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Griots: A Sword and Soul Anthology (2011) — Toimittaja; Avustaja — 49 kappaletta, 4 arvostelua
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Meji Book One (2010) 18 kappaletta
Griots: Sisters of the Spear (2013) — Toimittaja; Avustaja — 12 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Meji Book Two (2009) 11 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Changa's Safari Volume 2 (2012) 8 kappaletta
Dark Universe (2015) — Toimittaja — 7 kappaletta
Woman of the Woods (Meji Novel) (2013) 7 kappaletta
Ki Khanga: The Anthology (2013) 6 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Changa's Safari Volume Three (2014) 5 kappaletta
Terminus: Tales of the Black Fantastic from the ATL (2018) — Toimittaja — 5 kappaletta
Cyberfunk! (2021) — Toimittaja — 4 kappaletta
Blacktastic!: The Blacktasticon 2018 Anthology (2018) — Toimittaja — 4 kappaletta

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Davis, Milton John
Atlanta, Georgia, USA



I only got this to read Skin Magic by P. Djèlí Clark and this is a review of that story.

I was hoping for more of the similar and i wasn't disappointed.

Once again we're thrown right into North-African/Middle-Eastern folk lore kind of stuff with Djèlí's incredible writing that just keeps dragging you along without a pause.

Djèlí's writing is so refreshing, and i'm so looking forward to reading many more of his stories in the future.
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5t4n5 | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 9, 2023 |
This is an interesting change of pace. As my first introduction to the "Sword and Soul" genre, I found that the setting of Ki-Khanga blends African culture with fantasy (and occasionally steampunk) elements into a new and refreshing aesthetic. Indeed, the stories seemed to divulge a new and exotic tidbit like clockwork, as befits a setting for a roleplaying game.

The anthology is not without flaws, however. As is often the case with anthologies, the quality of writing ranges from pretty good to mediocre. In this Kindle edition, there were also numerous typos. On one occasion, a character's name kept switching back and forth from one thing to another, and it did so often enough that I couldn't be sure which was correct and which was a typo. Overall, they were a minor, but noticeable distraction. They had best find a good editor before they send this thing off to print.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this anthology, and I eagerly await the release of the roleplaying game later this fall.
… (lisätietoja)
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perrywatson | Jan 6, 2022 |
Omari Ket, an Agency of One

Eda Blessed: A Ki Khanga Adventure is all about Omari Ket. The collection chronicles his rise from street-rat to god-marked mercenary (a Mikijen). “Agency” is a term for the capacity of a character to act independently, and Omari Ket is an Agency onto himself. He is as suave, cunning, and as lethal as James Bond, but Omari reports to no one, really; he is a survivor more than a spy, so he approximates a Han Solo rogue who is happy to join a large melee (for a price). And woman-in-power and upper-classes adore him! He’s the bad boy of action.

Why the call outs to Bond and Solo (and not Conan)? I wanted to emphasize that Omari Ket feels like a non-stereotypical Sword & Sorcery hero. In fact, his testosterone-rich aura is expected from a Secret Agent Man. Omari is not a spy, but he is a ladies’ man in a dog-eat-dog world. If you like a cut-throat, libertine, action-oriented protagonist then try this out. You’ll enjoy the action set in an alternative African continent called Ki Kanga.

Omari earns a role in the band of mystical Mikijen mercenaries granting him Ngisimaugi tattoos; these enable his boldness and ability for his body to rejuvenate. He confronts all sorts of conflicts, from tomb raiding, chaotic skirmishes, and battles with strange centaur-like creatures that are “amalgam of man and beast; their bodies that of the great grass antelopes, their torsos man-like, their heads crowned with horns.”

Omari appears to be an anagram for Imaro, the original Sword & Soul champion created by Charles Saunders (that alternative Africa was called Nyumbani). The author of Eda Blessed, Milton Davis, is a Black Speculative fiction writer and owner of MVmedia, LLC, a publishing company specializing in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Sword and Soul…including Saunder’s works. Milton writes other characters as well, in other universes, including the Changa's Safari series (Changa is an action hero of historic Africa), who has a polar opposite personality to Omari).

More Ki Khanga: Ki Khanga has its own anthology (Ki-Khanga: The Anthology) and RPG game world to immerse yourself in. Read the books, then play the world. There are other spinoffs too, including two with leading heroines Priestess of nKu and The Bene's Daughter: A Ki Khanga Novel. And Eda Blessed II (~10 more tales) is due out imminently (Spring 2021)

Contents (Eda Blessed I)
-A Better Deal
-Second Chance
-The Skin Man (Originally published in Skelos II)
-The Ngola’s Promise
-Assassin’s Choice
-Old Habits (Originally published in Griots: Sisters of the Spear)
-Simple Math (Originally published in the Ki-Khanga: The Anthology)
… (lisätietoja)
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SELindberg | 1 muu arvostelu | Mar 31, 2021 |
This anthology was a song that kept on singing for me. It's a must read for any fan of fantasy and a vital introduction to sword and soul and afrofuturism genres. World's like Ki Khanga and Nyumbani, need to be part of our national imagination, and can serve as inspiration to us all.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
ChaseBolling | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Sep 8, 2020 |

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