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Works have been aliased into Alan D. Jones.

The City: A Cyberfunk Anthology (2015) — Avustaja — 20 kappaletta
Blacktastic!: The Blacktasticon 2018 Anthology (2018) — Avustaja — 4 kappaletta

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"To Wrestle With Darkness" by Alan D. Jones ISBN 0-9666679-1-3 Received directly from the author at Decatur Book Fest, 2009 Published by Rising Sun Group Publishing, Atlanta, GA. (SRP $19.95, Amazon $15.56)
Review by Chris Phillips
"To Wrestle With Darkness" is Science Fiction, but a different type of Science Fiction. There is technology unavailable now; there is time travel and space/time manipulation. But there is also a very Christian theme; Heaven and Hell are real for these characters; there are demons and truly evil beings; there is God and divine intervention. So what is this?
The book begins with the story of Michael, in the first person, as he begins to learn about himself and secrets hidden from him by his own family. As these revelations unfold the trials and tribulations begin. Intertwined in this tale, and contrasting with it, is the tale of Jonah. Alternating chapters go from Michael’s first person account to Jonah’s third person tale. The plot manages to weave between the two narratives very well and very consistently.
Michael first discovers that his family has many secrets when he stumbles upon some pictures of people that are very familiar to him with others that are not. The common figure among them is Uncle Paul. He senses nothing good from the others depicted there. A meeting with Uncle Paul then sets him on the path of his destiny.
Jonah, on the other hand, knows too much. A scientist, he lives many years after Michael’s time, and is probably a genius in wave theory and wave manipulation in the form of energy, light and sound. In his time, an elitist group has taken control of the government, religion and everything else. A caste structure is firmly in place with this elite group called the Blues, entrenched as the upper class. The lower castes are firmly held in place, and many groups are persecuted. The Blues practice a specific religion and ban all others. Many religious groups, Christians, Muslim, Jews and others, are hunted and killed for their outlawed beliefs.
From these two perspectives a story is interwoven, comparable to Pilgrim’s Progress or even to some Greek tragedies. Jones takes several science fiction tropes, and gives them a Christian basis, while twisting the whole into a new depiction of the struggle between good and evil. With only first names to work with, throughout, what could be confusing creating identity problems among the characters, he uses to develop each one into a believable and convincing person. The plot, while typical of a morality tale, has sufficient twists and turns to make it a thriller, too. The action, and angst are all part of what keeps the novel moving, and surprises truly do lurk in every corner and on almost every page.
Jones’ depictions of the struggle with self and against evil are a revelation. Jones’ beliefs or the beliefs of these characters, at least, are clear and consistent throughout. The interactions between supernatural beings, spirit beings and some extraordinary humans create tension while keeping the action flowing smoothly. This book is a thoroughly enjoyable novel. Jones should write more and explore this genre. Anyone liking religious science fiction like "A Canticle for Leibowitz" by Walter M. Miller or "Speaker For the Dead" by Orson Scott card would enjoy this book.
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ChrisPhillips | Nov 18, 2009 |

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