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Jeff Lindsay was born Jeffry P. Freundlich on July 14, 1952 in Miami, Florida. He graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont in 1975. He is best known for his novels about sociopathetic vigilante Dexter Morgan. The first book in the Dexter series, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, was published in 2004 and näytä lisää was the basis of the Showtime TV series Dexter. His other works include Tropical Depression: A Novel of Suspense, Dream Land: A Novel of the UFO Coverup, Time Blender and Dreamchild. (Bowker Author Biography) näytä vähemmän
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Tekijän teokset

Dexterin pimeät unet (2004) 6,511 kappaletta
Dexterin kolkko kutsumus (2005) 3,750 kappaletta
Dexter vailla varjoaan (2007) 2,770 kappaletta
Dexter by Design (2009) 1,813 kappaletta
Dexter Is Delicious (2010) 1,316 kappaletta
Double Dexter: A Novel (1994) 856 kappaletta
Dexter's Final Cut: A Novel (2013) 546 kappaletta
Dexter is Dead (2015) 387 kappaletta
Just Watch Me: A Novel (2019) 144 kappaletta
Dexter: An Omnibus (2008) 127 kappaletta
Tropical Depression (1994) 46 kappaletta
Fool Me Twice by Jeff Lindsay (2020) 41 kappaletta
Dexter [Graphic Novel] (2013) 36 kappaletta
Dexter Down Under (2014) 25 kappaletta
Dreamchild (1998) 18 kappaletta
Fool Me Twice (Riley Wolfe (2)) (2020) 2 kappaletta
Riley tente l'impossible (2022) 2 kappaletta
Dexter Karanlikta (2011) 1 kappale
[No title] 1 kappale
Dexter by Demand 1 kappale

Associated Works

No Rest for the Dead: A Serial Novel (2011) — Avustaja — 401 kappaletta

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Definitely more than a little gross at times, but still good cheeky humor. I'm not sure I like this series, but I definitely don't hate it.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
AliceAnna | 106 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Nov 20, 2023 |
Returning to Dexter Morgan's world is like catching up with an old friend I haven't seen for a while. Mind you, a friend I don't want to spend too much time with, a friend who's at once fascinating and endearing and scary as hell.

Overall, I enjoyed the 4th instalment of the series. However, I did find a few elements of the plot a little too predictable, and there were times I had to suspend my disbelief more than usual. But Lindsay's expert narrative kept me turning pages quickly. I love the sparks of genuine humour interspersed with the gut-churning macabre, and Dexter is, as always, a genuinely likeable monster.

I'm looking forward to the next one!
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Elizabeth_Cooper | 68 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Oct 27, 2023 |
Man, I loved this book. Absolutely LOVED it. It was exactly what I needed to bust me out of my reading slump. I couldn't put it down and ended up reading for much longer than I'd intended every time I picked it up.

I loved that Jeff Lindsay brought in a genuine paranormal twist to explain Dexter's Dark Passenger. My only issue with the plot was the quick, too pat ending that didn't explain much. The last chapter left me scratching my head, but it wasn't enough to detract from the overall experience I had while reading the book.

I really enjoyed getting to see "Daddy Dexter" in full mentoring mode. And his interactions with the eccentric caterer were priceless! I had numerous laugh-out-loud moments.

Overall, this was an absolute delight! I can't wait to see what kind of trouble Dexter gets himself into next.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Elizabeth_Cooper | 105 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Oct 27, 2023 |
I stayed up way past my bedtime a couple of nights in a row reading this for two reasons: 1) I found the book impossible to put down, and 2) I was so creeped out I couldn't have slept anyway.

Just as I experienced with the first in the series, this book quickly pulled me in and refused to let go. Dexter is his usual charming and eerily captivating self; following him and his Dark Passenger around is a fascinating exercise in realizing I can like someone and, at the same time, never want to spend a moment in the same room with him. In this instalment, Jeff Lindsay has developed not only a unique and engrossing main character but also a truly messed up villain whose victims (what's left of them) are the stuff of nightmares.

And yet, despite the horribly macabre subject matter, the book is extremely funny. There's an undercurrent of dark humour running through the pages that had me chuckling aloud numerous times. (And then promptly feeling guilty about it; like laughing at a funeral.)

Is this the best thriller plot in the world? Not by a long shot. Yet I loved every minute of it, even when some of the details of the police investigation got a little farfetched. Can't wait to dive into the third in the series!
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Elizabeth_Cooper | 106 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Oct 27, 2023 |



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