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I won a copy of this book from a giveaway on LibraryThing in exchange for a review.

For the first 200 pages, this book was a 3-star for me. I liked the idea of it. I had fun hearing Arthur Morgan's voice from RDR2 as Mac. 215-470 was a 2-star (maybe less than 470). The rest of the book was a 1-star. By page 514 all the characters were irritating me except the horses. There were crows. (?) I don't understand their relevance, especially near the end. I think I'm just missing the reference for this one.

I think this book was a good draft. It did not need to be as long as it was. Especially since I see it's supposed to be 7 books somehow? This book could have easily been cut in half. There were many overused words. For example: "soughed" and "A smirk scarring their face." We had excessive punctuation with exclamation and question marks (?????!!!!!!!). Some words were IN ALL CAPS!!!!! The characters were either muttering or using their outside voices.

The romance was a square. Which, I hated. Will gave me the ick. Will's POVs could have been completely cut out. They did nothing. Did not encourage character growth. They just made the book drag (in my opinion.)

Charlotte had zero character development throughout the story. She continuously reliably flip-flopped between the 3 men in her romance square (and not in a reverse harem kinda way). Charlotte experienced some harrowing situations and came out unscathed with little to no trauma. You'd think she'd be a lot less trusty of men.

I liked Mountain Man Mac. I like how the flashbacks to the past were done for him. I didn't like the random anonymous "murders" throughout the book. They just upped the word count.

There was something off for me throughout the action scenes. It felt like it was missing a sense of urgency and stakes. They didn't feel Western- if that makes sense? (If not, same).

This book would have been better if it stuck with only 3 POVs: Charlotte's, Mac's, and Sherif Dorman's. These 3 were the core of the story. Charlotte's and Mac's character development could have improved through fewer perspectives. The Romance Square should have been a triangle before becoming a pair. I must say I'm a little bitter about the ending. This was not my cup of tea. What happened in the last chapter should have happened in book two. Or, we should have had more time before what happened. My OG feelings for this scene were WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME. I have zero reason to read book two now. If, we had gotten more before what happened at the end. My heart would have been ripped out of my chest. Which could have been *cheifs kiss*. And maybe I would have an interest in continuing.

Overall, The idea is there. But not the execution.
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SarahRichards | 50 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 11, 2024 |
I kept an open mind about what might transpire in Book 3 of this series. and I was right to do so! I defy the second-guessers of the world to have correctly predicted the outcomes! Ghost continues. where Curse left off unsurprisingly. If you've read the first two in the series you will be familiar with the characters and the situations to a degree anad I'm loathe to say much in case I 'spoil'. What I've said in my reviews for the previous two books still stands but I think what struck me in this story is how delightful it is to see a writer developing and honing her craft. I found sections of prose in this book more lyrical than previously which was most pleasing.
The characters endure and develop. All our 'favourites' are here and, I guess, our 'unfavourites'. There are some new faces to conjure with and some new horses not to mention a cat!! (I still mourn Finn!).
I guess there are contentious issues explored within the narrative but the author offers a Trigger Warning at the beginning of the book so no one can say they haven't been warned! However there are some grisly episodes that make for dark reading. JB is sill around to offer a lighter balance.
The structure is episodic and moves between the various situations that are developing.
But once again I salute the passion and commitment of Christina Maraziotis and her sheer ability to produce books of this length so prolifically! If you follow her on social media you will wonder where she finds the time to write with all her travels and other ventures!!
I think the next volume in the series is called Slave and Im already surmising what that might imply!!!
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shizz | 1 muu arvostelu | Mar 22, 2024 |
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Such a great book. So much adventure and the right amount of horror. Loved the continuing story of Charlotte. Her grievance of losing Mac but then no one telling her that he’s still alive. Who is protecting who? Hope I can get my hand on the next book. Thank you to LibraryThing and the author.
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Mande41 | 18 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Feb 29, 2024 |
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I won this book through librarything so thank you for that.

I started this soon as I could, but a lot of stuff has happened since I won this book so I am sorry for the delay.

