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Christine Feehan is the author of over 40 books including Dark Wolf, Dark Blood, and Earth Bound. She writes numerous series including Dark, Drake Sisters, Ghostwalkers, Leopard, Sea Haven, Carpathian, and The Shadow Series. She also wrote a manga comic, Dark Hunger, which was released in October näytä lisää 2007. Dark Prince won three Paranormal Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature in 1999. She has received seven more for her other books. She also won two Golden Leaf Awards, the Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times Magazine for Contemporary New Reality, the 2004 RIO Award of Excellence, and the Borders 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award. Her titles often appear on The New York Times Bestseller List. (Bowker Author Biography) näytä vähemmän
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Dark Prince (1999) 2,300 kappaletta
Dark Desire (1999) 1,996 kappaletta
Dark Gold (2000) 1,870 kappaletta
Dark Magic (2000) 1,852 kappaletta
Dark Challenge (2000) 1,697 kappaletta
Dark Fire (2001) 1,636 kappaletta
Dark Legend (2002) 1,624 kappaletta
Dark Guardian (2002) 1,578 kappaletta
Dark Demon (2006) 1,577 kappaletta
Shadow Game (2003) 1,558 kappaletta
Dark Symphony (2003) 1,544 kappaletta
Dark Celebration (2006) 1,506 kappaletta
Dark Melody (2003) 1,475 kappaletta
Dark Destiny (2004) 1,446 kappaletta
Dark Secret (2005) 1,422 kappaletta
Mind Game (2004) 1,380 kappaletta
Oceans of Fire (2005) 1,314 kappaletta
Dark Possession (2007) 1,276 kappaletta
Dangerous Tides (2006) 1,264 kappaletta
Night Game (2005) 1,229 kappaletta
Conspiracy Game (2006) 1,218 kappaletta
Dark Curse (2008) 1,200 kappaletta
Safe Harbor (2007) 1,183 kappaletta
Deadly Game (2007) 1,147 kappaletta
Dark Slayer (2009) 1,114 kappaletta
Magic in the Wind (2003) 1,065 kappaletta
Wild Rain (2004) 1,060 kappaletta
Predatory Game (2008) 1,047 kappaletta
Hot Blooded (Anthology 4-in-1) (2004) — Tekijä — 1,013 kappaletta
Turbulent Sea (2008) 989 kappaletta
The Twilight Before Christmas (2003) 987 kappaletta
Hidden Currents (2009) 936 kappaletta
Murder Game (2008) 929 kappaletta
The Scarletti Curse (2001) 899 kappaletta
Dark Dreamers (2001) — Tekijä — 867 kappaletta
Burning Wild (2009) 862 kappaletta
Lair of the Lion (2002) 856 kappaletta
Dark Peril (2010) 842 kappaletta
Water Bound (2010) 774 kappaletta
Street Game (2009) 757 kappaletta
The Only One (Anthology 3-in-1) (2003) — Tekijä — 685 kappaletta
Dark Predator (2011) 644 kappaletta
Ruthless Game (2010) 630 kappaletta
Wild Fire (2010) 600 kappaletta
Fantasy (Anthology 4-in-1) (2002) — Avustaja — 592 kappaletta
Lover Beware (Anthology 4-in-1) (2003) — Tekijä — 561 kappaletta
Dark Storm (2012) 548 kappaletta
Savage Nature (2011) 528 kappaletta
Spirit Bound (2011) 522 kappaletta
Dark Hunger (2007) 506 kappaletta
Dark Wolf (2014) 492 kappaletta
Dark Lycan (2013) 477 kappaletta
