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I, Robot [2004 film] (2004) — Screenwriter — 716 kappaletta
The Da Vinci Code [2006 film] (2006) — Screenwriter — 710 kappaletta
I am legend (2007) — Screenwriter — 668 kappaletta
A Beautiful Mind [2001 film] (2001) — Screenwriter — 613 kappaletta
Hancock [2008 film] (2008) — Screenwriter — 465 kappaletta
Insurgent [2015 film] (2015) — Writer — 394 kappaletta
Practical Magic [1998 film] (1998) — Writer — 341 kappaletta
Cinderella Man [2005 film] (2005) — Screenwriter — 275 kappaletta
Batman Forever [1995 film] (1995) — Screenwriter — 268 kappaletta
Lost in Space [1998 film] (1998) — Screenwriter — 213 kappaletta
A Time to Kill [1996 film] (1996) — Screenwriter — 190 kappaletta
The Client [1994 film] (1994) — Screenwriter — 168 kappaletta
Jonah Hex [2010 film] (2010) — Producer — 80 kappaletta

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Angels & Demons [2009 film] (2009) — Screenwriter — 415 kappaletta
Batman & Robin [1997 film] (1997) — Screenwriter — 224 kappaletta
The Dark Tower [2017 film] (2017) — Producer — 168 kappaletta
The Da Vinci Code / Angels & Demons [double feature] (2009) — Writer — 22 kappaletta

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New York City, New York, USA
Wesleyan University
Rothenberg, Mira (mother)



C (Indifferent).

A superhero is a self-destructive jerk. What a mess of a movie. It only starts to give us the character's backstory in the second half, after his character arc is already wrapped up. Then it barrages us with a series of "twists," every one of which is arbitrary and nonsensical.

(Apr. 2024)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
comfypants | Apr 11, 2024 |
Two-Face and the Riddler seek to join forces to defeat Batman and Bruce Wayne respectively -- unaware that they're one in the same. Meanwhile, Batman takes an orphaned young man under his wing as his crime-fighting sidekick Robin.

Oh, how quickly it falls. There were signs of the more goofy side of Batman coming out in Returns, but nothing prepared me for how much it would collapse in Forever. Joel Schumacher replaces Tim Burton in the director's chair, and while certain elements of Burton's design filter into this new take on the Dark Knight, a lot of it changes and becomes more bright and whacky. Val Kilmer does put forth a good performance as Batman that feels like a natural continuation of Michael Keaton's, but that's not enough to save this film. I just don't find Jim Carrey or Tommy Lee Jones compelling as their characters at all. And in the area of Robin, I will say that I personally found parts of Chris O'Donnell's performance enjoyable, but as a whole, I couldn't buy him as a young, brand-new Robin -- if they tried to sell him more as a Nightwing-aged Robin then it might've been better, but as an orphan being adopted? Not quite. I wouldn't bother watching this one unless you, like me, are a die-hard Batman fan and wish to see them all at least once.

Content Concerns: Some slapstick violence and a handful of milder profanities.

(December 2023)
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
DarthTindalus | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 7, 2024 |
A TV series starring Anson Mount (Paramount, May - Jul. 2022).

A spaceship explores the galaxy.

B (Good).

The first few episodes are hard to get through, but once it gets into its swing, it's the most fun I've had watching Star Trek since DS9.

(Dec. 2022)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
comfypants | Jan 1, 2023 |
A TV series starring Patrick Stewart (Paramount, 2022).

Picard tries to use a hobbled Borg queen to fix time.

C- (Meh).

It's watchable, and bingeable, as long as you don't mind yelling at your TV a lot about how awful the writers are.

(Nov. 2022)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
comfypants | Nov 29, 2022 |



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