Let's start with the beginning: It started really well, until it got to some parts that made me question some things. While I like the new male characters, one of them I kind of predicted was a bad guy.

I felt bad for Mac for the entire book. Now I see why the title is called Curse.

Now as for the ending, it was a surprise but a cliffhanger.

Either way, I am glad for Charlotte in the end.

The whole book is a bit better than the first one. I enjoyed it a lot.

The flow was fast in the start but slowed down towards the end.

I am grateful for having something different to read. And would like to get the rest of the books in the future.
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Alastabdk | 18 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Feb 13, 2024 |
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This book began very interesting, tapered off during the middle and then picked back up at the end. Definitely stick with it through the end because the story is worth it!
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haybarbs | 50 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Feb 2, 2024 |
The writing style is endearing and paced well. It takes time to visualise the story, despite the copious amount of descriptions provided, since the story predominantly revolves around Charlotte's character and mindset as opposed to the events that take place. The book is not for the faint of heart as the story features dark topics and graphic interaction between characters, as declared at the beginning of the book.

I received a free copy and am leaving a review voluntarily.
Thank you to StoryOrigin and author.
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Louisesk | 50 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 26, 2024 |
This book was interesting at first. But I never thought of the twists and turns within this book.

I was ready when I read the trigger warnings but I never expected it to be this way.

The book did had a lot of parts that made you question a lot of things. Especially when you get towards the end of it.

I never read a book like this before but I didn't expect it to be this way. I did enjoy it.

The only reason why I rated 4 stars is because of how some parts are. It seemed like there were some parts that were confused.

Over all, this book was good.
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Alastabdk | 50 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 23, 2024 |
Haunt was much better than I expected and I loved that Charlotte chose to flee as her mom was killed with her not knowing who her dad was as her mom had entertained many men. She and her beloved horse, Finn, had traveled from one town to the next until she thought that she would be safe with her going hungry when she had ran out of canned goods, and then she met a refined gentleman named Will, but she learned that he was married. I loved that Mac, a wanted man, had save her life AND her her horse when they fled from a bear. It seemed as everyone in town wanted her. Book one left me panting for more, AND I CAN'T WAIT TO READ THE NEXT BOOK!
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HOTCHA | 50 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 22, 2024 |
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This was a fantastic book written by Christina. I was very luck and excited that I won a copy of this book from Librarything. Christina also very nicely sent me a copy of the first book so that I could follow the series. The size of the book scared me a little, but the world that is built on the pages is perfect. Everything about it has been delightful. I recommend reading the first one before reading this one.
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MeganRenee98 | 18 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 7, 2024 |
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I've been very slow to write this review, but it took me a very long time to read this book. I had expected Haunt to be set in England with the setting being advertised as the Victorian West only to discover this is somewhere in a fictionalized American West. More than once I had to set this aside frustrated with the word choice not fitting America, or the story not being consistent, or yet another trope making an appearance, and begin again hoping to find something more. In the end I spent much too much time on 700+ pages trying to get into a book not meant for me. Hats off to someone with a seven book vision, but maybe professional assistance would bring more fruit?!
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Powderfinger69 | 50 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Dec 27, 2023 |
Review: Ghost by Christina Maraziotis 4* 12/28/2023

A warning that all three books have graphic scenes, especially the third book. Either bypass the scenes or enjoy them...!

This is the third book of the Loveletting Series. Maraziotis is a wonderful writer. She knows how to organize her novel and is a mastermind of characters and settings. Her books follow one another in sequence. I enjoyed going from one book to the other knowing which character she was introducing. Once the reader starts reading the first book following Charlotte and Mac you will be going on an adventure to the last page of the third book.

The book was filled with plenty of suspense, mystery, action, and so much more. The terrific action never gives up. I don't believe the reader can predict what is on the next page or around the corner. This author just keeps going and doesn't let up on her storytelling. Maraziotis thoughts must keep her mind going around the clock. There's plenty of shadow and darkness. The toughness of the creative characters is strong and Maraziotis leaves nothing out.

