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These unique handwoven fabrics by Inge incorporate tablet-woven borders and accent bands. Inspired by ancient textiles discovered in Danish bogs and burial sites, they are a feast for the eyes and an inspiration for the imagination. She describes five tablet-weaving techniques (Warp-Twined Tablet Weaving, Regular Double-Faced Tablet Weaving, Double-Faced 3/1 Broken Twill, "Missed Hole" Technique, and Pebble Weave with Tablets), and explains her process for incorporating tablet weaving into loom-woven fabrics. Also included are some unique border treatments and embellishments with pattern motifs and project ideas. The instructions are clear and well-illustrated with over 320 photos, diagrams, and drawings. Weavers who wish to expand the possibilities for creating decorative and fashion fabrics will find this a valuable guide. Tablet weavers will find exciting new applications for their weaving.
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BSWG-Guild | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 22, 2023 |
If you are familiar with Inge Dam’s work, the first thing that comes to mind her awe-inspiring coats with the tablet bands woven in conjunction with the fabric that she submits to conference garment shows. Don’t let this intimidate you from picking up the book, even if you have no experience tablet weaving. She spends the first third of the book introducing you to tablet weaving starting with warping the tablets. She goes on to explain different techniques including regular double-faced tablet weaving, 3/1 broken twill, missed hole technique and pebble weave.

The next two sections explore tablet woven borders and selvages. After providing a brief Iron Age history to woven borders, there are instructions for adding different tablet selvages to your cloth during the weaving process along with recommendations for yarns and sett. Twenty-one different sample borders follow, some of which incorporate beads, buttons or soumak, providing plenty of inspiration for your next scarf, shawl or table runner.

It is only in the next to last section that you use what you have learned previously to put the tablet weaving within the fabric. She provides instructions on warping your loom along with suggestions for yarns, sett, and structures for both the tablets and fabric. The final section of the book shows examples of Inge Dam’s experiments creating textured fabrics alongside her bands. No one can not help but feel inspired after picking up Tablet-Woven Accents for Designer Fabrics.
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Portland_Handweavers | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Nov 9, 2022 |
Canadian Master Weaver Inge Dam has brought out a book teaching the tablet weaving techniques she has been studying and sharing for decades. It is highly recommended for anyone who has observed with curiosity her unique work in combining tablet weaving bands into fabrics woven on the floor loom, and has been curious to know, how do you do that? There is a wealth of information and history here, and clear instruction with photo examples of many projects to give one ideas.
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BlackSheepHwGuild | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 28, 2014 |