


Tekijän teokset

Monster (1999) 4,993 kappaletta
Fallen Angels (1988) 1,856 kappaletta
Sunrise Over Fallujah (2008) 1,331 kappaletta
Slam! (1996) 1,235 kappaletta
Bad Boy: A Memoir (2001) 1,148 kappaletta
Somewhere In The Darkness (1856) 1,076 kappaletta
Scorpions (1988) 1,025 kappaletta
The Glory Field (1994) 786 kappaletta
Hoops (2008) 747 kappaletta
Harlem (1997) 690 kappaletta
Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary (1993) 664 kappaletta
The Greatest: Muhammad Ali (2001) 572 kappaletta
Shooter (2004) 469 kappaletta
Lockdown (2010) 419 kappaletta
The Cruisers (2010) 402 kappaletta
145th Street: Short Stories (2000) 389 kappaletta
Autobiography of My Dead Brother (2005) 374 kappaletta
Game (2008) 368 kappaletta
Riot (2009) 352 kappaletta
Dope Sick (2009) 350 kappaletta
Street Love (2006) 323 kappaletta
Monster: A Graphic Novel (2015) 321 kappaletta
Jazz (2006) 321 kappaletta
Handbook for Boys: A Novel (2002) 319 kappaletta
Looking Like Me (2009) 289 kappaletta
The Beast (2003) 266 kappaletta
Darius & Twig (2013) 250 kappaletta
Harlem Summer (2007) 249 kappaletta
Kick (2011) 240 kappaletta
116. kadun jengi (1975) 237 kappaletta
Darnell Rock Reporting (1994) 226 kappaletta
Me, Mop, and the Moondance Kid (1988) 219 kappaletta
All the Right Stuff (2012) 202 kappaletta
Blues Journey (2003) 178 kappaletta
The Outside Shot (1984) 177 kappaletta
Invasion (2013) 176 kappaletta
The Weather Baby (2000) 173 kappaletta
The Mouse Rap (1990) 173 kappaletta
The Young Landlords (1979) 171 kappaletta
Won't Know Till I Get There (1875) 167 kappaletta
Malcolm X: A Fire Burning Brightly (2000) 166 kappaletta
The Dream Bearer (2003) 158 kappaletta
Juba!: A Novel (2015) 154 kappaletta
Shadow of the Red Moon (1995) 140 kappaletta
The Legend of Tarik (1981) 127 kappaletta
On a Clear Day (2014) 125 kappaletta
The Story of the Three Kingdoms (1995) 125 kappaletta
Crystal (1987) 123 kappaletta
Amistad: A Long Road to Freedom (1997) 118 kappaletta
Love Story (Amiri And Odette) (2009) 112 kappaletta
The Cruisers Book 2: Checkmate (2011) 111 kappaletta
It Ain't All for Nothin' (1979) 107 kappaletta
Just Write: Here's How! (2012) 103 kappaletta
The Blues of Flats Brown (2000) 70 kappaletta
Motown and Didi (1862) 65 kappaletta
Carmen (2011) 64 kappaletta
Smiffy Blue: Ace Crime Detective (1996) 58 kappaletta
Tales of a Dead King (1983) 57 kappaletta
The dragon takes a wife (1995) 55 kappaletta
Victory for Jamie (1977) 42 kappaletta
Cruisers Book 4: Oh, Snap! (2013) 39 kappaletta
The Golden Serpent (1980) 36 kappaletta
Three Swords for Granada (2002) 31 kappaletta
Looking for the Easy Life (2011) 25 kappaletta
Where does the day go? (1969) 12 kappaletta
Fighter (2003) 11 kappaletta
SORT OF SISTERS (18 Pine St) (1992) 10 kappaletta
The Test (1992) 9 kappaletta
The get over a short story (2013) 7 kappaletta
The dancers (1972) 6 kappaletta
Sweet illusions (1987) 6 kappaletta
Mojo and the Russians (1977) 5 kappaletta
Fly, Jimmy, fly! (1974) 5 kappaletta
Brainstorm (1977) 5 kappaletta
Kwame's Girl (18 Pine Street) (1994) 4 kappaletta
The Party (18 Pine St. #2) (1992) 4 kappaletta
Harlem blues (1996) 3 kappaletta
The Nicholas Factor (1983) 3 kappaletta
The House With 9 Rooms (2011) 2 kappaletta
TAKING SIDES (18 Pine St) (1994) 2 kappaletta
INTENSIVE CARE (18 Pine St) (1993) 2 kappaletta
Sky Man (18 Pine Street) (1994) 2 kappaletta
Pirate a short story (2011) 2 kappaletta
Tags (HarperTeen Impulse) (2013) 2 kappaletta
Peto (2000) 2 kappaletta
The Prince (18 Pine Street) (1992) 2 kappaletta
The glory field 1 kappale
The Cruisers 1 kappale
the outsider 1 kappale
18 pine st. 1 kappale
Potwor (2021) 1 kappale
Sg Fallen Angels W/Conn (2001) 1 kappale
The magic forest 1 kappale
Monstrul 1 kappale
Monster - Activity Pack (2005) 1 kappale

