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Dr. Marah J. Hardt is research director for the nonprofit Future of Fish. A coral reef ecologist by training, she is a former research fellow at Blue Ocean Institute. She has written for Scientific American, The American Prospect, and Scuba Diver Magazine, among other publications. She currently näytä lisää embraces life as a mermaid in the mountains of Lafayette, Colorado. näytä vähemmän

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Very low star rating ~ for my tastes, way too fluffy for a factual book. The potential for interesting life cycle biology was obscured by an almost prurient emphasis on sex acts. I expected more insights on the fragility of the marine ecosystem and its crucial contribution to the environmental health of our planet. To be fair, there are snippets here and there that allude to this situation, but the fluffy science detracted from the message. Just not a book for me, I guess.
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SandyAMcPherson | 1 muu arvostelu | May 27, 2019 |
This book was ok (which I'll remind y'all, is what 2 stars means... didn't like it enough to give it a 3. MAYYYYBE 2.5). The information was solid, and pop culture human analogies are a great way to personify how various aquatic denizens do the deed. However, it just didn't capture my attention- normally I read quickly, but this took me months and I read other books while trying this one. Maybe it tried just a little TOO hard to be like a gabby gal pal? The pop culture references will also date this book, in my opinion.

From ratings, it looks like most people like this, so it succeeds in its goal of reaching a broad audience for its message of marine conservation. This is the strong point of the book, where after giving all the lurid details of denizens of the deep, Hardt makes that the case as to why we should care about not interfering with oceanic sexytimes, and different ways we can do so from habitat protection to changing our eating habits.
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Daumari | 1 muu arvostelu | Dec 30, 2017 |



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½ 2.6

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