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I marked Did Not Receive but it shows that I received it.
I did not receive this book.
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MaggieFP | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jun 14, 2023 |
I won this book in a giveaway and never received it. I am penalized for not reviewing the book. So this is the review I am leaving in order to remain in good sanding with LibraryThing.
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Jjean7 | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 27, 2023 |
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I did not receive a copy of this book that I "won" in a LibraryThing giveaway. Since the lack of a review is hurting my reviewer score, I'm putting this here now as I am doubtful that I will receive a copy since it has been 3 months since the giveaway.
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kristenembers | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 20, 2023 |
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This fascinating book is the result of research spanning over more than 38 years. It deals with substantive questions that many have asked themselves. It may be able to change people's way of thinking about Judaism, the People of Israel, the Land of Israel and the original Hebrew Bible.

This is a rigorous scientific research work, devoid of preconceived ideas, the understanding of which does not require a religious belief nor any preliminary knowledge of the original Hebrew Bible and of its classical commentators. The author reveals many secret messages that have been encrypted in the original Hebrew Bible's text – mainly in the Pentateuch – through the coding technique of the Gematria (Jewish classical numerology) and the recently discovered Letter Codes. These reveal intriguing facts about the purpose of the “scheme” called “The People of Israel” and its extraordinary development along the centuries and millennia.

These findings prove – in a purely mathematical and scientific manner – the non-randomness of the People of Israel's history, the existence of a “Divine Being” that is able to have full control over the unfolding of events along the Timeline of History. This ability is universally recognized by all scientists as well above Mankind's innate capabilities.

The author tackles the text as if it were an archaeological artifact, making a thorough logical analysis in order to find out what could be concealed in the text, and then – together with the reader – unearthing the amazing finds buried within.

This book lets the reader discover the deep and fascinating world of the original Hebrew Bible's prophecies that have been encoded there millennia ago and have unfolded along the Timeline, until the present day.

Dr Isaac Hirsch, born in 1947, is the son of Holocaust survivors, a medical Doctor, and fluent in four languages. His fields of interest have always been quite eclectic. Inter alia: history, astronomy, archaeology, fossils, many diverse scientific fields... and the original Hebrew Bible.

This research work started in the early 1980s with a “random” reading of the last chapter in the book of Daniel and since then the urge to explore and discover has never ceased.
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gmicksmith | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Oct 8, 2022 |


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