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Connie Mason was first published in 1984, and before that she was a full time home maker. Writing had always been one of her dreams. Mason was named Story Teller of the Year in 1990 by Romantic Times and was awarded the Career Achievement award in the Western category by Romantic Times in 1994. In näytä lisää 1995, she was featured on a segment of the CBS news show 48 Hours, which devoted an entire program to the romance novel industry. She was also featured in an article published by National Inquirer. (Bowker Author Biography) näytä vähemmän

Sisältää nimet: Cara Miles, Connie Mason, Connie Mason


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As a romance, this feels more like a gothic romance then a paranormal one. The ghost of Graystoke, Lady Amelia, is downright spooky and misleading. Not to mention rather devious. Jackson also fits the mold of a gothic hero moreso with his fits of temper, irrational jealousy, secrets and seduction as a way to quiet someone. Moira, for all her bluster and intelligence, makes those silly mistakes that most reasonably sane people wouldn't.

The main problem with Pure Temptation is that it was released about a decade or so ago and fit the mold for historical romances of that time. It has the angry, possessive hero and brash, reckless heroine. You also find smoldering passion and inevitable consequences with ridiculous obstacles baring their way to real happiness. When Moira isn't questioning Jackson's admittedly questionable fidelity record, she's questioning his honor or his intentions or just questioning him outright. Meanwhile she gets incensed if he so much as hints at questioning her word--except she lies to him every other sentence!

There is also a great many love scenes in the novel, that are certainly passionate, but lead to no lasting character development...at least as far as Moira is concerned. Jackson tries, at every turn, to prove his love to her--forgives her an aggravating amount of sins committed towards himself and others, puts his life on the line saving her from her own idiocy countless times and yet Moira is dead certain that his feelings are transitory and he's just waiting for the next lush piece of flesh to tempt himself.

It’s an understatement to say I wanted to throttle Moira more often than not, but I would equally be happy throttling Jackson for putting up with her. Not that Jackson is perfect--he did spend all of his adult life in debauchery and sin, only recently reformed thanks to his meddling ancestor ghost Lady Amelia. And his bouts of temper/jealousy are cringe-inducing. Yet, he shows definite character growth due to his feelings for Moira. I can't say the same for Moira and would even venture to say that their eventual understanding seems awkward and abrupt.
… (lisätietoja)
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lexilewords | 1 muu arvostelu | Dec 28, 2023 |
This was quite a story, powerful as well as heartbreaking, and if it hadn't gone over the top in several aspects, I would have given it another star.

If not for the want of a bit of lace...In 18thc London, young Amanda Prescott goes out in the late evening to get some, so her dressmaker mother can finish an important gown for a prominent lady. She gets lost along the way, is mistaken for a prostitute and kidnapped by some young men as a parting gift to their friend, Tony, Brandt, who's leaving for America the next day, to take over the family plantation. The guys strip her and lock her in Tony's room (their harsh treatment is because they think she's a whore acting the maiden, as what respectable girl wanders alone in the dark), where, frightened and feeling sick, she lies down on the bed and falls asleep. When a drunk Tony arrives, he's pleased to find a working girl in his bed, and in his condition, doesn't realize he raped a virgin.

He leaves for his new home, and her life takes a downward spiral, as her mother, already in fragile health, was so worried she took a bad turn, from which she didn't recover. The gown not being completed, she lost the lady's patronage, as well as other customers, and Amanda had to resort to stealing food to keep them from starving. She got caught and was sent to Newgate Prison, where a lecherous constable offered to save her from being raped by guards (which happened all too often), as well as see that her mother was kept comfortable for her remaining days, if she agreed to sleep with him on his weekly visits to the jail, and what choice did she have? She endured it like a zombie, to keep from getting violently sick.

Her sentence is commuted to indentured servitude and she's shipped off to America, where she's bought by the very man that raped her, though Tony has no idea who she is. He does feel a strong attraction to her and a forced seduction scene soon follows.

The story takes some dark paths, as Tony's torn between his feelings for Amanda (whom he grows to love, though he hides it all too well) and his mistress, Letty, who can truly be described as diabolical. Her cruel streak is apparent from the start, so why Tony decides to marry her is puzzling, unless it's because she shows him such a wild time in bed. that doesn't stop him from seducing Amanda, who (though she at first vowed to herself to make him pay for what he did) soon realizes she loves him. Nathan, the overseer (and a good one, nothing cruel about him) and a friend of Tony's, soon falls for Amanda. Though she considers him a friend, she's drawn to him when Tony treats her badly, which is all too often. On one bizarre night, Tony and Letty were having wild sex in his room, and Amanda, seeking to forget this, went for a walk outside, was joined by Nathan, and they started kissing. Taking a break from action, Tony walked out on his bedroom terrace, saw them in the moonlight, was furious (despite his lust for Letty, Amanda's gotten to him in a way he can't shake) and in anger, had sex with Letty standing up on the terrace, where Amanda and Nathan couldn't help but notice!

