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Teoksen Movements in Art Since 1945 tekijä

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Well known as an art historian, curator, lecturer, and critic, Oxford University-trained scholar Edward Lucie-Smith is also a poet, biographer, and broadcaster. His knowledge of twentieth-century art and culture is vastly wide-ranging

Tekijän teokset

Movements in Art Since 1945 (1969) 361 kappaletta
Symbolist Art (1972) 222 kappaletta
Art Today (1977) 216 kappaletta
British Poetry Since 1945 (1970) — Toimittaja — 167 kappaletta
Sexuality in Western Art (1991) 161 kappaletta
Furniture: A Concise History (1600) 136 kappaletta
Adam: The Male Figure in Art (1998) 121 kappaletta
American Realism (1994) 117 kappaletta
Joan of Arc (1976) 78 kappaletta
The Story of Craft (1981) 64 kappaletta
Art Deco Painting (1990) 62 kappaletta
Toulouse-Lautrec (1977) 57 kappaletta
Impressionist Women (1785) 57 kappaletta
The Penguin Book of Satirical Verse (1967) — Toimittaja — 56 kappaletta
Eroticism in Western art (1972) 51 kappaletta
The Face of Jesus (2011) 50 kappaletta
Judy Chicago, An American Vision (2000) 49 kappaletta
Art in the Seventies (1980) 47 kappaletta
Art & Civilization (1992) 38 kappaletta
Rubens (1961) 30 kappaletta
The Glory of Angels (2009) 29 kappaletta
Sculpture Since 1945 (1987) 28 kappaletta
Race, Sex, and Gender (1994) 28 kappaletta
Flora (2000) 28 kappaletta
The New British Painting (1988) 26 kappaletta
Zoo: Animals in Art (1998) 26 kappaletta
The body : images of the nude (1981) 24 kappaletta
The Dark Pageant (1977) 23 kappaletta
Bottoms (2000) 21 kappaletta
Art of Albert Paley (1996) 21 kappaletta
American Art Now (1985) 21 kappaletta
Fletcher Benton (1990) 21 kappaletta
Super Realism (1979) 21 kappaletta
Holding your eight hands; an anthology of science fiction verse (1969) — Toimittaja; Avustaja — 20 kappaletta
Erotica: The Fine Art of Sex (2003) 20 kappaletta
Flesh & Stone (2000) — Valokuvaaja — 20 kappaletta
New Orleans: 50 Photographs (1985) — Johdanto — 19 kappaletta
Art Tomorrow (2002) 18 kappaletta
Art in the Eighties (1824) 18 kappaletta
The Liverpool Scene (1967) 14 kappaletta
Andres Nagel (1992) 11 kappaletta
Chefs-d'œuvre du Musée national d'art moderne (1982) — Johdanto — 10 kappaletta
The Art of Caricature (1981) 9 kappaletta
Elias Rivera (2006) 9 kappaletta
A history of industrial design (1983) 9 kappaletta
Primer of Experimental Poetry. (1971) 8 kappaletta
Henri Fantin-Latour (1977) 7 kappaletta
Frink : a portrait (1994) 6 kappaletta
David Hepher (1996) 6 kappaletta
Chadwick (1997) 5 kappaletta
Breve historia del mueble (1980) 4 kappaletta
Arse in Art (2008) 4 kappaletta
Confessions & Histories (1964) 4 kappaletta
The Faber Book of Art Anecdotes (1992) 4 kappaletta
Louisiana story 3 kappaletta
H.A. Sigg the river (2016) 3 kappaletta
Phillip Pearlstein (2016) 3 kappaletta
Art in Britain 1969/70 (1970) 3 kappaletta
Santiago Cardenas (2007) 3 kappaletta
Paola Gandolfi 3 kappaletta
New Dimensions in Art (2017) 2 kappaletta
Beasts with Bad Morals (1984) 2 kappaletta
Wolfe von Lenkiewicz (2015) 2 kappaletta
Robert W. Firestone: Feelings (2007) 2 kappaletta
The Well-Wishers (SC) (1974) 2 kappaletta
Rustin (1991) 2 kappaletta
Milos Sobaïc (2013) 2 kappaletta
Roberto Marquez (2002) 2 kappaletta
Jan Vanriet (1982) 2 kappaletta
David Remfry : dancers (2003) 2 kappaletta
Alexander (1992) 2 kappaletta
Dunbar: Mining the Surfaces (1997) 1 kappale
Bertie y el balón rojo (1987) 1 kappale
Horizons (1971) — Avustaja — 1 kappale
Wendy Taylor (1992) 1 kappale
WHAT IS REALISM (2005) 1 kappale
Borrowed emblems 1 kappale
Olga de Amaral (2013) 1 kappale
Six Kinds of Creature (SC) (1969) 1 kappale
Erotik in der Kunst (1997) 1 kappale
jean rustin 1 kappale
Le symbolisme (1999) 1 kappale
Elements: Nicolas Moreton (1999) 1 kappale
Kunst (1984) 1 kappale
HEUREUX QUI, COMME ULYSSE (1967) 1 kappale
Julio Larraz (2003) 1 kappale
Gallipoli Fifty Years After (1966) 1 kappale
Burnt Child (1975) 1 kappale
Towards Silence (1968) 1 kappale
A Girl Surveyed. (1971) 1 kappale
Louisiana Photographers (1988) 1 kappale

