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Duncan has been swept away from modern day Earth to a land of magic on a far off planet--and it's a long way from home and the wife and kids he left behind. His one goal is to get back, but the owner of the magic he now wields is out for revenge. Duncan may not be able to die on Syrane, but there are fates worse than death.

This is the second book in the duology (the first being [b:Outsider|22590125|Outsider|Peter Diggins||42070402]). I found that while the author did a good job explaining necessary parts of the first book when required, it did dive into the action very quickly and I was a little lost at the beginning. Once I got past that, it became easier to get into the story and Duncan's predicament. I imagine reading it second, as intended, would enrich the experience of reading this book.

I did find, however, that the story seemed to drag in some parts (possibly due to starting in the second book instead of the first), and the ending felt a tad abrupt.

But the world of Syrane is incredible and it's interesting to see how religion and magic tie together in the system. A solid story of magic and adventure, of longing and hard choices. If you love pop culture references mixed with your sword and sorcery, pick up [b:Outsider|22590125|Outsider|Peter Diggins||42070402] and this book!
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AngeLeya | 1 muu arvostelu | Jan 22, 2018 |
Jade, a young mage, and her companions are trapped in a tomb. One of their party already lay dead on the floor. The undead are trying to break through the barricaded door to attack. With no way out Jade concocts a spell to summon someone big and strong to save them. Jade had a God in mind.
Duncan Hawkwind, an earthling, is mistakenly transported to another realm to help out for 24 hours. A realm he had fantasised about all his life. When he is separated from the group that summoned him they believed he was returned. However the spell goes awry and Duncan is trapped in this new realm. And so begins the misadventures of Duncan Hawkwind. As the story proceeds we learn a lot about Syrane and its people. Duncan’s main aim is to find the young mage that willed him there so that he may return to his original life.

I enjoyed the development of Duncan’s character as he became stronger and adapted to his new life. The novel is filled with danger and intrigue but also laced with humour throughout. The twists and turns towards the end built on the suspense and made this a novel that was hard to put down. At first I was hoping for Duncan to be transported back to Earth but towards the end of the novel it’s like this is Duncan’s new life he is great here and has developed beyond what even he could imagine. I’m not so sure he could go back now!
Outsider is a story that will definitely leave the reader wanting more.

Note: The story involves lots of violence and blood, frequent mention of bodily functions and not so frequent sexual humour and the f word. Suitable for teenagers 16+

With thanks to the author for my copy to read and review.
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Ronnie293 | 1 muu arvostelu | Aug 23, 2014 |


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