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Vladimir Mayakovsky (1893–1930)

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Mayakovsky was one of Russia's most important avant-garde poets. A member of the Futurist group of painters and poets in the century's second decade, he became noted for his flamboyant public appearances, aesthetic iconoclasm, and very real verbal brilliance. Early involvement with the Bolsheviks näytä lisää in 1908 was followed years later by endorsement of the new Soviet government. Mayakovsky placed his talents at the service of the Soviet state, although his dreams for radical cultural changes were rebuffed by the new rulers, most of whom had relatively conservative tastes in literature. During the civil war and the 1920's, Mayakovsky wrote a great deal of agitational verse of varying quality; he also wrote film scenarios and two plays. A notable figure in the Soviet Union, with a considerable international reputation, he was allowed to travel abroad. However, he also drew harsh criticism for his deviation from the increasingly rigid cultural norms. This, combined with problems in his personal life, ultimately led to his suicide at age 36---an event that resounded greatly in Soviet culture. Mayakovsky was a great innovator in versification, striking in his use of extravagant metaphor and hyperbole. His experiments with rhythm, rhyme, and language affected many poets, and this originality went hand in hand with great lyric talent, often refracted through comic and tragic personas. Among his most important achievements are his long narrative poems, such as "A Cloud in Trousers" (1915), "War and the World" (1916), and "About That" (1923). Also excellent are his plays, "The Bedbug" (1928) and "The Bathhouse" (1929)---brilliant satires of Soviet philistinism and bureaucracy. (Bowker Author Biography) näytä vähemmän

Sisältää nimet: Maïakovski, Maïakovsky, Maiakovski V, W Majakowski, V. Mayakovsky, V. Maiakovsky, V. Mayakovski, Mayakovskiy V., Maiakovskii V., V. Mayakovskij, Maïakovsky, V.V. Majakovski, V.V. Maiakovskii, V. V. Mayakovsky, Majakovskij-Brik, Vladimir Mayakovky, Vladimir Maikovski, Vladmir Mayakovsky, Wladimir Mayakowski, Vladimir Maiakovsky, Vladimir MAYAKOVSKY, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Vladimir Mayakovski, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Vladimir Maiakovski, Wladimir Mayakovsky, Vladimir Mauakovsky, Vladimir Majakovsij, Wladimir Majakowski, Wladimir Majakovski, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Vladimir Majakovski, Vladimir Maiakovskiy, Vladimir Mayakovskiy, Vladimir Maïakovsky, Vladimir Maiakovskii, Wladimir Maiakóvski, Vladimir Maiakóvski, Vladimir Majakovskij, Maiakovski Vladimir., Vladimir Maïakovski, Vladimir Maiakovskiei, マヤコフスキー, Vladimir V. Majakovski, Vladimir V. Maiakovski, Wladimir W. Majakowskij, В. Маяковский, Vladimir Maïakovski, В. Маяковский, Маяковский В.В, В.В. Маяковский, В. В. Маяковский, Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky, Vladimir Vladimirovic Majakovskij, Vladímir Maiakóvski (1893-1930), Vladimir Vladimirovič MAJAKOVSKI, Vladimir Vladimirovich Maiakovskii, Vladimir Vladimirovitch Maiakovski, Mayakovskiy Vladimir Vladimirovich, Владимир Маяковский, Vlagyimir Vlagyimirovics Majakovszkij, Vladimir Vladimirovich Maiakovskiˆi, ウラジーミル マヤコフスキー, ウラジーミル マヤコフスキイ, Владимир В. Маяковский, Patricia (editor); Hay Vladimir; Blake Mayakovsky, Владимир Владимирович Маяк, Владимир Маяковский: Vladimir Majakovsij, Влади́мир Влади́мирович Маяко́вский, ウラジーミル・ウラジーミロヴィチ マヤコフスキイ

Image credit: Vladimir Vladimirovitch Maïakovski en 1924

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Kanoninen nimi
Majakovski, Vladimir
Virallinen nimi
Majakovski, Vladimir Vladimirovitš
Novodevitšin hautausmaa, Moskova, Venäjä
Venäjän keisarikunta
Bagdadi, Georgia, Russian Empire
Moscow, Russia
possible suicide
Moscow, Russia
Moscow Art School
Brik, Lili (Compagne)
Lyhyt elämäkerta
Ten days after Mayakovsky's death, the investigating officer was himself killed, fuelling speculation about the nature of Mayakovsky's death.



Dedecius, geboren 1921 in Lodz (Łódź), lernte Russisch in Stalingrad in sowjetischer Kriegsgefangenschaft 1943 - 1950. Lange Zeit in einer Lazarettbaracke gab ihm eine russische Ärztin ein Heft mit Lermontows Gedichten - nichts anderes konnte sie auftreiben. Das mühselige Entziffern und allmähliche Verstehen half ihm weiter zu leben.

Dedecius bringt hier seine Übersetzung von Gedichten acht russischer Dichter: Puschkin, Lermontow, Blok, Achmatowa, Jessenin, Majakowskij, Brodskij u. Ajgi mit Anmerkungen zu den Dichtern und Gedichten. Ich wünschte mir kürzlich weitere Majakowskij Übersetzungen D’s [https://www.librarything.com/review/211444621]; hier finde ich sie. Schade nur, dass Pasternak fehlt. Welches sind mir die liebsten Gedichte? Noch kann ich es nicht sagen; es braucht Zeit mit ihnen vertraut zu werden. (IV-22) 5*… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
MeisterPfriem | Apr 20, 2022 |
Schön, diese Liebesbriefe! Pasternak, der auch Deutsch sprach, lobte die Übersetzung: eine bessere wäre kaum denkbar. Die Sprache ist lebhaft und direkt. Eine Englische Übersetzung (aus dem Russischen oder ist es eine Zweitübersetzung aus dem Polnischen?) ist im Vergleich lahm! Ich vergleiche hier (https://www.librarything.com/work/336474/reviews/211444023) einige.
Ich wünschte, Dedecius hätte die Gedichte Majakowskij’s nicht nur auszugsweise, wie hier wenige Strophen im Nachwort, übersetzt.

zu Karl Dedecius: https://web.archive.org/web/20130618154605/http://www.friedenspreis-des-deutsche...
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
MeisterPfriem | Jan 22, 2022 |
Vladimir Majakovsi lindi në Gjeorgji (në fshatin e vogël Bagdad, që më vonë u mbiquajt me emrin e tij) më 7 korrik 1893. Në moshën 13 vjeçare, pas vdekjes së babait, që kish punuar si inspektor pyjesh, vjen në Moskë, ku Vladimiri vazhdon gjimnazin deri më 1908, kur ndërpret studimet dhe i kushtohet veprimtarisë klandestine revolucionare.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
BibliotekaFeniks | Dec 12, 2021 |
Um dos clássicos da Perspectiva, em edição revista e aumentada, vinte poemas novos, projeto gráfico especial e capa dura. Um dos principais nomes da literatura ligados à Revolução Russa, Maiakóvski representou o melhor da vanguarda libertária e experimental. O poeta cubofuturista, que chegou a ser visto com desconfiança depois que o regime brutal de Stálin o fez herói, nunca foi um homem de se conformar. Espírito irrequieto e aguerrido, para além de sua pregação revolucionária da primeira fase da revolução, encontramos um artífice talentoso da linguagem, com seus fúlgidos poemas de amor, sua rebeldia selvagem, o uso da linguagem coloquial e experiências radicais de poesia visual.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
BolideBooks | May 13, 2021 |



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