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Martin Edwards is an award-winning crime writer best known for two series of novels set in Liverpool and the Lake District. He is series consultant for British Library Crime Classics, Chair of the Crime Writers' Association, and President of the Detection Club. The Golden Age of Murder, his study näytä lisää of the Detection Club, was published in 2015 to international acclaim, and won the Edgar, Agatha, H.R.F. Keating, and Macavity awards for the year's best book about the genre. näytä vähemmän


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London Crime Shorts
Review of the Poisoned Pen Press eBook edition (June 2, 2015) of the British Library Crime Classics original (February 25, 2015) collecting 17 short stories published from 1893 to 1946.

[61/17 = 3.6 average rating for the 17 stories, rounded up to 4 for GR]
I usually pick up a British Library Crime Classic (BLCC) as a cozy seasonal read over the Christmas holidays, but when Capital Crimes: London Mysteries was offered as a Kindle Deal of the Day a few weeks ago I snapped it up immediately. The Martin Edwards anthology selections for the BLCC have always been reliable, with excellent variety. This proved to be the case again.

I've found the best way to record information and ratings on short story anthologies is to make immediate notes via GR's status updates which you can see below or at this link if you are reading outside of GR. Highlighted passages are here.

See poster at https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Ibql8GeR_2M/U9unBkYdnqI/AAAAAAAA5so/14C4YYqqJWI/s1600...
Poster of "London Pride" (1946) by Frank Henry Mason, a portion of which was cropped for the cover of "Capital Crimes." Image sourced from Artists98.

My 4 or 5 star faves (10 stories) are listed below. The other 7 stories were 2 and 3 stars, no 1 stars. I was surprised at the number of stories which had their own separate listing on GR, several of which I link to below. I expect all of these are in the public domain so likely many of them can be found for free online for those who take the trouble to look.
3. The Finchley Puzzle **** by Richard Marsh (1857-1915) does not have a specified publishing date. The lead investigator is a lip-reader named Judith Lee. The case involves a considerable number of chance encounters and lucky breaks but was still quite unique due to the main character.
4. The Magic Casket**** by R. Austin Freeman (1862-1943) was published in the same-titled collection in 1927. Various villains are attempting to steal a tiny metal box which was fashioned by a criminal when they were in prison. The box may hold a secret which only Dr. Thorndyke can uncover.
5. The Holloway Flat Tragedy ***** by Ernest Bramah (1868-1942) was first published in 1927. A suspicious case of attempted murder is brought to the office of enquiry agent Louis Carlyle. Carlyle enlists the aid of his friend, the blind sleuth Max Carrados to solve the case when the next attempt proves successful.
7. The Stealer of Marble**** by Edgar Wallace (1873-1932) was from the collection The Mind of Mr J G Reeder (1925). A woman is arrested due to her acting suspiciously with a suitcase, but the suitcase only contains broken pieces of marble. Reeder uncovers the diabolical use of the marble pieces.
8. The Tea Leaf***** by Robert Eustace (1869-1943) and Edgar Jensen (1863-1938) first published in 1925. A classic early locked room mystery. A man is stabbed to death in a turkish bath and the last man who argued with him and left the room is the main suspect, except no weapon can be found.
9. The Hands of Mr. Ottermole**** by Thomas Burke (1886-1945) was first published in 1931. A mysterious strangler is randomly selecting victims around London and the police are baffled. A journalist thinks he has solved the mystery. Good twist ending.
10. The Little House**** by H.C. Bailey (1878-1961) from the collection Mr. Fortune, Please (1927). Reginald Fortune, a regular consultant of the authorities, is asked to investigate the case of a missing kitten, which turns out to be a much more diabolical situation.
13. The Avenging Chance**** by Anthony Berkeley (1893-1971) first publication was not listed, but the story was later expanded into the full length novel The Poisoned Chocolates Case (1929) which offered six different solutions to the case.
16. Cheese**** by Ethel Lina White (1876-1944) original publication not identified. A plan is set in motion to capture a murderer when someone offers to be the bait (i.e. the “cheese”) in a trap. The ending is basically given away at the introduction, but there was still suspense and a small twist at the end.
17. You Can’t Hang Twice**** by Anthony Gilbert (1899-1973) original publication in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine November 1946. A potential witness phones lawyer Arthur Crook to say that he can attest to the innocence of Crook’s client in a murder charge. But will the witness make it to Crook’s office with the murderer on his tail?

Trivia and Links
The British Library Crime Classics series are reprints of forgotten titles from the 1860's through to the 1950's. You can see a list at the British Library Crime Classics Shop (for North America they are reprinted by the publisher Poisoned Pen Press). There is also a Goodreads Listopia for the series which you can see here.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
alanteder | 5 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jun 15, 2024 |
The gimmick for this one is that all the mysteries revolve around some form of the book. Whether that be canny editors, perceptive writers, or just a book as catalyst makes no difference. They’re all delightful short little mysteries designed to appeal to book lovers whose most loved books are mysteries.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Fiddleback_ | 11 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 28, 2024 |
With six stories, this is a short collection, but they are really solid Sherlock Holmes pastiches. Martin Edwards captures well the style and atmosphere of the Holmes stories by Conan Doyle. These are very much in the traditional style, no fantasy elements or parodies. The mysteries are suitably strange, but the focus is not really on the investigation, as Holmes solves them without letting the readers follow the process. Anyway, that's quite in line with most of the canon stories too.