No, this is NOT your typical romance novel, it's dark and ominous in many places. After an argument, Amanda hits Tony and he hits her back, and almost beats her with a riding crop (thank goodness he came to his senses in time). Trying to look at it psychologically, I'd say that he was afraid of love and resented Amanda for making him feel it, so he treated her so crummy and turned to Letty, as she didn't effect his emotions, just his body. In fact, after he was with her, he'd regret she wasn't Amanda.

I won't go into every detail, but there's a real tearjerker moment, when, after a trip to England, Tony returns to find Amanda had his son, only he doesn't believe it's his baby! Just like the lace created a turning point for Amanda, so did a slip on the stairs, which made her give birth prematurely, and Tony questions when the baby was conceived, thinking she may have gotten pregnant by someone onboard ship and wanted to dupe him into thinking it was his child so he'd marry her and she'd be mistress of the plantation. His attitude was reinforced by the fact that she had told him about the constable, and while in London, Tony located him and he admitted what he'd done but added that Amanda wasn't a virgin when he first slept with her. So now he's angry, thinking she lied to him, not knowing he was her first because she didn't know how to tell him the story and have him believe it. To make matters even worse, he'd intended to ask her to marry him, but of course, he changed his mind after "discovering her deception" and started up with Letty again.

This book has so many emotion spinning scenes, like when Letty stays over and she and Tony are so loud in their lust that the baby starts crying, and he tells Amanda to keep the squalling brat quiet! When he's not referring to the baby that way, he calls him Amanda's bastard. Yes, you want to throttle him! Especially when, after going ahead with plans to marry Letty, he gives in to her wishes and decides to give her Amanda's indentured service papers as a wedding gift, then tells Amanda he'll reconsider if the sleeps with him whenever he says. All the time, he won't let himself admit how much she means to him, and keeps up a heartless facade. Someone's in need of therapy!

As for Letty, if she were literally the devil's daughter, she would make Satan a proud papa! She's diabolical and sadistic, and makes Amanda suffer terribly. Thanks to her, Amanda's whipped (though luckily Nathan showed up to stop it from getting too far), captured by Indians, (I refuse to dignify these creepy ones by calling them Native Americans), kidnapped and set up to get pregnant by a slave (though she and the slave involved manage to avoid having sex) and made to believe that Tony gave her indentured servant papers to Letty after all, when he had said he's burned them. (Letty had substituted the papers and stole the real ones). Then, she takes her vengeance to a whole new level.

It's happened many times in romantic sagas, that the heroine sacrifices herself to save the man she loves, often giving her body to a man she despises. Well, this time it's the man who does the sacrificing, as Tony (who finally admitted how much he loved Amanda and actually went through a lot for her later on, about time too) has to sleep with Letty again, or else she won't give him back the indenture papers and will sell them to anyone she pleases. Yes, she finally gets her comeuppance (and there's also one scene which even the most radical feminist couldn't possibly object to, where Tony loses his cool and slaps the crap out of Letty), but it sure took long enough!

BTW: If you're wondering why Amanda seems to take so much garbage from Tony (though she does have her angry and feisty moments), just remember the expression: "the heart wants what it wants", and despite having a nice guy like Nathan in love with her, who offered to accept her child as his own, her heart wanted Tony.

There's a HEA, though long time coming, but worth sticking around for, and there are times where Tony really suffers, which is good payback for his treatment of Amanda. So give it a try, but be warned: it's not a day at the beach.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
EmeraldAngel | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Sep 16, 2021 |
Now this was a real page turner, one you don't want to stop reading once you start. Talk about never a dull moment! That includes the characters as well as the situations. You have action, history, romance, drama, secret identities, hidden scandals, pirates (including female ones), lords and ladies, servants and peasants, it's all there and all well written.

There's more than one romantic couple in this book, and that includes a gay one. The leading couple are fantastic, plenty of arguments, misunderstandings, love/hate moments and really hot sex, but none of it goes over the top, or becomes repetitive or annoying. (Even when she's abducted more than once, it flows along smoothly with the story, and doesn't seem ridiculous.) There's danger of rape from the villain, but without giving away details, I'll just say the deed isn't done. That's how these scenes should be written, where things get close, but don't go too far.

There's also more than one HEA to go with all those matchups, the secondary couples almost as interesting as the main one.

I won't say anything more and give details away, I'll just add that if you read this book, you won't regret it.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
EmeraldAngel | 1 muu arvostelu | Aug 23, 2021 |
I would have given the book a higher rating, but I felt it was loaded down with unnecessary sex scenes. I'm not a prude, but I do prefer a little left to the imagination of the reader. I feel the over abundance of the very descriptive sex scenes took away from an otherwise good storyline.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Barbwire101 | May 19, 2021 |

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