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Lisa McMann was born in Holland, Michigan on February 27, 1968. Her works include the Wake Trilogy, The Unwanteds series, Cryer's Cross, Dead to You, Crash, and the Infinity Ring series. (Bowker Author Biography)


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Wake (2008) 3,035 kappaletta
Fade (2009) 1,853 kappaletta
The Unwanteds (2011) 1,616 kappaletta
Gone (2010) 1,266 kappaletta
Island of Silence (2012) 705 kappaletta
Cryer's Cross (2011) 604 kappaletta
Island of Fire (2013) 558 kappaletta
Dead to You (2012) 444 kappaletta
Island of Legends (2014) 395 kappaletta
The Trap Door (2013) 389 kappaletta
Crash (2013) 378 kappaletta
Island of Shipwrecks (2015) 373 kappaletta
Island of Graves (2016) 331 kappaletta
Island of Dragons (2016) — Tekijä — 290 kappaletta

Associated Works

Dear Bully: Seventy Authors Tell Their Stories (2011) — Avustaja — 321 kappaletta
Foretold: 14 Tales of Prophecy and Prediction (2012) — Avustaja — 255 kappaletta

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Holland, Michigan, USA
Arizona, USA
Michael Bourret (Dystel & Goderich)



The story starts off just where the last one ended, and boy am I glad for that! I love series books that don't skip a whole lot and make you wonder what happened between one book and the next.
Fade starts of with finishing up the whole drug bust thing from Wake, and then moves right into the next case for Janie and Cabel ( they are working for the police). Of course I was on Cabel's side with not wanting Janie to get mixed up with this case, but then I really thought about it and figured that if something like that was going on at my daughter's school, I would want someone there to try and put an end to it.
And really, I won't play the naive parent and pretend that this sort of thing doesn't happen, I know it does, and that Mrs. McMann brought it to light in this book is a huge plus from my end!
Janie is still slipping into others' dreams and she is slowly learning to bring herself out of them. Although she has trouble and can't seem to get out of the nightmares. While working the case of the perv teachers, Janie is given the case files of the previous dream catcher, Miss Stubin; and while reading them she learns more than she wanted to.
As the blurb stated on goodreads, Cabel and Janie are together, but for their undercover work to actually work they have to keep everything a secret. So while they do get to spend some time together, they can't been seen together in public, so everything goes on behind the closed doors of Cabel's house.
Janie jumps right in with the case and very quickly figures out which teacher is her target. That part kinda irked me, I mean heck it took like a week if that for her to get the teacher to make a move, and really; you would like to think that the "adult" would take more time. Anyway, Janie sets it up to be alone with him just to make sure and once she has her confirmation she moves forward and gets everyone in that class ready for the party at the teacher's house ( big red flag there)!! With the party approaching, Cable is getting kinda freaked out, with good reason. While Janie feels that everything will be ok and that nothing will happen to her, she still has a few doubts.
When the party day is there, Janie does everything like she is supposed to, no mysterious drinks, doesn't leave her drink unattended and won't take anything from anyone. But things still go bad for Janie, and while not everything is in great detail, you get enough to know what is going on.
After the party, and everything that goes down; Janie wakes up in the hospital; yeah, you guessed it, she ended up getting drugged anyway. She doesn't really remember what happened at first and even when she does, she doesn't have all the details; which in itself is a good and bad thing. Cabel has a hard time dealing with it and again, they aren't speaking; after he asks for a break.During the break, Janie is lost and confused as to why he would do this to her, and in a sense I feel that she starts to blame herself. With the extra time on her hands she sits down to read the "journal" that Miss Stubin left behind and learns a few things about being a dream catcher, though they aren't really what she wants to know. ANd once she realizes exactly what will happen to her, and a rough time frame in which to expect it, she kinda breaks down.
The story starts to wrap up pretty quickly, all the teachers involved at the party are arrested, and suspended without pay from the school. Cabel and Janie make up as only they can, Janie tells Cabel what to expect with the dream catching and then they are graduating. I'm so glad that I have the next and final book Gone already and can't wait to start reading it.
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chaoticmel | 95 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 18, 2024 |
I really can't believe that the series has come to an end. But what an ending it was! McMann did not disappoint with the third and final book in the Dream Catcher Trilogy.
We come into Gone, just a few weeks after the ending in Fade. Janie and Cabel are getting ready to take a mini vacation before starting up with their undercover police work. They head to the lake to spend time with Cabel's brother and sister-in-law. While there, they have a few days of slight peace; though Janie still gets sucked into Cabel's dreams and even one dream while learning to water ski. After getting frantic voice mails from Carrie stating that she is taking Janie's mother to the hospital, Cable and Janie leave. Once they reach the hospital, they find out that it wasn't for Janie's mom, but a man known as Henry.
