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Gild (2020) 1,029 kappaletta
Glint (2021) 623 kappaletta
Gleam (2021) 538 kappaletta
Glow (2022) 435 kappaletta
Gold (2023) 121 kappaletta
Signs of Cupidity (2018) 114 kappaletta
Bonds of Cupidity (2018) 73 kappaletta
Crimes of Cupidity (2019) 64 kappaletta
For the Love of Cupidity (2019) 51 kappaletta
Grave Mistakes (2020) — Tekijä — 35 kappaletta
Rabid (2021) — Tekijä — 35 kappaletta
Addie (2019) 24 kappaletta
Can't Fix Cupid (2019) 20 kappaletta
Sheer Cupidity (2022) 20 kappaletta

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This is a great dark shifter story. Seneca lives in a shifter community where a new alpha has taken over. He has her in his sights and is just waiting for her first shift. She goes through a lot before she finally recuses herself along with the help of her fated mate.
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N.W.Moors | 1 muu arvostelu | Mar 31, 2024 |
"Gold" by Raven Kennedy is the fifth book in The Plated Prisoner Series. It continues the story from where "Glow" left off, with Auren in Annwyn and Slade trying to find a way to reach her.

Upon arriving in Annwyn, Auren is taken in by locals who provide her with necessities, medical care, and protection. However, Auren's past traumas make her skeptical of their intentions. She resolves to wait for Slade to find her but is determined to find him herself if he doesn't.

While in Annwyn, Auren becomes involved with a group of rebels who are loyalists to her family. Auren wants to be more than just a symbol for change; she wants to create it.

Meanwhile, Slade goes on a rampage and seeks revenge on everyone who has ever harmed Auren. I’m not going to lie; it brings me joy. It is true to who he is and who he is known to be. His soft side is only for Auren. He delves deeper into the villainesque hard vibe he is notorious for. Plus, who can resist the ‘who hurt you’ trope followed by vengeance?

Queen Kaila continues to deceive those who will listen to her. It didn’t take long for me to feel the urge to reach into the pages and strangle her. Oh, a book girly can dream.

The book has a slow start and initially suffers from an excessive amount of descriptive writing through similes and metaphors. However, it picks up once the setting is hammered out. For me, the book started on page 130.

In contrast to the previous books, all the characters had a higher stake. The various points of view are well-executed, and the author effectively builds tension and plot.

In the last book, I dreaded when Queen Marlina’s name appeared in the chapter header. While she is historically uninteresting, she undergoes some character development and growth. For readers, the change is welcomed. Queen Marlina’s path crosses an assassin who changes her life. They build an intriguing relationship despite some of his cringe-worthy dialogue.

The introduction of two new characters with special abilities felt a bit convenient, but if they have a role to play in the next book, it won't feel like they were whisked in just to solve a problem.

In contrast to the previous books, all the characters had a higher risk. The various points of view are well-executed, and the author effectively builds tension and plot. Overall, Kennedy does an excellent job of foreshadowing and creating unique character voices.
… (lisätietoja)
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M.E.Byrd | Mar 30, 2024 |
It feels like an achievement that my favourite character of this book is the army cook?
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Belbo713 | 6 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Mar 6, 2024 |
I am now personally invested in the Justice for Auren club.

Midas got the day he deserved.
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Belbo713 | 8 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Mar 6, 2024 |


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