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Tiny Goes to the Library (2000) 339 kappaletta
Tiny the Snow Dog (2001) 330 kappaletta
Tiny's Bath (1998) 211 kappaletta
Tiny Goes Camping (2006) 108 kappaletta
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Catch That Cat! (A Rookie Reader) (1999) 82 kappaletta
Cinderella in the City (2014) 53 kappaletta
Snow White and the Seven Dogs (2014) 53 kappaletta
Tiny Goes Back to School (2014) 41 kappaletta
Busy, Busy City Street (2000) 30 kappaletta
Happy Thanksgiving, Tiny! (2018) 22 kappaletta
Tiny on the Farm (2008) 20 kappaletta
Tiny the Birthday Dog (2013) 19 kappaletta
Hurricanes (Nature's Fury) (1999) 14 kappaletta
Tornadoes (Nature's Fury) (1999) 14 kappaletta
The Lucky Manatee (Ocean Tales) (1720) 13 kappaletta
Luther's Halloween (2004) 13 kappaletta
Three Claws the Mountain Monster (2009) 12 kappaletta
Tiny Goes to the Movies (2016) 12 kappaletta
The Grumpy Lobster (Ocean Tales) (2012) 12 kappaletta
Rio 2: Off and Flying (2014) 12 kappaletta
Floods (Nature's Fury) (1999) 11 kappaletta
Pony Poems for Little Pony Lovers (2019) 11 kappaletta
Earthquakes (Pogo: Nature's Fury) (1999) 10 kappaletta
Volcanoes (Pogo: Disaster Zone) (1999) 10 kappaletta
Pandora's Vase (Greek Myths) (2011) 10 kappaletta
I Have a Little Seedling (2018) 9 kappaletta
Tiny Saves the Day (2016) 8 kappaletta
Tsunamis (Pogo: Disaster Zone) (2016) 8 kappaletta
Unicorns (Mythical Creatures) (2019) 8 kappaletta
Blizzards (Nature's Fury) (1999) 8 kappaletta
Beat Bugs: Honey Pie (2018) 7 kappaletta
Blizzards (Pogo: Disaster Zone) (2015) 7 kappaletta
Mermaids (Mythical Creatures) (2019) 6 kappaletta
Rio 2: Untamed Talent (2014) 6 kappaletta
Droughts (Pogo: Disaster Zone) (2015) 6 kappaletta
It's Earth Day, Tiny! (2022) 6 kappaletta
Happy Easter, Tiny! (2018) 5 kappaletta
Ambulances (2016) 5 kappaletta
Helicopters (Machines at Work) (2013) 5 kappaletta
The Fancy Octopus (Ocean Tales) (2011) 4 kappaletta
The Hiding Eel (Ocean Tales) (2011) 4 kappaletta
The Stranded Orca (Ocean Tales) (2012) 4 kappaletta
Happy St. Patrick's Day, Tiny! (2021) 4 kappaletta
Grand Canyon / Cari Meister (2000) 3 kappaletta
Fireflies (2001) 3 kappaletta
Butterflies (Insects) (2001) 3 kappaletta
The Shivery Shark (Ocean Tales) (2011) 3 kappaletta
Buses (2019) 2 kappaletta
Trucks (Machines at Work) (2013) 2 kappaletta
The Snow Queen 1 kappale
Merry Christmas, Tiny! (2020) 1 kappale
Wacky Wild Animals (2016) 1 kappale

Associated Works

Longboard Letdown (Jake Maddox Girl Sports Stories) (2017) — Text by — 9 kappaletta
Cowgirl Grit (Jake Maddox Girl Sport Series) (2018) — Text by — 5 kappaletta

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Beginner Reader
Merkitty asiattomaksi
BooksInMirror | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Feb 19, 2024 |
Out of all the Stone arch readers I’ve read the season this one is the best. Moopy has shown up in other books, but they never said he or she. They are very adamant about saying Moopy is a “she” in this book, which is her origin story. It’s about how she makes new friends and destroys her own house. I don’t like this book, I don’t hate this book, it’s just meehhh. I was hoping for something better from Stone Arch.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
LibrarianRyan | Jun 28, 2023 |
This is a fun book about a being who has an extra-long tongue. I like how this book coincides with another of the Stone Arch Readers series. In this book, Snorp asks Moopy to teach him how to snowboard. But things don’t go well. The book is fun and kids will love it. Stone Arch Readers are known for being high lows meaning, highly interest, low reading level. While at a level three, this would be quite common with Step Into Reading level threes and a few others. It’s for kids reading beyond sight words. One of the things I really love about Stone Arch is naming characters things that are not sight words that must be sounded out. It’s a great way to tell if kids are reading the pictures or reading the words.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
LibrarianRyan | Jun 22, 2023 |
Moopy is on the beach, and all they want is to be left alone to enjoy the sun. But Ora is searching for gold and it happens to be under Moopy. Once again, these are fun stories that bring together characters from other books under the Stone Arch title. Kids will love the story and the fun and colorful illustrations.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
LibrarianRyan | Jun 22, 2023 |



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