Henry is someone that Janie, doesn't know; but she soon realizes just how much of a connection that they really have. See, Henry is Janie's father. Janie really has no idea how to handle this new information, and with whatever she is contemplating in the beginning of the book, this added information and her mother's attitude is really getting to her. I wondered through the whole book, exactly what it was that Janie was contemplating, and until the end I didn't really grasp it. I'm sure if I thought about it long and hard I would have figured it out, but I was too worried about how Janie was really going to deal with knowing about her father.
Cabel tries to help Janie find out more about her father, and eventually he finds out where Henry lived and takes Janie there. When they arrive, Janie is a little apprehensive and doesn't really want to find out anything, but after looking around the house a bit, Janie starts to wonder why he lived out in the middle of nowhere and why he pretty much isolated himself.
While Janie is still being sucked into dreams, and for her; Cabel's are the worst. She goes to visit her father, whom is in a coma all through the book. When she goes into his room, she is sucked into his dreams, and she has to fight really hard to get out of it. While doing more research and thinking Janie realizes that the dream catching is hereditary and that she got it from her father. Miss Stubin makes another appearance and that is when Janie realizes everything.
We find out shortly after that, just what it is that Janie has been contemplating and just what she is going to do. I wasn't happy with the decision she came to and I will admit that I teared up quite a bit. Janie is trying to figure out how to help her father in his dream and while she is sleeping beside his bed in the hospital, Henry catches Janie's dream and she actually gets to speak to him. It was a bittersweet moment between father and daughter.
Henry passes the next day and while Janie is trying to get her alcoholic mother to actually have a funeral for him, and then get her mother to the funeral, she learns that while Henry may have isolated himself, Janie does have a "family" that loves and supports her. The funeral is sad and her mother plays the drunk perfectly, but Janie has the support of Cabel, Carrie, and even her "boss".
We go on to see what Janie decided and how she slowly starts to enact her decision, then after about a day she realizes that maybe she made the wrong choice. There are always two sides to every story, the one that you see and then the one that actually happened. Now maybe, it didn't really happen like that, but would you take the chance? Knowing what you know for sure would happen or guessing that just maybe everything would be ok? Could you live with leaving the ONLY one you love and never seeing them again? Janie answers these questions, and realizes that she may need to reconsider exactly what she wants out of her life.
I really can't believe that the trilogy is finished and I won't get to see just how Janie's decision affected everyone around her, and what exactly is happening now.
… (lisätietoja)
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chaoticmel | 60 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 18, 2024 |
I have read a lot of mixed reviews on this book, and this series. But I slowly found all three books so that I could read them without having to wait. And let me tell you, I am glad that I did.
I picked up Wake last night at about 11:30 p.m. and finished it at 5:15 a.m. I couldn't put it down. From the very beginning it sucked me in and kept me flipping pages to find out what exactly was going to happen next.
Janie ( the main character) isn't your typical teen, she gets sucked into other peoples dreams if she is close enough to them; unless there is a door in the way. Now, at first I thought " Hey, that would be awesome!!" but I soon realized that it may at times be cool, do I really want to know what some stranger dreams about? Then I started to really feel bad for Janie. She only really has one close friend through most of the book, and really I don't think you could call Carrie mush of a friend.
The first few chapters skip a lot but that is just to get us caught up so we understand what exactly is going on. After that everything pretty much evens out and we get a lot of detail without living every single day with her.
When Cabel ( love the name) comes into the picture, I instantly disliked him, my first thoughts were great, he's a druggie and since Janie was kinda starting to fall for him, I wasn't happy at all. but he soon redeemed himself, even though I was still skeptical until all the truths were revealed.
Lisa McMann is an amazing writer and I am sorry that it took me so long to pick up one of her books. she gets to the point without making us wait forever and even though we don't live every single day with the main character, we aren't left wondering what happened between one paragraph and the next.
I love how she took us into the dreams with Janie and how we got to see exactly how Janie normally reacted to being sucked into a dream. Now I'm off to read the second book in the trilogy Fade.
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chaoticmel | 184 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 18, 2024 |
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Dracoster | 15 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Feb 21, 2024 |



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