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Thank you to the publishers for sending me this ARC through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review!

Set in the future, the plot shifts perspectives between a woman named Frankie, who is hopeful and a man named Yorke, who is courageous. Most of the world has died from an exceptionally deadly flu, leaving few survivors. - With 1% of the population left, society cannot function as normal. This means that there is no food stocked in the grocery stores, no electricity and most importantly, no one to enforce the law. Frankie and Yorke have to navigate through this dangerous post-apocalyptic world, grieving over their loss, surviving, and trying to build a new future together along with some others they meet along their journey.

Let me start by saying, the writing in this book is incredible. Everything is described in such precise detail that their world came to life and the characters left an imprint on my heart. The whole experience of reading spanned from tears to laughter. By the way, I was not expecting this book to be spicy but if anyone is looking for a little spice, it is undoubtably there. There was the perfect balance of love, lust, hope, and loss in this series.

I can't wait to read vol 4 and to continue their journey together!
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azmtns | 1 muu arvostelu | Mar 2, 2022 |
usually when i have more than one volume to read from a series, for me to go from one to another and simply read it all i need to be fairly in love... (my kindle has so many deleted volumes from series in which, i only read the first book and deleted the rest because it wasnt what i needed in the moment) and i must say that is what happened here, i felt in love, hard, from the first book until the third, i cried, laughed, the complete run, and quoting a sentence of this book,

"someday, i'm going to die. I want this to be one of my last memories."

i couldnt put it down, i know its not that big, but i read it in 3 days, and now i am sulking because i wanted to have the 4th book and so on... honestly this book after the plague is that good!! at least for me... because a book that make me cry at the death of a character or if it simply brings tears to my eyes, that means, that is deeply touching me inside, and Imogen Keeper is that talented in bringing characters to life...

at first i thought that i wouldnt like frankie, she was the kind of person hidding from what was around her (this was her in the first chapter of the first volume), she has grown so much, brighter than the sun really...

yorke like i said its the perfect man, he knows what he wants, and he knows, that he must be patient, and oh boy, is he patient?! much more than i could possibly ask for, even when he is passing a tought patch he is still himself.. ah i love him hahah ^__^

anyway this is the kind of story that makes my heart go thump thump, that i really needed to read and didnt know i needed... if you like post-apocalyptical stories, with people getting their strength back up and trying to rebuild their lifes, with diferent point of views, (you have a female point of view Frankie, and a male point of view Yorke) and the way they think the sound of their voices is diferent, loved that... there has some heat, and while for some people it wasnt enough, for me it was plenty ^^

thank you NetGalley and Imogen Keeper for the ARC, one that i sincerely loved
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usaberi | 1 muu arvostelu | Nov 6, 2021 |
HOLY CRAP!! I fell in love with this novel after the first chapter! What a time to be alive and know that your world is ending and nothing you do will make a difference as BILLIONS of people globally are dead or dying from a devastating pandemic flu! I liked Frankie Reynolds from the start and I cheered for her being brave enough to do what she had to do, but I NEED to know more about the other survivors, and I REALLY hope that book two will be coming soon!
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HOTCHA | Feb 18, 2021 |
First thing - go read book one if you haven't! It's the perfect setup for book two, and if you don't read it first, it will be like walking into a room where strangers are deep in a conversation. Okay, read one? Good...

The romance plot has begun, and it's beautiful bittersweetness!

The way Yorke blazes into the scene was heroic and I may have yelled, "Hell yes," as I punched air and confused my family. He's the ultimate sweetpea badass and utter book boyfriend material. Frankie is his North Star, and I can't even stop aww-ing with these two. And Auden is this little man who's innocence keeps everyone on track to survive this terrible event. Because...

They're in a pandemic. Life kinda sucks. Frankie has had a terrible, tear-jerking loss and you feel her battle between grieving and attempting normalcy down to your bones. She's making a family though, and this was a key book for that setup. I'm dabbing at tears and grinning like a loon.

If you like rough road romance, teddy bear badasses, and humor among a dark setting, read this right now! Well, after book 1.
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PoppyM | Feb 6, 2021 |


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