Associated Works

Concepts of Modern Art: From Fauvism to Postmodernism (1974) — Avustaja, eräät painokset418 kappaletta
The Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse (1983) — Avustaja — 236 kappaletta
The History of Art: Architecture, Painting, Sculpture (1965) — Johdanto — 148 kappaletta
Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Masterpieces at the Musée d'Orsay (1987) — Johdanto, eräät painokset111 kappaletta
Tom of Finland XXL (2009) — Johdanto, eräät painokset92 kappaletta
The Moderns: A Treasury of Painting Throughout the World (1950) — Esipuhe, eräät painokset79 kappaletta
Manet (1938) — Kääntäjä, eräät painokset68 kappaletta
Science Fiction (1973) — Tekijä — 40 kappaletta
Dada (2005) — Johdanto — 34 kappaletta
Michael Leonard Paintings (1985) — Avustaja — 16 kappaletta
Life Class: The Academic Male Nude 1820-1920 (1989) — Johdanto — 10 kappaletta
A Choice of Browning's Verse (1967) — Toimittaja — 8 kappaletta
Frank Hyder: Poet of a Threatened Eden (2006) — Johdanto — 4 kappaletta
The Art of Robyn Kahukiwa (2005) — Avustaja — 3 kappaletta
Zoé Byland (2012) — Tekijä — 1 kappale

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It's been so long since I read this one that I can't recall its details.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
mykl-s | 1 muu arvostelu | Aug 12, 2023 |
Zoo was a happy accident at the library, harbored between art books I was scanning for good tutorials. This art book though is short in height and stout in with, and a condensed animal art museum. Close to half of the pieces come from European Christian art through the ages and the other half are modern. Occasionally Chinese and Muslim creations appear. In addition, sculptures are also rare and one of my main complaints--I'm sure there's a lot of neat three dimensional animal art out there, namely in classical times. Still, it's fun to read the chapter introductions, the piece descriptions, and study the visuals. Chapters zoom from one human-animal dynamic to the next: the jungle, entertainment, aquatics, mythical beasts, the geographic poles, Noah's arc, farms, insects, and many more. Some of the insect pieces were incredible, probably in part because they included plants and were more realistic--I'm not keen on the blocky forms that have been popular historically. Overall this was a pleasant find.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
leah_markum | 1 muu arvostelu | Oct 28, 2022 |
This was one of a small collection, used at least partly as a reference for crossword solving.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
mykl-s | 1 muu arvostelu | Oct 25, 2022 |
Merkitty asiattomaksi
PTArts | Oct 6, 2021 |



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