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Clint McElroy is a radio personality, writer, actor, director, and podcaster, born in 1955. He is a graduate of Marshall University. He spent over 40 years in radio, beginning at WKEE doing news and church shows and ending at WTCR-FM 103.3 with the morning show and co-host Judy Eaton. His podcasts näytä lisää include sawbones, shmanners, rosebuddies, and The Adventure Zone with his sons Justin, Travis, and Griffin. His writing includes over a dozen comic books, the original musical Collis P: The Musical, and the graphic novel The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins, published in July 2018 . He is also a longtime actor and director of community theater. (Bowker Author Biography) näytä vähemmän


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Game Changers: Education and Information Technologies (2012) — Avustaja — 19 kappaletta

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This is quite possibly the best volume yet. I wasn't exactly looking forward to this arc being drawn, since I didn't care for it all that much during the podcast (though it wasn't necessarily one I disliked, I just wasn't interested in it), but goodness Carey Pietsch has outdone herself, and whatever writing has gone into making this workable as a graphic novel has simply shone in this volume. The art is gorgeous, the pacing is wonderful. It's funny, it's heart-breaking, it's teasing in terms of future plotlines. The character relationships are developing wonderfully. This is truly a phenomenal addition to the series. I just love all the character designs and how they're realized. I am biased, of course, but Taako and Kravitz in particular look even more beautiful than ever.

Perhaps my favorite part was when Taako says, "I treated Philippe like shit, but I didn't poison anybody. If you wanted me to blame myself for their deaths, you shoulda gotten to me before my therapist." Just absolutely phenomenal. All the Taako stuff this volume was brilliantly done, and goodness his hair and outfits are so beautiful.

My only real criticism is the occasional Christian references and finding Merle's Evangelical aspects more annoying. I guess it's funnier to hear Clint saying lines than it is to just see a person being a door to door missionary. I also don't think the LinkedIn reference has aged well, but there's a lot of pop culture references, so, such is life.

Overall, though, this was a wonderful volume. I'm looking forward to The Suffering Game!
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AnonR | 1 muu arvostelu | Aug 5, 2023 |
Another gorgeously drawn and cute entry in the series. I love seeing all the character on the page rather than just trying to imagine them. It also helps keep the plotlines in order. I also love how colorful this volume is. The plot still kind of has issues with random asides, but this is the volume where Kravitz show up, and he and Taako flirt so much it's amazing, and it makes up for any issues. Looking forward to the next volume.
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AnonR | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 5, 2023 |
Gorgeous art as usual! The arc was never really one of my favorites, although I do love the way it was brought to life. A number of the jokes felt overly dated, though, and the dialogue kind of fell flat. A lot of cute scenes, though! Looking forward to volume 4!
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AnonR | 5 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 5, 2023 |
A faithful (almost without violating WotC copyright) rendition of the first balance arc. I like how rendered Griffin vs the players.
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Cephas730 | 25 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jun 16, 2023 |



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