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Amy E. Herman is the founder and president of The Art of Perception, Inc., a New York-based organization that conducts professional development courses for leaders around the world, from Secret Service agents to prison wardens. Herman was the head of education at the Frick Collection for over ten näytä lisää years. An art historian and an attorney, Herman holds a BA in international affairs from Lafayette College, a JD from the National Law Center at George Washington University, and an MA in art history from Hunter College. A world-renowned speaker. Herman has been featured on the CBS Evening News, the BBC, and in countless print publications, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Telegraph, the New York Daily News, Smithsonian Magazine, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. näytä vähemmän

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Meant for more than just kids, this book stretches those mind 'muscles' and explains how to increase those cognitive functions.

I'll admit that I expected quite a few search-puzzles and such, when I first got my hands on this book. That's not what this is...although there are plenty of exercises to give that brain a workout. Instead, this book leads the reader through various activities and explains what each one does and why it works. Readers will leave these pages knowing more about why certain things improve our ability to recognize details around us and have a few hints on how to practice these abilities and improve. And it's a very interesting read, too.

This is broken down into eight chapters, which lead the reader step-by-step down a path to 'improve' the brain. There is quite a bit to read, but the explanations are geared for the young audience and use correlations they'll be able to connect with (like popsicles, detective work, games, etc). It is interesting, and I was surprised how much it draws in although the topic seems as if it'd be dry. I do think that most middle graders won't want to dive into this much depth, yet, but it's great for young adults (and adults) too.

I was happily surprised at the use of famous artwork in these pages. The author gives readers many opportunities to practice the skills on their own, and that mostly through the use of art. These exercises are fun, easy to understand, and use the art in a clever...and very successful...way. Sometimes, the reader needs to turn a few pages forward or back to do the exercise (which is too bad but not really an issue), and these photos do not fill the entire page (which is also too bad, since it'd make the exercises easier to do). Still, each of these does make the tasks entertaining, and they definitely fulfill their purpose.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed diving into this read and I can see especially teens enjoying this one quite a bit. It'd also add a great theme to the classroom setting or even for homeschoolers. I received an ARC and found this to be very well done.
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tdrecker | Oct 1, 2023 |
Amy Herman teaches courses to various groups, including FBI agents, other law enforcement officials, and corporate executives, to teach them how to be more observant and aware of their surroundings. She does so primarily with exercises using art--looking at it, observing it, analyzing it. I read this not necessarily because I wanted to be more observant in my day-to-day life, but primarily to hone the skills looking at art that I am developing in my study of art history. This book shows how to look closely at art to train your skills of perception, to develop your "visual intelligence."

The book is divided into four parts. Part I is titled "How to Assess by Close Observation" (Assess)
Part II "Analyzing What You See" (Analyze)
Part III "Communicating What You See" (Articulate)
Part IV "Be Aware of Bias" (Adapt)

I enjoyed reading this book, and I enjoyed doing the exercises. I found my skills of perception were actually pretty good, although there is always room for improvement and patience is a virtue that's hard to sustain in this hurry-up world.


4 stars
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arubabookwoman | Dec 28, 2017 |
Scherper denken door aandachtig kijken.
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RiaMG | Nov 3, 2016 |



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