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Papa Lucy & the Boneman
by Jason Fischer
Outland Entertainment
Wow, what did I just read? Bizarre doesn't cover it! Would be a good movie! This book has a dire feeling from the beginning! A long dead god finally was able to pull his bones together to set out to find his brother, Papa Lucy. The history of these gods and the Before is told in bits and the reader gets clues as the book continues. Same with the Now.

This world is bonkers! No morals at all! Cannibals, murders, fighting for everything is just common. Jane Rider has the last True Horse! Bird men, lizards that are as big as men. Bandit raids that attack towns. There are cars but it's a desert. Very little water. Sorcery by the gods, which people still pray to. There is plenty of characters development. This is a character driven book!

This is a like an Native American Indian story but told by Neil Gaiman! Bizarre, death by everyone, intriguing but weird! I normally read very fast but I had to read this slow to figure out what they were talking about! It would probably help me to read it twice but it is a bit depressing to me so I won't be reading it a second time. I loved the premise and the supernatural aspects. It was difficult to get a footing in the book with the names that were so different for things.

The ending was good but it just had to add a little more! I guess the author is setting it up for another book. I think it should have stopped there! The one sane thing about the whole book!
I want to thank the publisher and NetGalley for letting me read this book! Enjoyed it even if it was weird!
Love the cover! Oh, and that poor horse!
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MontzaleeW | Feb 21, 2021 |



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