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Charles Murray (1) (1943–)

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Charles Murray (1) has been aliased into Charles A. Murray.

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Works have been aliased into Charles A. Murray.

Coming Apart (2012) 809 kappaletta
Apollo: The Race to the Moon (1989) 309 kappaletta
What It Means to Be a Libertarian (1996) 254 kappaletta

Associated Works

Works have been aliased into Charles A. Murray.

On the Firing Line: The Public Life of Our Public Figures (1989) — Avustaja — 113 kappaletta
Keeping the Tablets: Modern American Conservative Thought (1988) — Avustaja — 59 kappaletta
Backward and Upward: The New Conservative Writing (1996) — Avustaja — 24 kappaletta
Good Order: Right Answers to Contemporary Questions (1995) — Avustaja — 23 kappaletta
Religion and the American Future (2008) — Avustaja — 13 kappaletta
History as Text (1989) — Avustaja — 10 kappaletta

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Charles Murray and The Bell Curve, Combiners! (kesäkuu 2023)


One of Murray's better books. The point is that some White Americans are dispensing with the cultural background and actions that made America so great and the middle class so good and robust. The result is some people (even liberals) are working hard, marrying before kids, being thrifty, not doing drugs, and the other people are doing the opposite. Murray forgets that computers, robotization, mechanization have changed what we eat, where we live, what we buy by lowering costs dramatically. This changes what some people can buy and have access to. For instance, the idea of "craft beer" and a latte in 1960 is laughable. For 2010, it's what some people want and can get. Point: work hard and be a good person.

Key quote, from page 293: "The new upper class still does a good job of practicing some of the virtues, but it no longer preaches them. It has lost self-confidence in the rightness of its own customs and values, and preaches nonjudgmentalism instead."
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
tuckerresearch | 25 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Nov 30, 2023 |
There's a lot of interesting data bit it's hard to figure out what the thesis of all the data is.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Moshepit20 | 25 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Oct 1, 2023 |
Notes and excursuses on the text of Murray's book Facing Reality: Two Truths about Race in America. Some good digressions, pointers to data, and something of a bibliography. Necessary for a reader of the slim main text.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
tuckerresearch | Sep 12, 2023 |
The author posits two statistical "truths about race in America: (1) The mean I.Q. score between different people groups in the U.S. is leads to this distribution Asian > Caucasian > Latino > Black; and (2) the violent crime rate in different people groups is Black > Latino > Caucasian > Asian. Murray talks about many possible objections to these statistics, but the statistics seem rock solid. His main purpose is to show that current proposals to change these stats are doomed to probable failure as they do not take these stats into account, or do not perceive their real reality. Murray makes the point to state (p. 6) that: "I am not talking about superiority or inferiority, but about differences in group averages and distributions. Differences in averages do not affect the abilities of any individual. They should not affect our approach, positively or negatively, to any individual we meet." But that will not prevent anyone from accusing this book and its author or racism. I, for one, am willing to recognize the reality of these figures, but disdain any attempt to ascribe them to race, biology, or D.N.A. There are just too many exceptions and counter-examples to make the implications worthless. And, I too, like Murray, will still treat everyone as an individual on their individual merits, as we all should. The rest should be discarded. As Americans continue to "mix races" as time marches on, when will the categories of this book become mostly meaningless? Who knows? What to think of this book? I don't know.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
tuckerresearch | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Sep 12, 2023 |



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