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Goddess Shift: Women Leading for
a Change
Editor: Stephanie Marohn
Publisher: Elite Books
ISBN: 978-1-60070-067-5

Women born in the new millenuim will have education, career and lifestyle options many of us could never have imagined, let alone have available to us. Tracing the feminist movement of the 70s, the changes thoughout the 1980s and 90s lead us to a reawakening of the nuturing power that women can have. Long before the image of God assumed the paternalistic attitude that is taught in most religions now, centuries of humans viewed the divine being or beings in a more nuturing, maternal manner, that of Goddess.

A stunning anthology of nonfiction articles, meditations, essays and reflections by many of the most recognizable and influential women of our time are brought together in this volume; Michelle Obama, Suze Orman, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelo and dozens more, women who are leaders in every facet of life and diverse fields of endeavor share with all women in the hopes of empowering us to reach our own individual heights of success and fulfillment. This is an anthology to treasure, to share with all the women you know and love, and to refer to again and again for encouragement, motivation and growth. A thoughtful and wonderful book to pass on to our girl children and grandchildren, this reader/reviewer will keep her copy and refer to it regularly.
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crazypsychobooklover | Jul 3, 2010 |


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