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Karma: My Autobiography (2023) — Tekijä — 36 kappaletta
At Worst... The Best Of [1983 album] (1993) — Artist — 18 kappaletta
Cheapness & Beauty (1995) 3 kappaletta
This is what I do (2014) 2 kappaletta
A Night Out With Boy George (2002) 2 kappaletta
Crying Game (1993) 2 kappaletta
Life (Deluxe) (2018) 2 kappaletta
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Boy George is flamboyant, eccentric, talented and unique! His personality comes out in this memoir and I was hooked from the very first sentence.

Being a GenXer, this book brought back tons of memories. I love how honest and truthful Boy George is. From his arrest, to his drug use and beyond, he tells it like it is…or was!

I love when the author narrates their own book. And Boy George is amazing. I love when he laughs at his own jokes and at himself. This always put a grin on my face!

Need a good, honest memoir…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.
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fredreeca | Feb 15, 2024 |
It was a sad book. People say it was funny but I did not laugh once. Maybe because it all came close to home. Really enjoyed it though.
Wondering how George is doing now. I checked the Internet and discovered pictures of him having to work on the streets as punishment while loads of photographers were making pictures. He did look horrible.
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Marlene-NL | 1 muu arvostelu | Apr 12, 2013 |
His teachers disliked him for his insults, laziness, truancy and disruptiveness, and no doubt the police and his victims felt the same way about his petty thieving, violence and trashing of other peoples property. He's quite open about all these things, along with his gay conquests and drug use.

From his early days he was an extroverted big mouth showboat (like his father), who only got encouragment from the London club/gay scene into going for more extreme costumes and obsessive relationships. When he launched into music it all came together on Culture Club's 3rd single "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" that went to a U.K. Nº 1chart position after their appearance on Top of the Pops.

He shows the inspiration for his successful songs coming out his fear of rejection (by band member Jon Moss) and he describes the downward spiral of his heroin addiction and excruciating recovery after being shocked by the drug deaths of his friends Michael Rudestsky and Mark Vaultier.

There's a mass of egoistic jostling and name calling but this seems to have been the London punk scene of the early 1980's and its all here in this very frank and entertaining autobiography.
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Miro | 1 muu arvostelu | Nov 15, 2009 |


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