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Includes the name: John R. Graham

Sisältää myös: John Graham (10), John Graham (29)

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#1) Graham, John R. (John Robert), 1940- author of MMPI (LC 83231566)
#2 Graham, John R., author of Solaris 2.x (LC 94065440)
#3 Graham, John R. (John Rushton), 1931- author of Magnet marketing (LC 90644875)
#4 Graham, John R. (John Russell), 1964- author of Canadian social policy (LC 99076751)
#5 Graham, John R., editor of What states can do to reform health care; cannot identify with #1 or #4
#6 Graham, John R. 1961- Accounting for income taxes primer, extant research, and future directions