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Mark Lauren is a military physical training specialist for the Special Operations community, a sought-after personal trainer to civilian men and women of all fitness levels, a triathlete, a champion Thai boxer, and the author of the internationally, popular body-weight bible You Are Your Own Gym. näytä lisää He lives in Tampa, Florida. näytä vähemmän

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Guía de 111 ejercicios de musculación que pueden hacerse sin máquinas de gimnasio, haciendo un poco el McGyver con las cosas de casa. El autor, por supuesto, es entrenador de Navy Seals y ha probado su entrenamiento en combate ("No soy entrenador de estrellas de Hollywood, cuyo sueldo depende de su físico. Soy entrenador de soldados de élite, cuya VIDA depende de su físico [entra himno americano. Aplauso lento de uno del público que se levanta, siendo seguido poco a poco por el resto del auditorio hasta la gran ovación final. Fundido a negro]).
Tiene también una introducción en plan "Tú puedes, chaval" que está entretenida. Hablándonos de alimentación:
Whether you are trying to gain muscle, loose fat, improve athletic ability, simply stay
healthy, or all of the above, you only adjust your calorie intake according to your goals. The rest stays the same: Consistently perform short, intense, strength training sessions, and eat a balanced diet. No matter your goal, you should consistently strength train, try to get 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night, and you should eat frequent meals, maintaining an even flow of energy, leaving that afternoon slump at the door. Your eating habits won’t be driven by hunger, and your cravings will be controlled. You’re not a caveman anymore. You do not need to stuff your face, thus storing a bunch of fat for warmth, because there’s a good possibility you won’t find another Wooly Mammoth for a few days.

o de autoestima:
I saw it in Combat Control and Pararescue trainees all the time. The classes would start with what seemed to be boys and by the end there was something different about them.
They were muscular, lean, balanced, all around athletes, but there was more. They carried themselves differently. They knew themselves better. They dealt with the enemy within on a daily basis and they were winning because they were still there. Day in and day out, for months they were tried and tested, but they never quit. Those young men valued their per formance more than they valued their comfort, and they knew when to ignore the mind’s reasoning. They had became their own masters. It showed in everything they did. As it will with you.

Luego, los ejercicios están muy bien. Los divide en cuatro grupos: Push, Pull, Legs y Core. Y da unos cuantos planes de entrenamiento que los combinan.

Me ha gustado el libro (no sé si lo suficiente porque estoy empezando el entrenamiento de 10 semanas) y dan ganas de ponerse a sufrir.
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Remocpi | 11 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 22, 2020 |
I had considered myself in good shape. However, after reading "You Are Your Own Gym" by Mark Lauren, I had to reassess my situation. With the encouragement of Mark from his book, and using the app, I have started the 10 week basic course. After 2 weeks, I am noticing a difference in my strength and endurance.

I have given the book 4 stars because it did what it was supposed to do - encouraged me to up my fitness level. I can ask no more of it than that.
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Canadian_Down_Under | 11 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Mar 1, 2015 |
I read the text, it explained things fairly straight-forward. I'm not sure the author's preference for body-weight exercises was fully explained, but it didn't reek of pseudo-science or anecdata as a lot of this kind of book do.

The book itself is much more of a reference work, since the real value is in the index of exercises and the program that builds individual exercises into sets and builds weeks of this into a long-term plan.
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nnschiller | 11 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Sep 18, 2014 |

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