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There are a ton of negative reviews for this book. There is literally no reason for them.
I was unsure about picking this one up. The liberals say that this book worships Trump while the conservatives say that it is too far left. Both are wrong. I thought the author did a phenomenal job at presenting both sides of any issues brought up. So much so that I don't know if the author leans right or left.
Now, on to the actual story itself now that all of that is out of the way. I was not too fond of Kate at the beginning. She is very headstrong and has a 'my way or the highway' attitude. I was glad to see her growth throughout the story. She realizes that others have reasons for their opinions, just as she does. She is motivated to reach her goals and won't give up even when it would be easier.
Ben was a great character. He was very good at relieving the tension during rough conversations. He does not allow himself to be walked all over and is willing to stand up for his beliefs when necessary. With someone like Kate, he needed to have a bit of a backbone for the romance to work, and the author pulled it off wonderfully.
Overall, I think this is one of the better political romances. I am looking forward to reading The Rom Con by the same author as soon as my library hold comes in.

4 Stars

Content: language, a scene (easy to skip)
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libraryofemma | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 18, 2024 |
I am not sure how this made its way into my kindle but I’m glad it did. The premise is “Can a liberal, feminist, staffer for a Democrat Senator fall in love with a guy who is a Republican Senate staffer?”

So….there is a very high hurdle for our hero to clear.

Leading man Ben is close to perfect and I very much enjoyed their relationship and how we got there. This is the kind of romance I like - where there’s lots of set up and banter and you understand how enemies became friends and then lovers. There’s chemistry, of course, but that’s not the only factor in how things play out. If you read romance for the sexy parts this will likely disappoint you because there’s not a ton of that. His big flaw is his politics and that’s HUGE.

(I believe that this story could happen in a bygone era but not in our current one. Even as a reader I had to spend most of the book telling myself there would be a twist and he was just a mole in the office for the Dems or a deeply undercover documentarian or something. LOL)
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hmonkeyreads | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 25, 2024 |
Kate Adams is doing everything she can to get her child care bill passed. As a last resort, she goes to the assistant of a conservative senator in hopes of getting his support for her bill. Ben McKenzie tells Kate that she is wasting her time because the bill will never pass. Kate's anger leads her to deliver a package of insulting items to Ben's office which starts a war of deliveries with a gusto that takes them both by surprise. When Kate's bill predictably doesn't pass and she gets drunk, Ben surprises her by taking care to make sure she gets home safely. Kate's view of Ben begins to change, but can the two of them, who live on opposite sides of the aisle, have anything more than an adversarial relationship?

Meet You in the Middle is a well-paced, interesting romance about political adversaries, who find they have more in common than they thought. The banter in the book is excellent and the jokes they pull on each other seem appropriate for their stations and, in some cases, are very funny. The story does drag a little in the middle when Kate can't seem to stand up for what she wants, but the ending makes up for the slow down in the book. I'm not sure why more people aren't talking about this book because it stacks up well against most other traditionally published romances that came out this year. Overall, Meet You in the Middle is a very satisfying romance with some laugh out loud moments as well as those that tug at the heartstrings.
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ftbooklover | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Dec 28, 2021 |
Has been favorably compared to The Hating Game - which I disliked. Thought this was well-done and plausible until she panics at the last minute and decides they should break up. . . what???? Of course she comes to her senses but it was a cheap plot device. Otherwise I enjoyed the novel.
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klandring | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 3, 2021 |



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