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Make Believe Love (2001) 13 kappaletta
The Last Cowboy (2004) 12 kappaletta
Confession (2009) 6 kappaletta
Going to Cuba : stories (1990) 1 kappale
The Beautiful Place (2021) 1 kappale

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Dwight Froese spent his childhood as an only child living on a farm in Broken Head, Saskatchewan and ends up living in Toronto to be near what he believes is his eight year old daughter.

The story flips back to the past and the future, at times telling of what has happened and other times of what was supposed to happen.

He overhears a conversation between his father, Jacob, and his father’s friend, when he was a young boy, with his father saying that God had visited him telling him that his son will one day kill him.

Dwight is a lonely boy living in a lonely prairie town. He doesn’t connect with anyone except his mother. His mother is much younger than his father. He dispises the way his father treats his mother. It’s wrong. His own relationship with his mother is oddly closer than mother and son relationships go. Their bond is so very strong.

There is only one girl, Gloria, that he has always dreamed of for as long as he could remember. She is beautiful. She has a boyfriend, Nick. She is out of his league. He feels that she is out of reach and his fantasies are the only thing that he will ever have.

When a young adult, he finds his mother dead. Dwight is outraged with his father for all that he has put his mother through and now killing her and taking her away from him. Facing his father with a gun pointed to his head Dwight pulls the trigger and kills him.

He remembers hearing the old conversation he overheard years ago. He was meant to kill his father. God had told his father. It was God’s will.

He is never arrested for the murder. The small town all know that it was Dwight whom killed Jacob Froese. The doctor swears that his mother fell hitting her head on a rock. His father wasn’t responsible for his mother’s death.

Circumstances brings Gloria and Dwight together as friends and then lovers. Dwight had plans for the future and almost convinces Gloria to follow him. Not after long, Gloria insists on going forward with the wedding with Nick.

Eight years later, after spending time away from Broken Head, he finds out that Gloria had given birth to a little girl. Dwight knows it’s his daughter. He moves to Toronto just to be near his daughter whom doesn’t even know that he exists.

There were times that I wanted to close the book and give up on it. I am sure glad that I didn’t. At times it is hard to follow. Finishing the book I understand much better. It wasnt' a favorite book of mine but it was worth reading.
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