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Lab Girl (2016) 2,645 kappaletta
The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2017 (2017) — Toimittaja; Johdanto — 113 kappaletta

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I'm so glad my friend Ketzie reviewed this here in Goodreads, or I probably wouldn't have noticed it!!! Most times when an author reads their own works, it detracts, but not always, and definitely not this time. Hope infuses the sincerity, reverence, and the sense of a somber yet humorous personality that might go unnoticed in print alone as she narrates. This autobiography encompasses so much about life--about insecurity, interest, enthusiasm, philosophy, purpose, unusual friendships, attentive support between friends, the bond of sharing a life's purpose with someone, strong marriages that allow for the external loves of career, friends and partners, bipolarism, depression, devotion, dedication, hope, failure, success, miss-fits, dissatisfying childhoods, Armenians, Norwegians, the list is longer, but a primary focus is botany, and one learns enough about plants and trees to make that reason alone to read this excellent book!… (lisätietoja)
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TraSea | 157 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 29, 2024 |
I listened to this as an audiobook from my library. I really like that It’s read by the author herself. This book is both a very personal story of Jahren’s life as a research scientist and a compilation of cool stories and facts about plants drawn from her many years of studying and teaching science.

I don’t usually use audiobooks, but I recently started knitting and found it’s a lot of fun to craft and listen at the same time. When I’m lucky my cat snuggles up to me as well. ☺️… (lisätietoja)
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daplz | 157 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 7, 2024 |
Much more of a memoir than I was expecting, but very well written. Beautiful descriptions and well-incorporated comparisons with the science and her real life experiences.
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teenybeanie25 | 157 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 1, 2024 |
Gr 7–10—Esteemed geochemist Jahren breathes life into the social history and science of climate change by
focusing on the latter half of that term: change. This popular science treatise begins with developments over time,
from ancient history to the present, in human population, food production, and energy generation and consumption
before devoting the final segment to the impact of all this change on our planet.
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BackstoryBooks | 19 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 1, 2024 |



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