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Hillary Jordan

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Sisältää nimen: Hillary Jordan (Author)

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Mudbound (2008) 2,952 kappaletta
When She Woke (2011) 1,652 kappaletta
Anonymous Sex (2022) — Toimittaja — 67 kappaletta
Aftermirth (Kindle Single) (2012) 19 kappaletta
As Lamas do Mississipi (2017) 2 kappaletta

Associated Works

Mudbound [2017 film] (2022) — Original book — 6 kappaletta

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Virallinen nimi
Jordan, Hillary
Dallas, Texas, USA
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Dallas, Texas, USA
Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA
Wellesley College (BA ∙ English and Political Science)
Columbia University (MFA ∙ Creative Writing)
advertising copywriter
Palkinnot ja kunnianosoitukset
One of twelve New Voices of 2008 chosen by Waterstone's UK
Chris Parris-Lamb (The Gernert Co.)
Lyhyt elämäkerta
Hillary Jordan grew up in Texas and Oklahoma. She received her BA in English and Political Science from Wellesley College and spent fifteen years as an advertising copywriter before starting to write fiction. She got her MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University. She is the author of two novels, both from Algonquin Books: MUDBOUND, published in 2008, and WHEN SHE WOKE, forthcoming October 4, 2011.



A couple of dozen erotic vignettes by leading contemporary authors. I think the overall quality was mediocre but there were a few really well written ones: History Lesson, En Suite, Love Doll, What The Hands Remember, maybe a couple of others. Recommend checking the first page of each to see what grabs you as reading cover to cover will leave you disappointed.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
spuddybuddy | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 10, 2024 |
Excellent writing, excellent story, complex characters and storyline.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
bookem | 205 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Mar 27, 2024 |
I wanted so badly to LOVE this book. I wanted it to take up residence on my "favorites" shelf. The subject matter of this book, I just knew, as soon as I saw it, this was right up my alley. I promptly put it on my wish list over at barnes and noble, high priority, even. When I saw that the nookbook had one day dropped in price to $3.99 from $14 , I got that tingly feeling that only getting a much-wanted book at a bargain price can give.

The story started okay, explaining who the character was, her predicament and the hows and whys of how she got there. After that, the story pretty much dropped off and it just felt like it was all over the place and NOTHING was resolved. What happened to her sister and Cole? What happened to the people that ran the home she spent those six weeks at? There was mention that the Novembrists might do something to them, but nothing ever happened. Her situation with Aidan, I felt there was no resolution there either. I was sorely disappointed with the story and felt like the author just hurried up and finished. It's almost as if Hillary Jordan got tired of writing and said "screw it, I'm done, let's wrap it up and put a bow on it." I give the book three stars because the idea behind the book is a good one and I did enjoy reading about that. This is just another one of those books that I feel the author could've done so much more with.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
thatnerd | 171 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Mar 2, 2024 |



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