Samurai Game (2012) 445 kappaletta
Dark Blood (2014) 409 kappaletta
Fever (2006) 403 kappaletta
Shadow Rider (2016) 368 kappaletta
The Wicked and the Wondrous (2004) 359 kappaletta
Leopard's Prey (2012) 343 kappaletta
Dark Ghost (2015) 339 kappaletta
Dark Descent (2003) 329 kappaletta
Air Bound (2014) 327 kappaletta
Earth Bound (2015) 326 kappaletta
Viper Game (2015) 312 kappaletta
Dark Promises (2016) 294 kappaletta
Dark Carousel (2016) 286 kappaletta
Judgment Road (2018) 281 kappaletta
Spider Game (2016) 267 kappaletta
Fire Bound (2016) 266 kappaletta
Cat's Lair (2015) 264 kappaletta
Dark Legacy (2017) 259 kappaletta
Dark Dream (2001) 256 kappaletta
Power Game (2017) 248 kappaletta
Bound Together (2017) 238 kappaletta
Shadow Reaper (2017) 238 kappaletta
Dark Sentinel (2018) 228 kappaletta
Shadow Keeper (2018) 221 kappaletta
Covert Game (2018) 206 kappaletta
Vengeance Road (2019) 203 kappaletta
Wild Cat (2015) 199 kappaletta
Dark Illusion (2019) 191 kappaletta
Leopard's Fury (2016) 189 kappaletta
The Awakening (2002) 186 kappaletta
Toxic Game (2019) 185 kappaletta
Shadow Warrior (2019) 174 kappaletta
Dark Song (2020) 161 kappaletta
Leopard's Blood (2017) 159 kappaletta
Desolation Road (2020) 159 kappaletta
Vendetta Road (2020) 158 kappaletta
Shadow Flight (2020) 156 kappaletta
Reckless Road (2021) 147 kappaletta
Dark Hunger (2012) 146 kappaletta
Lethal Game (2020) 144 kappaletta
Leopard's Run (2018) 142 kappaletta
Lightning Game (2021) 128 kappaletta
Edge of Darkness (Anthology 3-in-1) (2015) — Tekijä — 124 kappaletta
Murder at Sunrise Lake (2021) 113 kappaletta
Leopard's Rage (2020) 113 kappaletta
Dark Tarot (2021) 111 kappaletta
Leopard's Wrath (2019) 110 kappaletta
Annihilation Road (2021) 107 kappaletta
Savage Road (2022) 98 kappaletta
Phantom Game (2022) 98 kappaletta
Shadow Fire (2022) 91 kappaletta
Dark Whisper (2022) 77 kappaletta
Dark Crime (2016) 75 kappaletta
Recovery Road (2023) 65 kappaletta
Sea Storm (2010) 62 kappaletta
Leopard's Scar (2022) 55 kappaletta
Red on the River (2022) 52 kappaletta
Ghostly Game (2023) 43 kappaletta
After the Music (2011) 42 kappaletta
Rocky Mountain Miracle (2014) 40 kappaletta
Dark Memory (2023) 37 kappaletta
The Drake Sisters, Books 1, 3-7 (2012) 25 kappaletta
Dark Possession | Dark Curse (2010) 23 kappaletta
Leopard's Hunt (A Leopard Novel) (2024) 22 kappaletta
Ghostwalkers, Books 1-5 (2011) 16 kappaletta
Magic Before Christmas (2013) 6 kappaletta
The Drake Sisters, Books 1-7 (1990) 3 kappaletta
Dark Hunter 3 kappaletta
Dark Series 1 (2014) 2 kappaletta
Léopards, T5 : Remy (2022) 1 kappale
Léopards, T6 : Ridley (2023) 1 kappale
Embrujo (2011) 1 kappale
Judith (tome 2) (2017) 1 kappale
Posesion Oscura (2010) 1 kappale
Léopards, T3 : Conner (2021) 1 kappale
Léopards, T4 : Drake (2022) 1 kappale
Léopards, T2 : Jake (2021) 1 kappale
The Dark Game 1 kappale
Il ‰principe vampiro (2012) 1 kappale
Betrayal Road 1 kappale

