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Kanoninen nimi
Coffman, Elaine
Virallinen nimi
Coffman, Barbara Elaie Gunter
San Diego, California, USA
San Diego, California, USA
Midland, Texas, USA
Austin, Texas, USA
North Texas State University
Texas Tech University
Lyhyt elämäkerta
Barbara Elaine Gunter was born on 19 June 1942 in San Diego, California, USA, daughter of Edna Marie Davidson, a homemaker, and William Samuel Gunter, Jr., a naval officer. Since the age of three she lived in Midland, Texas. She graduated from Midland High School an she received adegree in elementary education from North Texas State University. Later, she taught elementary school in Midland, Texas, while working on her Master's Degree and certification for Language and Learning Disabilities at Texas Tech in Lubbock. Elaine currently resides in Austin, Texas, where her son, Chuck, also lives. She has two daughters, Lesley who resides in Raleigh, N.C., and Ashley, who lives in San Diego, California.

She wrote his first novel inspired by a letter her great-great grandmother, Susannah Jane Dowell Shacklett wrote in 1920, telling about her journey from Brandeburg, Kentucky to San Antonio, Texas, and then going with an army escort to El Paso, Texas, where her brother, Ben Dowell, a veteran of the Mexican War, was El Paso's first mayor. Now, she is a *New YorkTimes* bestselling author of eighteen novels, which have been published worldwide and won numerous awards. She also is a member of both The Authors Guild and Mystery Writers of America.



Historical Romance, Name that Book (kesäkuu 2012)


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archivomorero | May 21, 2023 |
I would have only given the book 3.5 stars if the choice was available. I loved the storyline but there was a lot of conversations that didn't happen that I feel needed to happen. I just finished the book so the first one that comes to mind is the fact that Elisabeth never once had a conversation with Ronan while she was staying in his home.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
tiffsaddictiontobook | 1 muu arvostelu | Jul 18, 2017 |
This is book 3..but not really book 3. Since it's all about book 2 and 3. Book 1 is about a distant ancestor. Those are connected, but book 3 can still be read as a stand alone. We hear that Elizabeth has been brought back in time and her story to love begin. Book 2 was about her sister and Elizabeth wasn't really in it as she had been kidnapped. But this then is her book.

A highlander book, do I need to say more? A hot hunky highlander who wants to sweep our heroine off her feet. He is a bit brooding too as he has to take over as Earl. the heroine is totally different, but then she is a modern woman who wants to practice medicine just as she did back home. And she speaks her mind, she is also a bit heartbroken, but then the best cure for that is of course said hunky highlander.

The lovestory does not happen at once, it actually has to grow a bit first (even if he totally wants her from day 1 ;) But she takes her time.

If I have to say anything negative it would be that sometimes she thought too much, and I did not need to know about the proverb in her head right now, or that she has no antibiotics, yeah, we get that. But that is not much in the end.

All in all a good lovestory about a modern woman and a 16th century Highlander. They clash, and there is passion.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
blodeuedd | 1 muu arvostelu | Mar 2, 2016 |
This one turned out okay for me, but there were moments in the first third of the book where some of the conversations seemed rushed, corny, cringe-worthy, and unbelievable for the amount of time these two knew each other. It was awkward at times. Another factor that bothered me a little but I let it go because it didn't happen all that often and the personalities of the characters were very different, was there were striking similarities to Gabaldon's Outlander series: the main character is named Jamie, he gets his left hand crushed by a mallet in prison, there's an evil English dude who captures the heroine, there's a lot of talk of Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Jacobite cause, etc. It was distracting because this book was published after the other very successful book series, so similarities seem more glaring. Coffman did a good job tying up the pieces at the end and finished the story off strong.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
AddictedToMorphemes | Jun 21, 2015 |


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