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Climate scientist Dr. Kate Landry and her research partner, Frank, have made an unusual discovery in a glacial ice pack in the state of Washington. They seek to keep it under wraps until they can “get credit” for it. NASA scientist Dr. Grant Poole is joining the team this season to observe Landry’s leadership skills, with a goal of helping teams in the space program. While Landry’s team is conducting research, several team members contract a mysterious illness, leading to a series of life-threatening events.

This book purports to be about climate change and a small portion of the first part of the book sets out in that direction. Unfortunately, it quickly becomes an over-the-top mystery-thriller with an outlandish plot, unbelievable twists, flat characters, melodrama, and so-called serious scientists acting like children. It is filled with awkward prose and clunky dialogue intended to provide “info dumps” to the reader. The plot holes are glaring. Apparently, a complete novice can traverse a glacier with no previous experience other than a quick lesson on how to arrest a fall with an ice axe. A romance is thrown in, which seems contrived and unnecessary. Landry is supposed to be a respected scientist, but she acts like a selfish child. Poole is there to study Landry’s leadership abilities, but none were in evidence. Suffice it to say this is a well-meaning attempt at bringing attention to the issue of global warming that has gone terribly astray in the execution.
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Castlelass | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Oct 30, 2022 |
Watermelon Snow by William A. Liggit

Tense, white-knuckled suspense-

Kate, a scientist, working in the Blue Glacier located in the Washington wilderness, makes an incredible discovery, but must leave it behind for a while due to dangerous conditions. Just when she has the green light to return, she and her team are annoyed at having to put up with Grant Poole, who will be observing the team as they work.
Kate is furious when she learns of this stipulation. She doesn’t trust Grant, so she must keep her discovery a secret from him at all costs.
Grant accepts this mission, even though he is terrified, because his lack of an adventurous nature may have cost him the love of his life. But, once he arrives and meets the team, he gets a lot more adventure than he ever bargained for.
Unfortunately, the mission goes horribly awry when several people in Kate’s crew become violently ill with a dangerous strain of the flu. If Kate keeps her discovery a secret a possible pandemic might erupt which could cost thousands of people their lives. But, if she reveals her find, she will lose everything she has worked for.
Kate must make a moral decision and quick, but she is desperate to find a solution that will save many lives, but might also save her career, as well.
As much as I read, and as open as I usually am about trying various genres, and as knowledgeable as I would like to think I am about all the ever- increasing number of sub-genres out there, I suppose this “Environmental Thriller” or better yet- ‘Cli-fi’ thriller category escaped my notice.
Yes, I’ve read books written by Robin Cook and a few by Michael Crichton, and I see where those comparisons might into play. But, this book centers a little more around environmental issues that are the direct result of climate change.
I suppose it was bound to happen. Someone with a wicked imagination takes the commonly associated concerns and fears about the consequences of climate change, one step further, by suggesting that there are possible repercussions we never even considered.
I think it is worth noting that while the author does mention climate change, this book is not a lecture on the subject. For all intents and purposes, this is a taut thriller, and could technically come down in the medical thriller category, as well. But, it is also a nail- biting adventure, and even has a small romantic element tossed in for good measure.

The story is thought provoking, with brisk pacing that kept me turning pages, and very drawn into events as they unfolded. The convergence of various people onto the scene, all with their own agendas, felt very authentic. The dialogue was realistic, but the weak spot in the story is with the characterizations.

Kate is not especially warm, and her actions often left me feeling conflicted. Grant on the other hand has a moral compass and added much needed balance in a story chock full of ambitious scientists.

This story is very different from anything I’ve been reading and was a very nice change of pace. My first official ‘cli -fi’ novel was a very solid, action packed thrill ride I really did enjoy!
4 stars
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gpangel | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 2, 2018 |
Climate scientist Kate Landry has made a startling discovery deep in the Blue Glacier. Wary of sharing her discovery too soon, she and her students are settling into their summer research on the glacier and determining just how to proceed with their discovery.

But it’s difficult keeping secrets from the behavioral scientist NASA sent to study Kate’s team. And when an unexpected tragedy occurs, throwing everything into chaos, can Kate protect everyone and still keep her discovery a secret?

Well-developed characters people this absorbing science mystery. The plot twists and turns and, although astute readers may predict some of the outcomes, there are still surprises in store. With a strong scientific framework, the mystery is intriguing on several levels. Readers will find it difficult to set this one aside until the final reveal.

Highly recommended.
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jfe16 | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Mar 16, 2018 |


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