Associated Works

Dracula (1897) — Johdanto, eräät painokset33,956 kappaletta
Guys Write for Guys Read (2005) — Avustaja — 759 kappaletta
Flying Lessons and Other Stories (2017) — Avustaja — 551 kappaletta
Fresh Ink: An Anthology (2018) — Avustaja — 352 kappaletta
Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out (2008) — Avustaja — 337 kappaletta
Guys Read: Thriller (2011) — Avustaja — 311 kappaletta
Soul Looks Back in Wonder (1993) — Avustaja — 198 kappaletta
Pick-Up Game: A Full Day of Full Court (2011) — Avustaja — 104 kappaletta
The Color of Absence: 12 Stories About Loss and Hope (2001) — Avustaja — 89 kappaletta
Visions: 19 Short Stories (1987) — Avustaja — 70 kappaletta
Best African American Fiction (2009) (2009) — Avustaja — 46 kappaletta
911: The Book of Help (2002) — Avustaja — 45 kappaletta
Center Stage: One-Act Plays for Teenage Readers and Actors (1990) — Avustaja — 44 kappaletta
Celebrate Cricket: 30 Years of Stories and Art (2003) — Avustaja — 43 kappaletta
Trapped!: Cages of Mind and Body (1938) — Avustaja — 43 kappaletta
Twelve Shots (1997) — Avustaja — 39 kappaletta
Taking Aim: Power and Pain, Teens and Guns (2015) — Avustaja — 35 kappaletta
Big City Cool: Short Stories About Urban Youth (2002) — Avustaja — 35 kappaletta
Don't Give Up the Ghost: A Book of Ghost Stories (1993) — Avustaja — 29 kappaletta
Funny You Should Ask (1992) — Avustaja — 18 kappaletta

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Monster by Walter Dean Myer, EDE3343 Teaching Adol Lit MS Sp 2012 (tammikuu 2012)


Excellent poetry. Walter Dean Myers is skilled in capturing unique voices and personas in his verse. The photographs interspersed between the poems added to the experience!
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Readings.of.a.Slinky | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Nov 20, 2023 |
In a riveting novel from Myers (At Her Majesty’s Request, 1999, etc.), a teenager who dreams of being a filmmaker writes the story of his trial for felony murder in the form of a movie script, with journal entries after each day’s action.

Steve is accused of being an accomplice in the robbery and murder of a drug store owner. As he goes through his trial, returning each night to a prison where most nights he can hear other inmates being beaten and raped, he reviews the events leading to this point in his life. Although Steve is eventually acquitted, Myers leaves it up to readers to decide for themselves on his protagonist’s guilt or innocence.

The format of this taut and moving drama forcefully regulates the pacing; breathless, edge-of-the-seat courtroom scenes written entirely in dialogue alternate with thoughtful, introspective journal entries that offer a sense of Steve’s terror and confusion, and that deftly demonstrate Myers’s point: the road from innocence to trouble is comprised of small, almost invisible steps, each involving an experience in which a “positive moral decision” was not made. (Fiction. 12-14)

-Kirkus Review
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
CDJLibrary | 347 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Nov 7, 2023 |
Here we have Book Eleven in what was, back in the 1990s, the first major young adult fiction series featuring a multicultural cast of main characters. While Sky Man and Kwame's Girl remain my favorites of the series, this book is all right.

I'll admit the setup of the story didn't have my full buy-in, though. I mean, I wouldn't necessarily put it completely past a certain type of teacher to give an assignment like this. Still, why would you think it's a good idea to have your teenaged students keep diaries about their lives for class, and then to make them exchange the diaries so that their classmates can take them home to read and analyze?

It seems the best all-too-likely negative outcomes would be a lot of incomplete, inauthentic, or outright dishonest diaries written either by kids nervous about recording what they know isn't going to remain totally private, or kids making stuff up in attempts to make their diaries impressive. It's also likely that such an assignment would lead to a disaster of leaked secrets and lies, exchanged and misplaced diaries falling into the wrong hands, juicy journal rumors spreading around the school, and a whole lot of anger, hurt feelings, humiliation, the breaking-up of friendships and/or romantic couples—whether or not the rumors about the involved parties are true...

Come on. These are super-basic possibilities to consider. Why would a high school teacher even try a project like this?

Anywho. Despite the silly setup, what mainly plays out for the characters here isn't silly. Also, like other books in the series, the serious issue at the crux of the plot is supplemented by everyday adolescent adventures and shenanigans.

Those include a diary-homework cheating scheme that leads to some tomfoolery. A litter of kittens in need of homes. A younger sister dealing with her first boyfriend.

And, of course, there's enough here for some pre-cellphone, pre-internet, pre-streaming '90s nostalgia, like kids calling each other on home phones, watching movies by way of a VCR, and passing notes to each other in class on pieces of paper.


Along the way through this series, I skipped three of the books, and the next one, Book Twelve, is the last. Don't know yet whether I'll read it sooner than later or if I might "save" it longer to keep the series from concluding for me.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
NadineC.Keels | Nov 5, 2023 |
Includes map. Acknowledgment at front of book tells one reason why the author wrote the book.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
VillageProject | 64 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Oct 31, 2023 |



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