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Gaku Homma, founder and chief instructor of Nippon Kan Aikido and Cultural Center in Denver, Colorado, is owner and head chef of Denver's highly acclaimed Domo restaurant. His experiences as Aikido instructor combined with his talents as a chef led to the creation of The Folk Art of Japanese Country Cooking: A Traditional Diet for Today's World.



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Gakku Homma has a sensitive understanding of children, their natural developmental processes, their playfulness, and how they best learn. He blends this with a deep respect for his own traditional Japanese instruction within a respected samurai family and years of observation of American children and the culture surrounding them. The result is a unique perspective on the value of marital arts training for young people.

Avoidance of violence is the heart of Aikido. Children learn not how to fight, but how to cooperate; how to resolve conflict in a positve way; how to make friends and avoid making enemies. They learn self-defense, but more importantly, they learn self-confidence, self-respect and the path to self-discovery. In a world increasingly filled with stress and conflict, these lessons are survival tools for children of all ages.-Roberta K. Beach, MD, MPH, Associate Profesor of Pediatrics, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Director of Adolescent Services, Denver Department of Health and Hospitals

Gaku Homma was one of the students of the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, who knwew him best during the lsast years of Ueshiba's life. Here he describes the applications of a heightened educational method based on martial arts discipline. Through his own experiences he points out the differences in different kinds of martial arts training.--Daihonzan Eiheiji, Eiheiji Zen Temple, Rev. Zikisai Muto, Higashi Naruse Mura, Japan

Ah! To observe children of any age discovering their ability to choose and experience the results of their choices is key to any successful life. Developing a sense of choice, through the experience of harmony and stimulation, sweat and motion within your own peer group, opens a young mind to all the possibiities in life. Aikido with Gaku Homma has given my children an essential tool for life.-John Pestotnik, Parent of Nippon Kan students


Translator's Note
Part 1: Martial arts Training s an Educational Tool
Aikido: Playing adn Learning
Tradition that was Left Behind
In the Time of John Wayne
Punching and Kicking Hide the True Nature of Children
Circular and Straight Movements
Glorifying the Denial of lIfe
Shopping for a Martial Art over the Phone
The Water I Grew Up In
Forget Judo
Don't Use Your child to Make a Deal
Do Your Hojework Before You Choose a School
When It's Time to Say Goodbye
No Observation Seats for Parents in the Classroom
Education Without Emotion
When I Was Scolded
Kids Will Be...Puppies
Children Avoid Collisions
Learning About LImits
Moving Naturally
Going with the Flow
'Rei' Is a Reflection fo Yourself
'Rei' Is Easily Misunderstood
Techniques of Destruction; Techniques of Harmony
Mastering the Essentials with Experience
A Fast-forward Look at an Aikido Class
Giving Children the Freedom to Learn
Part 2: Children's Basic Techniques
Clothes-Wearing Playclothes; Wearing A Uniform
Seiza: The Basic Sitting Position
Seiza Rei: Bowing from Seiza
Junan-taiso: Stretch exercises
Aiki-taiso: Aikido Exercises
Ukemi: Falling and rolling
Basic Movement
A Variety of Approaches
Shomen Uchi: Straight frontal strike-Shomen uchi/kote gaeshi; shomen uchi/iriminage; shomen uchi/ikkyo (irimi)
Gyakuk Hanmi Katatetori: Opposite foot forward, one-hand grab-Gyakku hanmi katatetori/kote gaeshi; Gyaku hanmi katatetori/shihonage (tenkan); Gyakku hanmi katatetori/iriminage; Gyakkuk hanmi katatetori/kaitennage
Ai Hanmi Katatetori: Same foot forward same side one-hand grab-Ai hanmi katatetori/kote gaeshi; Ai hanmi katate/shihonage (irimi); Ai hanmi katatetori/iriminage; Ai hanmi katatetori/ikkyo
Ryotedodri: Two-hand grab-Ryotedodri/tenchinage; Ryotedori/shihonage (irimi; Ryotedori/shihonage (tenkan)
MuneTsuki: Punch-Mune tsuki/kote gaeshi
Ushiro Ryotekubitori: Both hands grabbed from behind-Ushiro ryoktekubitori/kote gaeshi; Ushiro ryotekubitori/shihonage (irimi); Ushiro ryotekubitori/iriminage
Part 3: Children's Training Exercises and Games
Individual Training Exercises
Training exercises with a partner
Group training exercises
Game exercises using bokken, jo's and niform belts
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from cover

Nippon Kan was established in 1980 as a center for Denver residents to experience Japanese culture. The center has served more that 6,000 students with its variety of classes, but its core is still Aikido.

Gaku Homma is founder and Chief Instructor of Nippon Kan. He has practiced under the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba-as well as instructor of other styles. Thousands of students have benefitted from his form of dynamic Aikido.

What does Aikido for Life have for you? A teacher's guide for instructing beginners of Aikido-this book appeals to the new beginner and experienced student alike.

There is an extraordinary metaphor for life in Aikido that is clearly communicated through the genius of Homma Sensei's teaching.--Steve Still, Manager of Training and Education, Vail & Beaver Creek Ski School, Professional Ski Instructors of America Educational Steering Committee

Insightful-Approachjes teaching in a way that helps the student gain skills both on the mat and in the everyday world.--Teresa L. Roberts, Ph.D., Computer Science

Describes for the beginner the Aikido approach to integrated bokymind fitness-John Abrahamson, Ph.D., Mental Health, Epidemiologist and bodywork practitioner

Inspirational! Homma Sensei's writing style is sincere and understandable. His analogies and examples help to make Aikido training applicable to daily living. This is an excellent book for all levels of Aikido students or those interested in beginning in the martial arts.--John Vertovec, Ed.D., Human Development Speciallist


Your Life is Your Dojo
Where is Ki?
I Didn't Knock on Your Door
Your Mind Moves Your Body
Your Enemy Is Yourself
There Are Two Of You
Take Off Your Work Hat
Open Your Hands
Things Have More Than One Side
It Is Natural To Fall
Your Partner Is Not Your Enemy
Your Partner Is A Mosquito
Learning From A Leaking Ceiling
Your Partner Is Not A Dummy
Artists Don't Start With The Eyes
Don't Judge A Still Picture
'Beep' Living
No Mistakes
Legal Size
I Won't Tell You
Scenery From The Window Of A Speeding Train
Eat Everything On Your Plate
Fried Rice
You Are $40
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