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Thank you to The Girlfriend (FB), the publisher and the author.

This was not your usual mystery. I'm not going to repeat the plot, so read that for more explanation.

Quite unusual to read a fictional book about your life with your ex-boyfriend, brother and best friend all in there also and a train trip on the newly renovated Orient Express to Italy. The author who wrote this book (the fictional one not the actual one) is writing a book about Rory, who was a tv reporter, who she once interviewed. This author is know to write her books based on real people and including facts and fiction.

For me, it started off slow and don't know why because it's an interesting plot but it finally picked up enough for me to read faster. It was an intriguing book. The beginning started with the end of the book but no spoilers were given of course.

This book is also about family, Max and Rory and their father, which is sad since he has Alzheimer's at only 65 years old.

A lot of interesting things in this book and I saw throughout the book how this came together at the end, surprisingly so.
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sweetbabyjane58 | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jun 9, 2024 |
A trip of the lifetime.

That is what Ginevra Ex wanted for Rory, Caroline, Nate, and Max.

She wanted them to experience a train trip through Italy and to bond with each other.

Her motive, though, was for them to read her book and to bring to light what she found out about each of them.

We also meet Gabriele - he is the person who brought them the manuscripts and says something chilling.

What he says is: one of you has to die in the book. But does Ginevra Ex mean to bring the things in her book to life?

But then the books disappeared after they left them on their chairs at the beach.

Who didn’t want anyone to know what is in the book and stole them?

THE MAIN CHARACTER has an interesting premise and beautiful writing, but I was lost most of the time even though I laughed at some of the things the MANY characters did.

It wasn't a book I was anxious to get back to. It was confusing and had too many characters to keep track of. 3/5

Thank you to the publisher for a copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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SilversReviews | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 28, 2024 |
The Main Character by Jacyn Goldis is a suspenseful mystery that just happens to take place on the newly refurbished Orient Express… how perfect is that!

The story mainly revolves around Rory and Ginevra, with Rory’s brother, best friend, and ex also taking some turns to give backstory and help move along the current events. Goldis is able to smoothly flow between each character's past and current story without it feeling choppy.

Besides the story being excellent, the descriptions of the Orient Express and the Italian countryside are fabulous. Even with a chance of murder happening, I would gladly jump on board for this ride.

There are lots of turns and misdirects with a couple of twists at the end. The one I thought I knew for sure was not correct, and that always makes me happy when an author is able to do that. And the final twist was not something I thought of at all, so to me, this is a perfect story.
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KimHeniadis | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 9, 2024 |
Review of eGalley

Ginevra Ex, with her newest manuscript, has planned a trip on the Orient Express, a perfect trip for Rory and the other characters in her book. She meticulously planned, but she forgot that often those characters have minds of their own and behave in unexpected ways.

Despite the extensive interviews, Rory is excited to have been chosen to be Ginevra’s latest main character. Now, she’s received this unexpected extravagance: a trip aboard the Orient Express. But she soon discovers that her brother, Max, her best friend, Caroline, and her ex-fiancé, Nate, are all aboard the train as well.

Why has Ginevra invited them? What secrets lurk, held close by each of the guests aboard the train?

And who will end up dead?


Told from several perspectives . . . Ginevra, Rory, Max, Caroline, and Nate . . . the unfolding narrative holds several shocking secrets that the characters slowly reveal to the reader. An undercurrent of tension runs throughout the telling of the tale and tension builds throughout the narrative.

Intriguing [but not necessarily likable] characters, an extraordinary setting, and a truly twisted plot all work together to keep the suspense building as readers slowly unravel the mystery as they read “The Cabin on the Lake,” Ginevra’s fictionalized account of the characters.

Despite an ending that is likely to leave readers wanting something more, most of the questions are answered and the mystery solved. However, a plot point involving Ginevra and Orsola is likely to be a disappointment for many readers.


