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Shūsaku Endō (1923–1996)

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Shusaku Endo was born in Tokyo in 1923 and, with his family, converted to Catholicism while he was still a child. Much of his writing centers on the conflict this conversion engendered as he struggled to develop faith in a deity foreign to Japanese culture. His writings also reflect on his näytä lisää experiences during World War II during the bombings and the subsequent shortage of basic human necessities for the Japanese people. He explores the suffering endured and the inevitable shock wave upon human relationships and the human psyche. Endo graduated from Keio University and then journeyed to France after the war to continue his studies, but was forced to return to Japan because of illness. After a period of convalescence Endo decided on a writing career, publishing his first novel, Shiroihito, in 1955. His novel The Samurai, published in the United States in 1996, is considered one of his finest works. His novel Silence, was made into a major motion picture and premiered in November 2016. Endo's reputation is due in part to his exploration of moral dilemma as it relates to divergent cultures. Endo has won many literary awards. In 1982 he was elected to the Japan Arts Academy. Shusaku Endo died in 1996. (Bowker Author Biography) näytä vähemmän

Tekijän teokset

Vaitiolo (1966) 3,859 kappaletta, 100 arvostelua
Samurai (1980) 818 kappaletta, 11 arvostelua
Deep River (1993) 617 kappaletta, 24 arvostelua
A Life of Jesus (1978) 379 kappaletta, 4 arvostelua
Skandaali (1986) 353 kappaletta, 7 arvostelua
The Sea and Poison (1957) 331 kappaletta, 15 arvostelua
Kuiskaus (1974) 211 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Verraton hölmö (1959) 194 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
Stained Glass Elegies (1959) 175 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
Volcano (1959) 127 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
The Girl I Left Behind (1972) 124 kappaletta, 4 arvostelua
Foreign Studies (1989) 122 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
The Final Martyrs (1985) 114 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Five by Endo (2000) 86 kappaletta, 5 arvostelua
The Golden Country (1970) 46 kappaletta
Kiku's Prayer: A Novel (Weatherhead Books on Asia) (2012) 33 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Douleurs exquises (1991) 4 kappaletta
狐狸庵閑話 4 kappaletta
悲しみの歌 (1981) 4 kappaletta
Song of Sadness (1977) 4 kappaletta
聖書のなかの女性たち (1972) 4 kappaletta
大変だァ 4 kappaletta
ぐうたら怠談 3 kappaletta
生き上手死に上手 (1994) 3 kappaletta
決戦の時 下 (1991) 3 kappaletta
彼の生きかた (1977) 3 kappaletta
死について考える (1996) 3 kappaletta
影法師 (1974) 3 kappaletta
王の挽歌 下巻 (1996) 3 kappaletta
父親 (1989) 3 kappaletta
愛情セミナー 3 kappaletta
母なるもの (1975) 3 kappaletta
生き上手死に上手 (1991) 3 kappaletta
女の一生 2部 (1986) 3 kappaletta
真昼の悪魔 (1990) 3 kappaletta
火山 3 kappaletta
留学 (新潮文庫) (1968) 3 kappaletta
夫婦の一日 (1997) 3 kappaletta
眠れぬ夜に読む本 (1996) 3 kappaletta
決戦の時 上 (1991) 3 kappaletta
春は馬車に乗って (1992) 2 kappaletta
変るものと変らぬもの (1993) 2 kappaletta
落第坊主の履歴書 (1993) 2 kappaletta
人間のなかのX 2 kappaletta
ぐうたら人間学 (1976) 2 kappaletta
イエス巡礼 (1995) 2 kappaletta
鉄の首枷 : 小西行長伝 (1979) 2 kappaletta
埋もれた古城 2 kappaletta
宿敵 下 (1987) 2 kappaletta
哀歌 (1984) 2 kappaletta
ユーモア小説集 (1973) 2 kappaletta
留学 2 kappaletta
楽天大将 2 kappaletta
灯のうるむ頃 2 kappaletta
どっこいショ 2 kappaletta
第二怪奇小説集 2 kappaletta
快男児・快男児 2 kappaletta
怪奇小説集 2 kappaletta
わが恋う人は 下 (1990) 2 kappaletta
わが恋う人は 上 (1990) 2 kappaletta
妖女のごとく (1991) 2 kappaletta
満潮の時刻 (2002) 2 kappaletta
悪霊の午後 上 (1986) 2 kappaletta
ピアノ協奏曲二十一番 (1990) 2 kappaletta
反逆 下 (1991) 2 kappaletta
反逆 上 (1991) 2 kappaletta
父親 下 (1983) 2 kappaletta
父親 上 (1983) 2 kappaletta
その夜のコニャック (1991) 2 kappaletta
小説身上相談 (1978) 2 kappaletta
宿敵 上 (1987) 2 kappaletta
最後の殉教者 (1984) 2 kappaletta
協奏曲 (1979) 2 kappaletta
王の挽歌 上巻 (1996) 2 kappaletta
一・二・三! (1973) 2 kappaletta
悪霊の午後 下 (1986) 2 kappaletta
私の愛した小説 (1988) 2 kappaletta
Scandalul (Romanian Edition) (2016) 2 kappaletta
Samuraj 2 kappaletta
冬の優しさ (新潮文庫) (1987) 2 kappaletta
Vaikus (2016) 2 kappaletta
万華鏡 (1996) 2 kappaletta
それ行け狐狸庵 (1974) 2 kappaletta
勇気ある言葉 (1977) 2 kappaletta
「深い河」をさぐる (1997) 2 kappaletta
ほんとうの私を求めて (1990) 2 kappaletta
お茶を飲みながら (1984) 2 kappaletta
سکوت 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
Σκάνδαλο 1 kappale
Når jeg fløjter (1974) 1 kappale
Silence (2024) 1 kappale
私のイエス 1 kappale
Il giapponese di Varsavia (2018) 1 kappale
Escândalo 1 kappale
沈黙 1 kappale
大変だァ 1 kappale
反逆 1 kappale
心の砂時計 (1992) 1 kappale
私にとって神とは (1988) 1 kappale
スキャンダル 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
Mlčení 1 kappale
Silence c.6 1 kappale