I usually avoid books with graphic scenes but this series kept me on the edge of my seat.
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Juan-banjo | Dec 13, 2023 |
Great character build. Warning for rape
I’m don’t usually read westerns but took the opportunity after winning the second book and the author giving me a chance to read the first one also for a review.
Felt like there was a love triangle between charlotte and will and Charlotte and Mac. Charlotte stated caring for Mac after saving her life from a rapist. Sheriff that had it out for Mac and considered him a wanted man figured Charlotte was a killer too after the rapist was found dead. She started developing feelings for Will because he also saved her life in a way. But as the story went along and got to know the characters you knew who Charlotte cared for and loved. The rest that she went through was another obstacle and life lesson. Some of this she wouldn’t have went through if it wasn’t because of her mothers line of work. That ending though. Why the torment. Great book!
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Mande41 | 50 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Dec 8, 2023 |
Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
Once again another brilliant book written by Christina. I am super excited I was able to win a copy of this book from Librarything and everything about this series has been such a joy. Do not let the size of the books scare you away, it is beautifully written and the world is awesome. You can tell she took so much time in making sure her books are as historically accurate as possible. I still absolutely love Charlotte. I am in a mighty need of the next book. This has been one of my favorite series of the year. That ending though. Ah. If you are a lover of Historical Romance novels, you are going to have a blast with this novel. I recommend reading the first one before reading this one.
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MagneticIce | 18 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Nov 10, 2023 |
Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
The premise of the story is what drew me in. I was excited ti get my hands in this massive book. Thank you to the author for a copy in exchange for an honest review.

At first, it did take me a bit to get into the book, but that might have been more because it is such a massive book (over 700 pages) so it was a little daunting at first.

I enjoyed the development of the story and the characters. The book has tons of adventure, twist and turns, and romance. It is dark and I suggest checking out the Trigger Warning before diving in. There are some scenes that are not for the faint of heart, the characters have dark back stories and can be quite questionable in their actions. But there is development and growth and this gives full dimension to characters that seem to really come off the page.

This is definetly for fans of adventure, action, and romance. Can't wait to read the next one!
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Kristyn44 | 50 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Nov 1, 2023 |
Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
“Haunt” (Loveletting #1) by Christina Maraziotis ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Genre: Gothic Dark Romance. Location: Alternative West, USA. Time: 1899. THE SERIES: Brown-haired, hazel-eyed Charlotte (26) flees her abusive home. She’s stubborn, naive, insecure, but brave-chestnut horse Finn her only true companion. Her life collides with tortured Mac Kinnon (notorious serial killer), elite Will Griffiths (with his tender words), and bounty hunter Levi (with his “godly-shaped body”). The series contains hidden puzzles created by the author.
THIS BOOK: Heading west, Charlotte and Finn survive a forest fire, grizzly bear attack, blizzards, drowning, physical attacks. She’s rescued by Will, saved by Mac, sheltered by Levi, pursued by Sheriff Dorman (who’s obsessed with Mac Kinnon). In true Victorian form, Will, Mac, and Levi are enamored with her, and she’s flattered, yet confused by their attentions. It’s dark, gothic, Victorian-read the trigger warnings. Author Maraziotis shares the life trajectories of Mac-notorious killer raised by a sexually sadistic farmer, Will-kind, elite gentleman with hidden terrors, Levi-determined to render justice, and Charlotte-growing up unwanted. She writes complex characters, brutal environments/situations, questionable conflicts. Her morally grey characters change and grow over time-she includes back stories along the way. Haunt could have been several books but it isn’t, so enjoy the chance to experience in depth the characters’ challenging, complicated stories. Keep in mind: “War and Peace” is 1296 pages, “Haunt” only 758. It’s gothic romance, intense adventure, suspense, horrifying/unsettling subplots. Characters aren’t politically correct, heros aren’t moral and honest, and it’s 4 stars from me.🌵📚💁🏼‍♀️ Thank you to LibraryThing, Existential Publishing, and Christina Maraziotis for this copy.
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ArizonaBooks | 50 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Oct 12, 2023 |
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Unfortunately I couldn't get into this further than 50 pages. I will try again at a future date.
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martingayle | 50 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Sep 19, 2023 |
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Rating: 5 Stars
Thank you to Librarything and Christina for picking me to win this FREE COPY in a giveaway on here earlier this year. This was only my 2nd time reading a book in this series and by Christina but im really starting to enjoy this series.