Associated Works

After Twilight (2001) — Tekijä — 600 kappaletta

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Contemporary? Blaze is Barowner, Name that Book (elokuu 2015)
Werewolves and vampires series, Name that Book (heinäkuu 2012)


I like Feehan’s writing style, it is descriptive and she takes time with her action scenes. Her Dark series is based in the common world, and the main characters are not typical vampires but more shifters that drink blood. She has added in several of other mythical species into the series so far. She incorporates strong family values into her novels and keeps characters recurring.

The only thing that bothers me is that the male characters are always similar and aren’t rounded with unique personalities. Sometimes I get them confused as I have been reading other books while progressing this series. It’s very long with a lot of characters to remember.

★★★★ I would recommend this one as long as you start the series from the beginning and in order.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
OMBWarrior47 | 25 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Mar 31, 2024 |
I read this book a few years back and I didn't like it, but so many people love this author, that I decided to try again and check if I didn't change my mind. This time I truly hated it and I hardly managed to finish it. I didn't like the writing style, the hero was creepy - I'm sorry, but it's definitely not for me.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Donderowicz | 84 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Mar 12, 2024 |
This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review. Also my tags may have spoilers in them so be forewarned before checking out full review.

Book Evaluation:
Plot: 🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️
World Building:🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎
Hero: 🦸🏻🦸🏻🦸🏻🦸🏻🦸🏻
Intimacy Level: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Relationship Building: 💒💒💒💒💒
Heart & Feels:💞💞💞💞
Witty/Banter/Reaction of Laughter: 😂😂😂😂
Page Turner Level:📖📖📖📖
Overall View: ✨✨✨✨.5

First Impressions
Leopard’s Hunt is the NEWEST release in the Leopard People series by Christine Feehan. This is book #14 and I can’t believe we are this far in this series. It just feels like yesterday when I read the beginning books of this series. Its actually not as old as some of her others. I was really excited for this one and this is an author that I really just auto buy and just dive into her books so quickly and easily. This is one of my most anticipated reads for the WHOLE YEAR! That is how excited I was for this one. I just loved the previous book so was eager to see what she would handle with this one here. Even though the heroine is kick ass, I trusted in Feehan to deliver and she DEFINITELY did that with this one here. Lately Feehan has been writing a ton of kick ass heroines and I am kinda drained of it, I miss her softer heroines, BUT I will say that she made this heroine really work for me when I was NOT in the mood for her, so that should tell you how flawlessly written this book is.

First Line
Gedeon Volkov had been a fixer for years--and he was considered the best in his field.

This book starts out with Gorya Amurov, who has taken over his lair who has been corrupt for years with drug and human trafficking and he is putting a stop to this modern age slavery. So many leopards are getting caught up in it and he is determined to win this war against it, no matter what he has to do to stop it. But he knows that he and his leopard are more ruthless than most in his circle. He hires on Gedeon and Meiling to kill him when he has gone too far. But then through a turn of fate, he finds a woman locked in a basement, who is just as lethal as he is and without hope for anything good in this world just like he is. Maya Averina was taken as a child, and raped and tortured and lost her whole family. But now she is coming through her first heat, and she finds her mate in the most unlikely of circumstances. A man who is cold and ruthless but calls something to her and is just as lost and without hope just like she has been and they connect to each other. Their leopard’s encouraged both of their humans and their romance has been one that was encouraged by their animals. But they find such solace and healing in each other while also fighting the threat to their lair and a hidden conspiracy to destroy them and their work against the human trafficking rings…

What I Loved
Leopard’s Hunt BLEW my mind! Christine Feehan definitely delivered a story that is guaranteed to keep you on edge from beginning to end. And this book is where we get a serial change of sorts and I love it when she does these plot building that gives hints on what is coming up next. I honestly didn’t know what to expect about this one, but it was way different than I expected going into it. I also was so ALL IN for this romance. I loved both of these characters. Gorya and Maya have such pain and heartache and your heart immediately goes out to them and the struggles that they have faced. Despite how powerful and kick ass both of them are, they have such vulnerabilities and they don’t fight their attraction or their bond like you would expect from such strong personalities. The relationship just flows so smoothly despite the fear and reservations that they have regarding it. We get some old favorites including DRAKE and some connections to what happened in “Savage Nature” and I really adored that connection there. The plot is really thrilling and wow the plot connections is so crafty and cunning and such evil is in these villains here. It does get pretty intense in that respect, so make sure you know what to expect going into this. It really tackles some tough issues and its one of the elements to this author’s writing that I really respect. I love that she writes about real issues that not many authors are willing to address especially in matters of human trafficking.

What I Struggled With
The pacing in the second half was a bit off for me, I had a hard time really keeping up with the story and there was a couple of plot holes or maybe I just accidentally missed them. Normally Feehan is really good about making sure these don’t happen. But otherwise it was a powerfully written story that if you love anything paranormal, you need to read it!

Overall View
Leopard’s Hunt is a true masterpiece of thrilling plot devices, characters that will tug at your heartstrings, and a story that will addict its readers in like a moth to flame in such a stunning delivery to pack the punch that only this author delivers! A WONDROUS INSTALLMENT TO MELT YOUR HEART FROM BEGINNING TO END!

Favorite Quote(s)
“You’re never going to lose me, Maya. Never. I’d find my way back from hell to get to you.”

I can’t breathe without you, Gorya. I’ll never be the same. I haven’t been able to breathe without you since the moment I laid eyes on you. We belong together. The pair of us. Broken. Damaged. We wor together. No matter what happens, we fit…

Baby. We’re already woven together. The same heart. The same soul. The same skin. They broke us to pieces and when we put our pieces together, we became one. You. Wraith. Me. Rogue.

Book Details (also in my shelves)
Sub Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense
Character Types: Alpha Male, Alpha Female, Shape Shifter, Leopards
Themes: Kick Ass, Crime, Danger, Heart/Touching, PTSD
Tropes: Fated Love, Second Chance

Book Perspective
3rd POV

Relationship Conflict vs Plot Conflict
Plot Conflict

If you like these authors, I recommend This Book
Paige Tyler
Lora Leigh
Nalini Singh

Song This Book Inspires
Just As I Am-Air Supply

Recommendation For Reading Order

Steam/Spice Explanations

Steamin' up the room -the sexual content is more explicit in the language and tone, heavier amount of sexual scenes.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
addictofromance | Feb 21, 2024 |
Abandoned after 10 pages. The writing is atrocious.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
electrascaife | 13 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 18, 2024 |



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