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Dark Deity (2019) 16 kappaletta
Terror in the Shadows: Volume 1 (2018) 9 kappaletta
Supernatural Tales 40 3 kappaletta
Supernatural Tales 33 (2016) 1 kappale

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Enjoyable read

Liked the characters and story. Kept my interest. If you like ghost stories that aren’t over complicated give this one a read.
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bookburner451 | 8 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Nov 19, 2022 |
Cambridge professor and paranormal investigation Marcus Mortlake can’t get a break. It’s his 50th birthday and he has a new girlfriend, but his best friend is recently dead, and now an enemy from his childhood has come back to haunt him. Something is taking children in the village he grew up in, and it’s the same creature that tried to take him when he was young. This means going back to his old hometown, something he doesn’t relish. His relationship with his father is not good; his father seems to hold him responsible for the long ago death of his mother. On top of all this, the entity may be connected to Crowe, Mortlake’s nemesis.

It was interesting (and sad) to read about Mortlake’s childhood and how he first encountered the paranormal, and I liked the use of a mythological being. His friends all showed up to help, with a rather unique way of dealing with the entity. The Halloween atmosphere of course added to the eerieness. The strands of story that follow from book to book are getting more complicated with each volume, as Crowe tries to gain power in the Game, where he is stuck. I can’t wait to see where this is all going! Five stars.
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lauriebrown54 | Aug 27, 2022 |
In this volume of the Mortlake series, we are given a ghost story. This is my favorite type of horror story, but there is more to it than just spirits who lived and died in the house.

Tara’s best friend has gone to visit her brother and sister-in-law’s new place, Haslam House, up north. They are house flippers, and, with their young daughter, have moved into a really old place not much south of Hadrian’s Wall. The daughter draws and speaks of a woman that no one else sees. Anita immediately asks Tara to come up and look into the spirit. When Tara arrives, she finds that what started with whispers at night and some drawings is turning into something more serious. While the first spirit is a spiritualist from the Victorian age and not harmful, not all are so nice. When a séance Tara conducts go bad, she in turn asks Mortlake to come up and see what he thinks can be done. It’s one of those times when nothing seems to go right…

I loved this book! It had all sorts of supernatural goings on in the house, and it brings in a larger story arc than merely what goes on a Haslam House- and that’s complex enough on its own. We get to know Mortlake’s crew better. We get to see that there are different types of spirits, and learn more about how the supernatural universe works in this series. I loved that a large part of the story is standalone, but that the larger story advances. Five stars.
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lauriebrown54 | Aug 21, 2022 |
The first in the Mortlake series (of which I read the 3rd one first…doh), this book, while interesting and suitably creepy, has some of the faults that all ‘origin issues’ do. The characters are new, undeveloped, and their abilities have to be explained, we’re being introduced to how the magic of this world works, and it’s shorter than the following books. But I felt Mortlake was well done, as was Tara- we get an extremely intense introduction to her.

We meet Tara as she is on a hike with her boyfriend. Lost, hungry, and wet with rain, when they come to a fence they decide to climb it as they feel it’ll be a shortcut. They are attacked, though, by creatures that Tara cannot recognize. Her boyfriend falls to the creatures, but Tara gets away, with no memory of how. In the ado surrounding her hospital stay and police questioning, someone slips her a business card with “Mortlake” on it. An internet search shows he’s a professor of myth and legend at Cambridge, with a side line in investigation of paranormal evenets. As an astrophysicist, Tara doesn’t put much faith
h in the paranormal. But between some things that happened when she was a teen, and the fact that the ‘wolves’ that killed her boyfriend didn’t look like normal wolves, she gives Mortlake a call.

Mortlake accepts her plea for help willingly- he’s already been looking into it. He swiftly pulls his helpers together and I’ll not give anymore or the whole thing will be spoiled. Suffice it to say that their skills, paranormal and physical, mesh into a unit that can face most things. I like that no one person- not even Mortlake- knows or does everything. It takes a village, I guess, to fight the paranormal.

Pretty good for number one in a series; I’ll give it four stars.
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lauriebrown54 | Aug 19, 2022 |

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