Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos

Teoksen My Dad, My Rock tekijä

6 teosta 45 jäsentä 23 arvostelua

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My Dad, My Rock (2022) 23 kappaletta
Goodbye, Colors! (2022) 7 kappaletta
A Wild Day at the Zoo (2020) 6 kappaletta
Just Like Magic (2021) 4 kappaletta

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Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
An amazingly cute book that tells a story about a platypus who learns that he can be brave and do anything if he believes in himself! It’s a great book for teaching children to be brave! I loved sharing this story with my daughter!
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Willispahela | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Feb 23, 2023 |
Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
This sweet, beautifully illustrated kids book is about the bond between father and son. The unconditional love seeps through the pages of this innocent yet poignant story. Dad teaches his son about the importance of chasing his dreams, going for what he wants and staying true to who he is... flaws and all. We are painted a beautiful, reverent picture of the dad through his son's eyes. The son goes about telling his absent grandfather all about how great his dad (the son grandpa never knew) is. It's whimsical... it's evocative... the illustrations were emotive and it would (most likely) make your young reader very happy to get a copy and experience it for himself.

*** I received an advance review copy for free from LibraryThing and I am leaving this review voluntarily. ***
… (lisätietoja)
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BethYacoub | 11 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Oct 12, 2022 |
Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
Beautiful sweet childrens book!
Such a great tool to use to talk to children about family members who are no longer with us but that still have a great impact on us.
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desireerenee | 11 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Sep 22, 2022 |
Note: I received a digital review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.
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fernandie | Sep 15, 2022 |


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½ 4.3