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Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power (2017) — Editor and Curator — 107 kappaletta
Francis Alÿs: A Story of Deception (2010) — Toimittaja — 40 kappaletta
Anri Sala (2006) 20 kappaletta
Olafur Eliasson (2019) 20 kappaletta
Abstraction and the Holocaust (2007) 18 kappaletta
Alighiero e Boetti (2011) 11 kappaletta
Franz West (2018) 9 kappaletta
Rodney Graham (2016) 9 kappaletta
Frances Stark: My Best Thing (2012) 8 kappaletta

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The Mighty Aztecs (1981) — Valokuvaaja — 305 kappaletta
Exploring America's Valleys (Author / Editor Unknown) (1984) — Valokuvaaja — 174 kappaletta

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Volume 79 of the influential international art journal Parkett features Jon Kessler, Marilyn Minter and Albert Oehlen. In the tinkered gadgetry of Kessler's retro sci-fi installations, we peek through surveillance cameras to see our own image among his analog programs crammed with detritus of all kinds. Kessler's vista of (d)evolved cyberstuff is in a manic state of accumulation, as this data-diving artist masters the ecology of pure information. Within Marilyn Minter's fetishistic, flawless pictures, we find a painter obsessed with the clear articulation of magnified sweat beads and pore-smeared glitter. In each successive lip-smacking painting, Minter sets out to perfect beauty's disguise, affirming both her pleasure in fashion imagery, and an appreciation of its vulgar mishaps--say, a drag queen's eyelashes clumped together with too much mascara. According to essayist John Kelsey, Albert Oehlen's collage-paintings "seem almost bored of their own shock-value." And yet this artist, one of the most significant German painters of the past 20 years, can make boredom look like a rigorous, if not delirious experiment. Also featured: Spencer Finch, Gelitin and Mark Wallinger, as well as essayists Paul Bonaventura, Mark Godfrey, Glenn O'Brien, Katy Siegel, Andrea Scott and Pamela Lee, to name a few.… (lisätietoja)
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petervanbeveren | Dec 23, 2021 |
Alighiero e Boetti (1940-1994) has emerged as one of the most significant figures of postwar European art whose practice is having an unfolding impact on younger artists. His powerful influence can be attributed to the material diversity of his work, its conceptual ingenuity, and his political sensibility. His work, though usually associated with the Italian Arte Povera group and Conceptual Art, has never quite fit into these contexts. Boetti ceased making Arte Povera–type objects in 1969 after a few years of association with the group, and his later choice of materials (embroidery, calligraphy, mosaic, kilims) put a gulf between his work and that of most artists of the 1970s and 1980s.

Boetti had an idiosyncratic style of working, and he often collaborated with or commissioned others to execute his ideas, including his celebrated maps of the world, colorfully embroidered by women in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He tended to create several divergent bodies of work at once in series that he continued throughout his life. Alighiero e Boetti is the first monograph covering the whole career of this crucial artist to be published in English. Rather than present a linear account of the artist's creative practice, the book contains linked chapters that expound on the key subjects of Boetti's art and position this work in relation to that of his European and American contemporaries.
… (lisätietoja)
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petervanbeveren | Dec 17, 2021 |
shelved at: 999:ELI - Artists : Eliasson
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mwbooks | May 20, 2021 |
For this installation, Albanian artist Anri Sala (born 1974) created a list of 57 classic feature films, assigning each a temperature between -11 and +45 degrees Celsius. A thermometer outside the exhibition space measured the temperature, triggering a film-editing program. When the temperature changed, the film corresponding to the new temperature automatically began where it had previously left off, interrupting the narrative and provoking unplanned collisions of meaning.
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petervanbeveren | 1 muu arvostelu | Dec 28, 2020 |

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