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Well, I have been in a bit of a reading slump lately and this book proved to be the perfect cure. It drew me in from the first paragraph and held me with a captivated interest for the entirety of the novel.
Hugo was such a sweetheart. He is scarred and scared, learning to trust after having no stability in his life. He was so likable and his personality shone on the page.
Betty was also quite the character. She was warm-hearted and welcoming and always placed other's needs above her own even though she had every reason not to.
If you are in need of a story bursting with love and healing, I absolutely recommend that you give Stories That Bind Us a try.

Rating: 5/5
Language: n/a
Romance: n/a
Spiritual: The characters all regularly attend church and pray
Violence: Discusses racism and the church bombings in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960s

*I received a copy of this novel from the publisher. All thoughts are my own and a positive review was not required.
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libraryofemma | 28 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Oct 20, 2023 |
I loved living the lives of Bertha and Flossie and their parents. I loved learning about the All American Girls Professional Baseball Team and the House Un American Activities Committee. I laughed and cried. I received a copy of this book from the publisher for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
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Virginia51 | 26 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 7, 2023 |
The All-American by Susie Finkbeiner is a richly woven tale of a family pursuing big dreams and fighting against the realities of life. Set during the Red Scare in the 1950s, The All-American gives us an in-depth look at the culture and politics of the time and how it affected regular citizens and shaped their futures.
I absolutely fell in love with this story from chapter one. The characters are so vivid (especially Flossie) and quirky and just darn loveable. I counted it a blessing to sit in on conversations in their home and hear the wisdom and love of the Harding parents. Their lives were ordinary in so many ways, and yet because of their love for one another and their courage to pursue big dreams, they were also extraordinary.
I could NOT put this book down. I read it while traveling and devoured it whole. If you enjoy women’s fiction or historical fiction, I would highly recommend this story. You will laugh at Bertha’s pie or Flossie's antics. You will cry when life’s not fair. But you will be left a heart brimming with hope.
I was given a copy of this book by the publisher with no expectations of a positive review. All opinions are my own.
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BlessednBookish | 26 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 3, 2023 |
16 year old Bertha dreams of playing ball with the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. When her writer father is accused of being a communist, her family begins to spiral out of control. Moving to a different town, the family lives with Uncle Matthew, a shy and reclusive relative.

The book alternates between Bertha's point of view and her younger sister Flossie's point of view. I did not enjoy Flossie's point of view. She was presented as a naive child, which took away from Bertha's journey. I also wanted to read about the baseball team, instead the book focused on their family life. Overall, not a story for me.… (lisätietoja)
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JanaRose1 | 26 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 3, 2023 |



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