I received a free copy of this book from Atria Books, Atria/Emily Bestler Books and NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
#TheMainCharacter #NetGalley
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jfe16 | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Feb 22, 2024 |
The Chateau (2023) by Jaclyn Goldis. This is a story where old friends get together and you begin to wonder almost immediately why they are still friends. The events occur over the short course of an all girls reunion at the French chateau owned by the grandmother of one of the four women. The four became friends 20 years before when they studied at a college near the chateau. The chateau is where they spent many weekends and school holidays together, running around the countryside and creating what should have been life long bonds.
Grandmama has called the four women back to her huge home because she is dying and there are things that have to be said as soon as possible. There is a vast sum of money and property beyond the chateau that grandmama wishes to distribute, plus some personal issues to be hashed out. And although it is very important, it all can wait till the morning.
But it seems it will have to wait as grannie is stabbed to death during her sleep. The only suspects are the four women, plus a new gardner and the housekeeper for the past 60 years who is the grandmother to one of the four women.
Secrets abound within this group, not the least of which is the name of the killer. Then someone starts using the internet to intimidate that others in the group with photos that could only have been taken by one of the four.
This is a nice setup and some of it was handled very skillfully, but I had a devil of a time trying to tell one of the four women from the others. I ended up with a cheat sheet containing names, family members, jobs, success rating, jealousies, outright hatreds, lies told, lies told about them and why I should care about any of this. And there is also the great amount of things that have the greatest importance and must be discussed, but can somehow wait until after the shopping trip or the visit to the wine cellar.
I was not impressed with how the story played out although there was a good story here to tell. Jade, Vixen, Darcy and Arablle might have been more likable if they had less cutesy-pie Hallmark movie types of names. The author strove to have them painted differently (spinning instructor who wants to be a fitness mogul, painter who does’t actually sell very many paintings at all, jet setting cook book author and owner of a tremendous bed and breakfast in the French countryside, and mother struggling to become an internet superstar) but I found they were interchangeable puppets and I had to constantly look at my notes to remember who was who.
The murder eventually gets solved but it doesn’t really feel like the focus of the book. There is another theme containing horrors and atrocities that happened decades ago, but that also doesn’t feel like the main point either. And when all is revealed you might be lift wondering why these women got together in the first place.
I found the book took too much effort on my part to be enjoyable, but I suspect men are not the group that this book was meant to please.
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TomDonaghey | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Nov 21, 2023 |
Maybe 3.5 stars, a great setting, characters who act like adults for most of the book, rich history, and then wacko plot twists to finish it off. Not the fastest thriller, there's a lot of internal dialogue and fluff, but it's still an enjoyable read.½
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KallieGrace | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jul 3, 2023 |
Four friends are called to gather in Provence at the chateau of Séraphine, an elderly and very wealthy grandmother, to Darcy. Three of the friends, Darcy, Vix, and Jade, met 20 years earlier when they studied abroad, and the other, Arabelle, was a childhood friend, having lived at the chateau with her own grandmother, Sylvie. Darcy's husband, Oliver, and their children come, but stay elsewhere.
When Séraphine is found stabbed after telling the foursome she needs to tell them the truth, they are all suspects. What follows is an investigation, and a tale of revenge and hatred is revealed.
The final twist is chilling!
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rmarcin | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jun 7, 2023 |
If you can get through the first third, you'll find it to be a good mystery.

I requested and received an EARC from Atria Books, Atria/Emily Bestler Books via NetGalley.
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jetangen4571 | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 22, 2023 |
My first book of the year and I was thrilled that it was a good one. A captivating mystery with a beautiful voice and imagery to die for. An enjoyable ride through and through.
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LiteraryGadd | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 16, 2023 |
Every time I read another WWII novel, I learn something new I did not know. There is so much that happened and it seemed to be happening literally everywhere on the European continent. This was written with three different storylines that all connect. Present Joey getting prepared to marry a good Jewish man, as her family expects and her grandmother Sarah remember her first love during the war. The third storyline is Joey as a child growing up, remembering summers at Corfu and her first love.

Joey gets a message a few days before her wedding, someone from her past wants to meet up and talk to her. She is torn, is it a betrayal to meet this person and not say anything until after? But she needs to know what they have to say, considering how things were left years ago. She has always had questions about that dinner and what she did to cause him a change of heart.

Sarah has often wondered why she was saved, why she was not rounded up like the rest of her family and sent to a camp. She feels guilt over her decisions at that time, and often feels the pain of heartache in that maybe she could have done something. She could have tried harder, she could have pushed harder and maybe they’d still also be alive today. As most people do, Sarah has secrets from her past and often if asked she will not discuss in detail her life across the ocean during the war. She doesn’t like to think about that time.

Joey, her mother Bea and grandmother Sarah all have a past, and as the days before the wedding plays out each one takes a look at their past and truths come to light. The good, the bad and the ugly. But in all of this realization, weights have been lifted, truths have been finally brought to light and a lesson to follow ones heart is found to be the most honest truth there is.

This was a very good storyline. There were quite a few twists and connections that I did not see coming, but it kept you clouded in a mystery of wanting to know more. I also had no idea about the island that also had a camp for Jews. Another place I had no idea about. Thank you to Read Forever Pub for the free novel. Another to add to your WWII list.
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Chelz286 | Feb 20, 2021 |