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A very short read, not an academic work. The tone is a bit angry in spots, but I think that comes with the disillusion so many folks feel when religious myth is sold as historical fact, and we eventually have to come to grips with what it really is. It only takes about an hour or so to read, and is a fun read if you're one of the disillusioned masses. However, if you're heavily steeped in Orthodox Christian teaching, and believe it avidly, this is not a book for you - it will only make you angry or cause you to question your orthodoxy - likely the latter first which will cause even greater anger.

If you read this and enjoy it, I'd recommend getting into some of the really good scholarly works out there that dig into factual history and myth, and help you to construct your own set of "belief". Check out Bart Ehrman as an author specifically focused on Christianity, and Karen Armstrong focused more widely on western religion.

The only reason I gave it only 3 stars is that I didn't think the writing itself was distracting at times, and it needed a good amount of editing in my opinion. But the basic content was fun.
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bicyclewriter | Jan 8, 2016 |
I was interested in the illustrate of the red apple on the cover very mush.
But story is not special.
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wankorobo | Apr 11, 2012 |
A rather unsatisfying collection of meandering essays that the author obviously felt was clever. It is short, mercifully so, but there is little new or original, and the arguments the author uses against Christianity are unconvincing. The philosophy is like that of the typical know-it-all highschool kid who has discovered something and insists that everyone else has to share his revelations, but he hasn't done the hard work of sorting through his philosophy to make it coherent or interesting. I see little to recommend this particular work.… (lisätietoja)
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Devil_llama | Dec 6, 2011 |


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