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Trek to Madworld (1979) 418 kappaletta
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Herds (1975) 64 kappaletta
World Called Solitude (1981) 60 kappaletta
Caravan (1975) 52 kappaletta
Shrine of the Desert Mage (1988) 46 kappaletta
Protostars (1971) — Editor, Contributor — 45 kappaletta
Scavenger Hunt (1976) 43 kappaletta
The Storyteller and the Jann (1988) 39 kappaletta
The Alien Condition (1973) — Toimittaja — 38 kappaletta
Generation: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction (1972) — Toimittaja; Avustaja — 32 kappaletta
Finish Line (1976) 31 kappaletta
And Not Make Dreams Your Master (1981) 26 kappaletta
Ascents of Wonder (1977) — Toimittaja — 26 kappaletta
Crystals of Air and Water (1989) 24 kappaletta
Polly! (2008) 13 kappaletta
The Business of Being a Writer (1982) 12 kappaletta
Tsar Wars (2010) 10 kappaletta
Treachery of the Demon King (2002) 9 kappaletta
The Last Ghost [short fiction] (1971) 8 kappaletta
Gefangene des Wahnsinns (1990) — Tekijä — 7 kappaletta
The Djinn Garden (2010) 6 kappaletta
Treacherous Moon (2010) 3 kappaletta
Stubborn 3 kappaletta
Counterfeit Stars (2010) 3 kappaletta
Purgatory Plot (2010) 2 kappaletta
Outworld Invaders (2010) 2 kappaletta
The Angel In Black (2010) 2 kappaletta
Robot Mountain (2010) 2 kappaletta
The Complete Parsina Saga (2015) 2 kappaletta
Caça ao Tesouro (2017) 2 kappaletta
Galactic Collapse (2010) 2 kappaletta
Into the Out (2016) 2 kappaletta
Stellar Revolution (2010) 2 kappaletta
Traitors' World (2010) 2 kappaletta
Sanctuary Planet (2010) 2 kappaletta
Xenophone 1 kappale
Das private Universum (1980) — Tekijä — 1 kappale
Quiet Post (2014) 1 kappale
Crossroads of the Galaxy (2011) 1 kappale
Grim Fairy Tale 1 kappale
Alien Murders (2011) 1 kappale
Mindsearch (2011) 1 kappale
The Chenoo 1 kappale
Haunted Houses 1 kappale
The Masai Witch 1 kappale

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100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories (1978) — Avustaja — 406 kappaletta
100 Great Fantasy Short, Short Stories (1984) — Avustaja — 246 kappaletta
Nebula Award Stories Seven (1972) — Avustaja — 222 kappaletta
Planet of Treachery (1981) — Tekijä — 195 kappaletta
The Omicron Invasion (1984) — Tekijä — 140 kappaletta
Revolt Of The Galaxy (1985) — Tekijä — 130 kappaletta
Universe 5 (1974) — Avustaja — 115 kappaletta
Isaac Asimov: Science Fiction Masterpieces (1986) — Avustaja — 100 kappaletta
Best SF: 1968 (1969) — Tekijä — 91 kappaletta
Nameless Places (1975) — Avustaja — 47 kappaletta
Chrysalis 6 (1980) — Tekijä — 35 kappaletta
Tomorrow's Alternatives (Anthology 12-in-1) (1973) — Avustaja — 34 kappaletta
Alternities (1974) — Associate Editor, eräät painokset31 kappaletta
Shangri-La (1982) — Avustaja, eräät painokset29 kappaletta
Future Corruption (Anthology 12-in-1) (1975) — Avustaja — 22 kappaletta
Welten der Zukunft 10 (1986) — Avustaja — 7 kappaletta

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I don't have the "final" edition, I've got the one from the 80's so that's what I read.

I thought Shrine of the Desert Mage was a lot of fun, so decided to try another book from Stephen Goldin. I wasn't disappointed. Like the other book, you can definitely tell this book was written in the 80's. There's a "brashness" to it that wouldn't go over as well today.

I thought the idea of "freezing soldiers" and then just bringing them out when needed, was both interesting and horrifying, and the results were definitely interesting and horrifying. Goldin didn't seem to hold back postulating about what the future would be like, and it was cool to see his imagination just running wild.

There is a lot of sex in the book, but most of it is not described. There is a single line about a rape (that's pretty shocking), but overall, it fits with the story and doesn't seem to be gratuitous.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
ragwaine | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Dec 10, 2023 |
Extremely TOS-style. Features very underdeveloped Klingons. Again.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
everystartrek | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 5, 2023 |
Stereotypical characters and inconsistencies make this otherwise action-packed descriptive story a pain to read. I gave up half way through.
Story opens with Alain barely able to function because of not being able to block his telepathic reception, yet in just about every other scene in the book he is apparently untroubled by being in crowds or around others.
And then there is the obligatory (in old space operas) young uneducated nubile female who falls in love with him. That's the point where I stopped.
The last chapter does contain a good insight by the director of the government spy agency: "We ran around in circles, biting our own asses, playing games with life and death as though we were about the most important, most serious task in the universe. And what does it all come to?...I think we were all fools, so caught up in our own self-importance that we couldn't see the sense to anything."
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
juniperSun | Jun 23, 2021 |
This was kind of old school (which makes sense seeing as it was published in 1988), but still fun. It's a creative, fantasy romp with 3 main characters, a king, a storyteller and a thief. The setting is an alternate middle eastern with all the flavor and beauty that comes with that culture. Now we just have to hunt down the other books.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
ragwaine | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 7, 2021 |



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