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Image credit: Donald and Dorothy Cordry San Pablo, Nayarit, 1937

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Mexican Masks wasn't really what I hoped it would be. Cordry clearly has a great understanding of masks used by what he refers to as Mexican Indians. He lived among them for years and collected as many as he was able to barter for. He found in many states & villagers the locals had abandoned the ritualistic dances that used such masks in favor of the Catholicism of Spain that few had any idea what they were even used for anymore. I feel like Conley was trying to make a big beautiful coffee table book full of pictures of these masks from his private collection and many others'. It also appears he wanted to create a serious academic work, well cited and pear reviewed. I think what we got was neither. it was hard to read in that it would often reference photos on completely different pages, ideas are repeated many times "as stated previously..." & many other troupes that even in public school we were recommended against "I will cover that in Chapter 10." Not to mention times discussing the colors of particular masks and referincing a picture that the publisher included in B & W to save $$.

To be fair the publisher said he fines herd the book only 2 days before he died and it was nearly 3 years later before it was published. He very well may have been trying to write two different books and his wife & UT just put them together for their simplicity.

What I liked best was the reflection of masks and dances that were continued to be used after most villagers converted to Christianity, such as images of bad gods having horns added to make them devils & demons and changing others, like say replacing a fertility god with the virgin Mary. Though most regions this is not so.

Some of his personal 1970s biases were present, like blaming the Catholic Church for opressing history, and defining art as something men did while crafts being women's work.

Given that I still was able to get done with in in like 2 weeks I believe it was worthy of "I liked it" = 3 Stars.
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fulner | Dec 10, 2023 |


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