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This review was written for LibraryThing Member Giveaways.
A mixed bag of stories set in the Victorian era with steampunk themes. Some of the stories really appealed to me but they also show different ways of looking at steampunk from a variety of angles, scientific, fantastic and horror. Some appealed to me more than others (I'm not a zombie fan) and I'd be curious about longer stories and to see the potential of some of the stories in a longer format.
I received this ebook free from a LibraryThing giveaway and my review reflects my personal opinion
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wyvernfriend | 5 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Feb 4, 2024 |
Series Info/Source: I got a copy of this book through NetGalley to review. This is the first book in a series (which definitely isn’t made clear by the synopsis or on any media sites).

Story (3/5): This was a decent read but yet another book in a slew of recent reads that I didn’t like all that much. It's about an overweight teen (Lori) whose heart is pierced by a demon and then she starts to become that demon. This is the first book in a series which I did not realize. As a result this book doesn't really tie up any of the mysteries presented and pretty much just leaves the reader hanging. I wasn’t looking to start a new series, so I was a bit frustrated by this.

Most of the story involves Lori trying to figure out how to deal with the changes that are happening to her and how to survive them. Lori also struggles with figuring out who to trust in this new-to-her demon infested world. The story was fairly predictable but I liked the darker tone to it and the way demons were dealt with. There were some really interesting ideas around demons and possessions and "sowing".

Characters (3/5): I struggled a bit with this story in general because I had trouble relating to or engaging with any of the characters. Lori also did a lot of things that just didn't seem to make a lot of sense when her "smart" girl persona was considered. Most of the characters are fairly selfish and not all that pleasant to read about which just isn’t my thing.

Setting (3/5): The story is set in Chester, but could have been any generic city setting. There weren’t a ton of iconic moments that featured special areas of the city. Most of the story takes place at the trailer park Lori lives in or at her college. It was fine but the setting wasn’t the main driver behind the story.

Writing Style (3/5): I seem to be in a bit of a reading slump lately, I think this is the fourth or fifth book in a row I’ve given 3 or less stars to. This book was okay, technically it was fine to read. I just always felt like Finn keeps her readers at a distance. We never really get to engage with the characters or story but are kept apart from it. This made it hard for me to really dive into the story and enjoy it. As mentioned above I was also really disappointed to find out that this is the first book in a series; it should be advertised as such so that readers know what they are getting into.

My Summary (3/5): Overall this was an okay read about a girl turning into a demon (kind of) and trying to control the side effects. There is an interesting secret world built around demons and the main character struggles with figuring out who to trust. This is the first book in a series, so this story leaves the reader on a cliffhanger. I didn’t engage with the characters or the story all that well, they all felt a bit distant. I don’t plan on continuing this series.
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krau0098 | Oct 22, 2020 |
[English translation below]

Sono così felice di aver scoperto questo libro! Ultimamente trovare distopici interessanti è difficile, quindi Legion Lost è stata una piacevole sorpresa.

Guerra. Segreti. Ribellioni. Addii. Vendetta.
Dopo innumerevoli guerre il mondo è governato dal Sistema, che aiuta solo i più potenti e arruola i ragazzi senza un luogo dove rifugiarsi nella Legione per trasformarli in soldati. Ma non tutti si sono sottomessi: c'è chi vive nel sottosuolo al sicuro dalla stretta del potere o chi, come gli Highlanders, vive da ribelle aspettando il momento giusto per contrattaccare.
Ciò che mi ha colpito oltre l'ambientazione e le descrizioni sono stati sicuramente i personaggi: ognuno di essi nasconde dei segreti che vengono svelati nei momenti più inaspettati, ed è impossibile basarsi solo sulle apparenze.
E' anche incredibile vedere come cambia la protagonista nel corso della storia, dimostrando gli effetti che la guerra fa sulle persone. Alla fine mi ha ricordato per un istante Katniss Everdeen perché entrambe sono emblema della rivoluzione, ma per il resto sono eroine molto diverse.
Che dire poi dei colpi di scena? Mi hanno fatta rimanere a bocca aperta parecchie volte! Senza contare la fantastica coppia slash che in realtà slash non è composta da Raja e Stirling, sono adorabili!Il finale ricco d'azione e di drammaticità mi ha fatto desiderare ardentemente di aver già il secondo volume tra le mani, odio non sapere cos'è successo ai personaggi che amo!


(Sorry for the possibile errors, but I'm not English)
I'm so happy for this new discovery! Lately it has been quite hard finding interesting dystopian books, this is why Legion Lost is a delightful surprise.

War. Secrets. Rebellions. Farewells. Revenge.
After many wars the world is ruled by the System, that helps only powerful people and recruits teenagers whithout a shelter to transform them into soldiers. However, not everybody has submittet: somebody lives in the Underground, others like the Highlanders are rebels waiting for the right moment to counterattack.
What impressed me aside from the setting and the descriptions are the characters: each one has got secrets which are revealed in the most unexpected moments, and you can't rely on the appereances.
It's also incredible seeing how the main character changes during the story, showing how war affects people. At the end she reminded me of Katniss Everdeen because both of them are symbols of a revolution, but they are different kinds of heroines.
What can I say about the coups de théatre? I remained without words! Not to mention the adorable slash couple that actually it isn't slash formed by Stirling and Raja!The ending full of action and drama made me wish having the second book in my hands right away!
I recommend it to all the fans of the genre.
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Shay17 | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Mar 30, 2018 |
Legion Lost by K.C. Finn is an intriguing book of the future (?) or another world where life is very different. A girl, a teen, running for her life..has to join a military service...as a man! It is pretty interesting. Everyone is looking for a girl. It is full of excitement and suspense. I really enjoyed this! A fun and scary read.
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MontzaleeW | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 17, 2017 |



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