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The Final Strife (2022) 336 kappaletta
Faebound: A Novel (2024) 176 kappaletta
The Battle Drum (2023) 81 kappaletta
Faebound (2024) 79 kappaletta
The Ending Fire: Book 3 (2024) 1 kappale

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#ReadAroundTheWorld. #United Arab Emirates

This is the second book in the fantasy series by Saara El-Arifi. Born in the UAE and raised in England, her world is built on the Ghanaian folklore and Arabian mythology of her parents heritage.

In this second story Anoor continues her training as the first ruler of the Warden’s Empire to secretly have blue blood. Her world is suddenly thrown into jeopardy when she is falsely accused of a murder and must solve it to clear her name.

In the meantime Sylah is on a voyage with her ex-lover Jond dealing with monsters, magic and threats to the entire empire. Sylah is a badass but the long distance relationship with Anoor felt like a trial.

The third leading lady, Ghosting, Hassa mysteriously moves around the castle and city uncovering the mystery of whether it is the tide wind responsible for a series of deaths or whether something else is at play. I enjoyed her friendship with Kwame and her character arc.

It’s always good to have strong female leads however thus book felt a bit “in-betweeney” to me, like the filler between a very strong first story and what will probably be a strong ending to the trilogy. I guess that is often the fate of the second book in a trilogy. I’m definitely still invested enough to want to complete the trilogy. 3.5 stars
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mimbza | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 7, 2024 |
Very engaging fantasy with a lot of world to get lost in, but a few elements just needed a little more polishing.
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bookwyrmm | 9 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Mar 14, 2024 |
When I saw I got an advanced copy of this I about jumped around my classroom(teacher). It is worth all the hype and I am not even that far in yet. Not only will I finish reading this but I am ordering my own copy!!! The cover is beautiful! The concept I love! I would not be surprised if this book doesn't make all the fantasy lists of the year!
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amethystangel777 | 1 muu arvostelu | Feb 28, 2024 |
TW/CW: Sex, murder, death, violence


REVIEW: I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley and Del Rey books and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

Faebound is the first in a series of fantasy novels by Saara El-Arifi, author of the Final Strife trilogy. It follows the two sisters Yeeran and Lettle, who because of a mistake on the battlefield find themselves in exile outside of any land they have ever known. It is then that they run across a people that they were unaware still existed, and who turn their lives and beliefs upside down.

This is an excellent book. Having read the first two books in The Final Strife, I wasn’t surprised by this at all, but I think that this book might even be better than those. I love El-Arifi’s world building, which really does create a whole new culture in your mind as you read. I love the casual way she treats LGBTQIA+ relationships, like they are healthy and normal (the way they SHOULD be portrayed). I love the fact that her characters are mainly black and brown, because there isn’t nearly enough of that in fantasy. Although the vast majority of this book takes place in a small physical space, that doesn’t make it any less interesting or exciting, which I think takes a lot of skill.

I am very much looking forward to reading El-Arifi’s future books – of which I hope there are many – and I highly recommend this book!
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Anniik | 1 muu arvostelu | Feb 6, 2024 |



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½ 4.3

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