Pastiches are never quite the same as the originals, but if you want more Holmes short stories in the traditional style, this is a good choice.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
jcm790 | May 26, 2024 |
A collection of 16 reprinted crime stories set in British country houses. Mostly focused on the Golden Age of Detection. This is one of the anthologies edited by Martin Edwards and published in the British Library Crime Classics series. (One minor complaint, Mr. Edwards: I would have liked to see the year of publication of each story).

I'm giving it 5 stars. I guess objectively 4 would be appropriate, after all many of the stories are not perfect, but when I enjoy every single story in a collection by different writers I have to reward that. Overall, quite solid, atmospheric and well-written, even if the mysteries were not always the greatest.

The stories are:

Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Copper Beeches”: A Sherlock Holmes story. Quite an intriguing situation and an entertaining tale, although not one of the best stories in the canon because it seems easy to guess what was going on and Holmes did not get to do that much detecting.

Dick Donovan’s “The Problem of Dead Wood Hall”: Contrasting with the impossibly bright detectives in other stories, a very down to earth and matter-of-fact first-person narration by the investigator. Again, quite enjoyable, although once more the guilty party seems evident (and the police look rather incompetent for not seeing it). I guess that in a short story it's difficult to plant red herrings. There's just not much room. Still, it turns out that the interest is not in who did it but on whether it will be proven to a jury's satisfaction. One of the problems of Golden Age detection, of course: as soon as the detective exposes the fault in the murderer's alibi and makes the accusation, the murderer confesses, even though a theory is one thing and proof is a different one. Not so here.

E. W. Hornung’s “Gentlemen and Players”: features a crook as protagonist: Raffles. As always in this anthology, good writing and a very enjoyable atmosphere. The plot is fine, if nothing extremely special.

W.W. Jacobs’ “The Well”: No detective here; just a very good psychological story about a crime, a bit in the vein of The Tell-Tale Heart. And the moral of this story is: don't hide the body inside your property.

G.K. Chesterton’s “The White Pillars Murder”: Not a Father Brown story, but one involving the detective Dr. Adrian Hyde, and particularly his two assistants. The resolution is on the nonsensical side, with one of the assistant solving the puzzle with just a flash of inspiration and insight, with no real investigation. However, I have to confess that I enjoyed the rather outrageous solution.

Ernest Bramah's “The Secret of Dunstan’s Tower”: The blind detective Max Carrados works on a problem about a seemingly haunted manor. Blood appears at night on the stairs, every night one step higher, and when it reaches the top floor there will be a death, according to tradition. A very intriguing premise, although as sometimes happens you have to wonder how no one else was able to find out what was going on. A thrilling but not really practical way to commit a crime.

J.S. Fletcher’s “The Manor House Mystery”: A good mystery with several turns of the screw as new information becomes available and changes the case. Once more, very enjoyable, and my only reservation is that the investigator did nothing. His role was just receiving news.

J.J. Bell’s “The Message on the Sun-Dial”: Another psychological tale from the point of view of the criminal. Quite good, although the resolution, involving a "dying message clue" was not the best part.

Sapper's “The Horror at Staveley Grange”: A haunted room where two healthy men died of heart failure, and a suspect who asks for the detective's help. It's a recurring theme in the anthology: well-written and atmospheric. Once again, the crime turns out to be more thrilling than practical. Those Golden Age criminals sure came up with convoluted ways of murdering!

Anthony Berkeley's “The Mystery of Horne’s Copse”: A really good story about someone who keeps finding a murdered corpse, only to have the body disappear as he tries to alert the police. The longest story in the book and enjoyable throughout. Once you know the solution, though, you have to wonder at how many things could go wrong with the criminals' plan.

James Hilton’s “The Perfect Plan”: Another excellent story about an almost perfect murder, also with psychological content. This time, the murderer's plan is better thought-out, although not lacking in complexity and spectacularity.

Margery Allingham’s “The Same to Us”: Quite short story with no detective, which paint an amusing portrait of a vain hostess.

E.V. Knox’s “The Murder at the Towers”: An outright but fond parody of the Golden Age manor crime story. There's a lot of room for parody there, and I found this short tale quite funny.

Ethel Lina White’s “The Unlocked Window”: Yet another very good psychological tale, this time from the point of view of an increasingly terrified nurse who is the next victim chosen by a maniac serial murderer.

Nicholas Blake's “The Long Shot”; A classic country manor murder story. Not the best in the book but quite adequate.

Michael Gilbert’s “Weekend at Wapentake”: Another tale with more focus on the horror of the crime than on the detection, with a couple of servants who murder the old lady they are taking care of.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
jcm790 | 8 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 26, 2024 |



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