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Marcy Cottrell Houle is a writer and wildlife biologist. Her books have been honored with the national Christopher Award, the Oregon Book Award, the Oregonian's Best Books of the Northwest, and the New York Times' Best Books for Earth Day. She has written for the New York Times, Reader's Digest, näytä lisää the Los Angeles Times, Globe and Mail, Nature Conservancy Magazine, and Cricket Magazine for Children. Marcy lives with her family in Portland, Oregon. näytä vähemmän

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In addition to a vivid and engaging account of Houle's research and exploration of Oregon's Zumwalt Prairie and the charming hawks who nest and hunt there, The Prairie Keepers serves as an elegant illustration that, when considering complex systems and situations, thinking in terms of dichotomies—this is right and that is wrong; that is right and this is wrong—doesn't accomplish much beyond inflating our own self-importance and sense of self-righteousness.
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slimikin | Mar 27, 2022 |
Offers profiles of 21 conservationists & activists who have made enduring contributions to the preservation of Oregon's wild & natural places and high quality of life. These stories will inspire readers and demonstrate that individually we can make a difference.
By Marcy Cottrell Houle
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GLC-Library | Aug 16, 2021 |
One of Portland's many blessings is Forest Park, a swath of green on the city's western flank, covering over 5,100 acres and containing close to 80 miles of trails, including the Wildwood Trail, the longest contiguous trail in a city park in the United States.

In the updated and expanded third edition of One City's Wilderness, Marcy Cottrell Houle provides the quintessential guide to this incredible urban park. The book contains detailed descriptions of 29 hikes covering all the trails through the park. Each description includes a full-color map; useful statistics, including GPS coordinates; an elevation chart showing elevation gained and lost over the course of the hike; a precise description of the trail and what you will see; and useful sidebars providing tidbits on the history, flora, fauna, and geology relevant to that section of the park. There is also a foldout color map of the entire park inside the back cover.

The book is chock-o-block full of photographs of the park, including color pictures of the park's most beautiful features, field guide sections on plants and birds, and a few black and white photos depicting the park's history.

Houle also includes informative chapters on the history of the park, its geology, watersheds, vegetation, and wildlife. These later include checklists of the plants, mammals, and birds to be found in the park.

But the book is primarily about the trails because hiking through Forrest Park is how best to experience and enjoy it. As Houle explains:

Forest Park is not overrun with asphalt, swimming pools, picnic areas, or developed sports fields. Instead, since its inception sixty years ago, it has offered a quiet kind of enjoyment, the kind most cherished by lovers of the outdoors. The eighty miles of trails and firelanes . . . and the hundreds of acres of hills and canyons in between, make Forest Park a haven for hikers, bird watchers, nature photographers, runners, bicyclists, equestrians, teachers, and students – in short, anyone needing close-in inspiration and natural refreshment.

Every reader will be inspired to accept Houle's "All Trails Challenge" to undertake all of the 29 hikes described. Conveniently, the book contains a challenge section listing the hikes and including a place to record the date each one is accomplished.

One City's Wilderness is a must-have guide for every hiker living in or visiting Portland.

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RoseCityReader | Mar 23, 2011 |



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