Associated Works

The Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories (1997) — Avustaja — 231 kappaletta, 4 arvostelua
A Song for Nagasaki: The Story of Takashi Nagai-Scientist, Convert, and Survivor of the Atomic Bomb (1988) — Esipuhe, eräät painokset201 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Silence [2016 film] (2016) — Original book — 104 kappaletta, 8 arvostelua
A Life in Medicine: A Literary Anthology (2002) — Avustaja — 84 kappaletta
Found in Translation (2018) — Avustaja, eräät painokset38 kappaletta

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122. Silence by Shusaku Endo, Backlisted Book Club (maaliskuu 2022)
Group Read, July 2015: Silence, 1001 Books to read before you die (toukokuu 2017)
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Ο Σουγκούρο είναι ένας διαπρεπής Ιάπωνας μυθιστοριογράφος, χριστιανός, με ευυπόληπτο συζυγικό βίο και στα πρόθυρα των γηρατειών. Έτσι, η μεθυσμένη γυναίκα που τον πλησιάζει σε μία τελετή απονομής λογοτεχνικών βραβείων, ισχυριζόμενη ότι τον γνωρίζει από τις συχνές του επισκέψεις στην περιοχή των πορνείων του Τόκιο, θα πρέπει σίγουρα να σφάλλει. Όμως, οι αναφορές σε νέες εμφανίσεις του κι ένας κακόβουλος δημοσιογράφος που προσπαθεί να τον εκθέσει παρουσιάζοντάς τον ως απατεώνα, αναγκάζουν τον Σουγκούρο να κάνει ένα φοβερό ταξίδι στα κακόφημα στέκια της πόλης – και να έρθει αντιμέτωπος με τις καταπιεσμένες για χρόνια επιθυμίες του.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
dimi777 | Jul 4, 2024 |
Shusaku Endo offers a rare perspective, that of a Japanese Catholic. He traces a small cast of tourists to India, concentrating on their experiences at Varanasi at the Ganges. In this setting he widens the perceived Western Christian tradition through an Asian viewpoint; one that does not necessarily place good and evil as opposites, but which understands that good and evil are sometimes common to the pursuit of God. He uses the example of the Hindu deity Chamunda, who despite being a mother goddess like Mary dispensing good, is also a bringer of awful suffering and pain.
Endo offers us a pantheistic variation on the person of Jesus who himself undertook the burden of human suffering with our redemption as its purpose.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
ivanfranko | 23 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 31, 2024 |
This short (fewer than 100 pages) collection comprises five stories, each of which is impressive in its own way. "Unzen" tells of a Japanese Christian who visits the Valley of Hell where Christians were tortured in the 17th century. The theme—with which Endo was long obsessed—revolves around his struggle to understand the martyrs’ faith. "Japanese in Warsaw" portrays a group of Japanese businessmen who visit Warsaw primarily for the prostitutes. They mock the city and are uninterested in its history even when they learn that Warsaw residents associate them with a noble Polish priest, Father Kolbe. The story of this priest, who once lived in Nagasaki and who was killed at Auschwitz (and whose death is well worth reading about if you don’t know about it), ends with an eerie revelation. In "A Fifty-year-old Man," Mr. Chiba decides to learn ballroom dancing even as he struggles with his brother's terminal illness and the death of his loyal dog Whitey. The final story is the opening chapter of Endo's novel Deep River. This story (chapter) tells about the death of Isobe's wife, a women he has long taken for granted, and sets the novel’s plot in motion by telling him, "I'll be reborn somewhere in this world. Look for me... find me... promise... promise!" An impressive collection and nice introduction to Endo by those who don’t know his stories.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Gypsy_Boy | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 16, 2024 |
A well written book that brings in moral questions of faith and whether our pride can interfere with our faith.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
chip1o1 | 99 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 1, 2024 |



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