The Characters were fun and interesting to read about. Charlotte and James were definately my favorites. Mac seemed like an old penney that wouldnt go away.

The Setting was beautifully described which made me feel like i was actually in the book while reading, especially when the scenery was described.

The Ending shocked me but i hope its not just a dream and is real.

Overall another Phenomenal Book in this Historical Romance Series!! Can't wait to read Book 3 when it comes out next year!!
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Sheila_Samuelson | 18 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Sep 15, 2023 |
Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
It is an impressive piece of writing given the size of the novel. There are three main characters, which I came to know as if they were lifelong friends. Their individual experiences, which haunt them, somehow bring them together. A rich young man, an outlaw, and a young girl meet at different times and for different reasons. They form an unconventional friendship with each other. It is a messy love story with lots of twists. There is misfortune, heartbreak, and catastrophe for them, both in their past as well as the present. I didn’t find it an easy read but I felt compelled to keep going to know how it ends. I’m looking forward to reading Book 2 in the Loveletting series.
I have read the other reviews. “Tuke15” Aug. 12, 2023, review is what I would like to have written. I’m not a writer so read mine and then Tuke15 and decide if this book is for you.
I received this book for free for a review. Thank you Christina for the opportunity.
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DocWalt10 | 50 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 26, 2023 |
Great book. I received this from the author, I didn't have to post a review. This book is #1 in the Loveletting Series, and is a cliffhanger, but but still enjoyable.

I can't wait to see more books from this author. #Horror #ExistentialPublishing
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Tuke15 | 50 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 12, 2023 |
Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
Great book. I received this from the author, I didn't have to post a review. This book is #2 in the Loveletting Series, and is a cliffhanger, but but still enjoyable.

I can't wait to see more books from this author. #Horror #ExistentialPublishing
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Tuke15 | 18 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 12, 2023 |
Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
The storyline drew me in -- new added characters arriving often providing for more complications than solutions. Just when you think you have it figured out -- something new comes to light that shifts your understanding of the characters, their personalities, and their motivations.

I may have started fifty books this year but I have only finished two -- and this is one of them. A very good read from many different platforms.

The description of the book was Victorian western romance -- the best way to confirm it came from a passage from the book itself found on page 486. "Charlotte...breathless, glanced behind herself to find Mac walking out of the dark waters. A sturdy silhouette....Long, wet hair touching his muscular shoulders, clothes soaked...Hand holding a revolver, still losing smoke from the barrel of his last shot."

At the very beginning there is a warning for readers with trigger points. The notice made me hesitant to read the book and in fact I put it aside for almost a month before deciding that I wanted to read it and decide for myself. I'm not sure if the warning is truly needed. There are some scenes that the warning made the reader aware that they would be coming. When I finally got to a few of the events -- I had originally planned to skip over them -- and I did, only to back up -- because the author's brilliant writing style left me not wanting to miss any part of her story. And the trigger point scenes will definitely stay with you -- especially the train tunnel scene -- whoosh!!

** Afterthought posted 8.11.23 -- I wrote the part above about the trigger warning early in the book. I finished the book last night and the storyline has been running in the back of my mind ever since. In the last fourth of the book, the trigger scenes are more often and contain more graphic descriptions which may be the reason for the warning at the beginning. -- There is a reason the main character of Mac is referred to as a "monster" and in some cases "the devil himself." There are also scenes that explain how Mac became the "monster" he is. -- There are other characters and scenes in the book that may also fit into this category.**

The book is very daunting at 774 pages. The design of the book is beautiful -- starting with the awesome cover -- the biggest drawback was the size of the book -- larger in physical size and the number of pages -- I was not able to throw it into my purse to take along with me making my reading time more limited. Each major chapter starts with a black page with white writing which makes the book look very classy.

I love the characters in this story and the author's style of writing. Especially the ways that she shows the different speech patterns of the characters. You can tell that she spent time getting to know each character personally -- and the way they speak show the how and where they grew up. I think the language and word choice of the book may put it above the average reader. The author enjoys unique words -- I ended up circling the ones I was unfamiliar with. I found the author's word to be "dithering" which shows up often. My favorite word from Mac was "eejits" -- I have never seen it in print but heard it often as a child watching Yosemite Sam cartoons (never knew how to spell it until now).

Example #1 -- one of the deputies ..."Winter'th thuppothed to be bad." (p22)

Example #2 -- Will, man of education and money ..."I'm devastated to surmise, a horrendous tragedy must have occurred!" (p83)

Example #3 -- Will nodded and yet Jari's mind dwelled someplace in the past, someplace darker, someplace with questions unanswered, someplace where riddles sprout from the ground, turn into vines, strangling the sense. (p473)

The book is strongly western and strongly romance -- so it will be interesting to see who enjoys it more the men or women readers. -- This might be one of the rare ones that couples can cuddle up and read together.

It also is structured in very short sections -- almost like the old Western serials -- give you something unexpected and then would make you wait until the next week for the next installment. At least the reader has the next section there available if they want to continue. My favorite chapter turned out to be CHAPTER 42 -- "How to Feel".

At the end I was going "NNNNN000000000" -- you cant' end it the story now -- and you can't end it this way. The good news that at this point in time there are two more volumes in this LOVELETTING series. I can't wait to read the next one -- because this one ended with the hint that the next one will pick up where this one ends.

Christina Maraziotis -- "The primary goal as a writer is to strike certain melancholic chords in the heart while reading, pulling from deeply haunting personal experiences to create books that linger in the mind long after the story is finished."

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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pjburnswriter | 50 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 10, 2023 |
Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
The book is quite thick, so it took a while to get through this. It's an enjoyable but also thrilling read. You can easily read the dedication and passion the author had; it shows! The world the author is creating, just sucks you in and you feel part of the story. If you get this book, it won't be 'for the weekend', but it sure is an exciting ride for many evenings (or days!) Only downside is that the book is quite heavy and the paperback-cover is quite thin. I recommend a hardcover version. As for the weight... I have small hands, so perhaps bigger hands find this book easier to handle. This, of course, has nothing to do with the story itself.
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kittyocean | 50 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 9, 2023 |
Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
The Second of series - her style of writing just "flows" - well-developed characters, you are left feeling as you know each one - a plot to keep you reading till the very last page - a page turner - twist & turns - the only disappointment is the ending, it leaves you with a "cliffhanger".......but then again, will read the 3rd in the series...
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Jjean7 | 18 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 4, 2023 |
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'Curse' the second book in Christina Maraziotis's Loveletting Series picks up almost immediately after the ending of 'Haunt' the first book in the series. Charlotte is not the same woman she was, she has had a bit of an emotional collapse after losing the love of her life Mac to a bullet. Mac also happened to be a renegade and wanted man. She needs time to recover and Jesse, a new friend is willing to help her do so.

So begins the next chapter of Charlottes life of exploration and high adventure in the Victorian era of the wild west. This time though the author has thrown in a bit of supernatural to thicken the plot and add depth to the story. Is everything one sees reality? Is everything one hears the truth? Charlotte must harrow through and trust in herself and those she loves and cares for. She has much to overcome, much to learn and many, many more adventures in front of her. This novel does not disappoint as a second in a most riveting series.
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erinclark | 18 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 1, 2023 |
Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
I tried, I really tried, but I can't get past the prose. I made it to page 15 and then just couldn't make myself read anymore. The premise sounded interesting but ... well. I will pass this book on in hopes that someone will enjoy it.
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Deedledee | 50 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jul 30, 2023 |